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  1. I feel somewhat conflicted with all the coaching Traores been getting. Yes I understand he needs it to some degree but considering the 80 page dossiers.......maybe constantly pointing out his shortcomings makes him extra cautious not to screw up come game time, which in turn dulls the otherwise unpredictability that makes a player like Traore dangerous. AK has many examples of taking raw fast exciting wingers and turning them into more complete products at the cost of 1 or 2 of those former attributes. Maybe in the future AK can fine tune those aspects and be successful, but he didnt always get it right with us. I realize not many held Reach in high regard but since Mogga used him at left back, thought he would go on to become our Bale, he had all the natural attributes but AK made him functional at the cost of his attacking instincts. He fulfilled his role in the team I dont doubt that, but what could have been.....
  2. Well Ive lived here(canada) the last 15 years and Didnt even fathom they had an actual team. Figured their level would be playing friendlies with teams like Fiji and Trinidad, let alone beating the Scots. Dam didnt think getting Tartanian Strachanious was fatal.
  3. Well done Gibbo! He has been a class act the last few seasons, hes earned all the adulations. Pretty magnanimous gesture by Aitor, hes added healthily to his reputation. Took us as far as he could, we live on and regardless of the circumstances a top man, will go on to do big things in the future.......(as long as he avoids the Valencia job like the plague).
  4. Over the moon for the lad, if anything he should have been called up earlier in place of Jones who only recently has come back from injury. Where as Gibbos been on a massive upward curve the last 3 seasons. Having worked with BG with the U-21s thought GS would have picked him earlier, maybe his riverside connection played a part.... Either ways I will be lying if I didn't acknowledge the potential of a Keane-Gibbo partnership, if it clicks, it would do wonders to finally have two modern young CBs who could hold their own against most. This would also mean Stones gets left out, however given his ball playing ability (sometimes suspect defensive skills) could make a prime candidate to be converted into an astute No.6 given the right coaching and guidance, He might turn out a half decent English Busquets...
  5. Wait Canada has a football team that beat the Scots, what sorcery is this?
  6. Never posted because I was afraid of spoiling/skewing the narrative, Oneboro has been a bloody good read these last 4 years was afraid of ruining it.
  7. This is my main problem with trying it. Yes his pace is insane but Vardy and others like him are about so much more than just pace. His finishing is pretty bad from what we've seen as well. I wouldn't be completely against trying it at some point but probably not this season. I have a plan that would work for Traore. He can't pass. He can't shoot. He can't cross. He can run with the ball, very quickly. He can take men on. My instruction would be to play him central, and just tell him to keep running with it until it is in the net. Think of it as the Forrest Gump approach. Haha, whad'ya know. Sometimes the most obvious strategy is the most effective one.
  8. Surely Fischer has been injured? (Although I'm not sure he's the answer to our problems at the moment. I don't really think he's shown much so far). Traore - surely he's so fast, that as long as he's in line with the defence, he'd make it on to a through ball, run or no run. No dispute that there's not as much to his speedy game add there is to Vardy's. Traore would probably need to get in to the box as directly as possible, and then either go down on contact, or boot it at the goal as hard as he can. Not very refined... but it would be something very different. I understand Fischer hasn't pulled up any trees since hes' got here, that said I don't think he was afforded a month of continuous starts/games to bed in like the rest of the new signings this year, he was always the odd one out playing in bits and parts, then injury or some other reason was excluded from the 1st team. I take it he didn't quite cut it to become an AK type who tracked back and help play out our shape and style. Maybe he isn't good enough for that. That said with AK gone, we have to give the lad a prolonged chance at disproving us. I mean besides Ramirez we don't have that type of player who can come up with movements of brilliance, all be it in flashes. With our current state in offense, I'd take one flash a match as long as it brings us a goal. And on Traore I agree we have to get in him the box and pray for those fouls. We are in a real good position to pull ourselves clear of this mess if a few things click and some luck comes our way. Even if the worst happens and we go down, We should be well stacked to make another promotion push. I know easier said then done, but hey its Boro nothing has ever been straightforward. We adapt, we survive and live on.
  9. We could give it a shot at some point this season, like all of you have said his work with the ball isn't the issue, for someone with all that pace he doesn't seem to be able to run onto balls. Last game against Utd was text book Traore he came up to get the ball and then ran at the defenders, granted he skinned them all a few times, but we still didn't get that 2nd goal. However I feel having mastered the difficult bit he should look to add the simple parts and just run into balls thrown over the top, use his natural pace and make things happen in and around the box. If he can do it regularly, we could also have the option to get him to play off Negredo/Rudy in a front 2. I am mortified every time I look at the stats of Traore this season all that promise no tangible rewards...........yet. He just seems destined for great things if he only he can kick on from this. Maybe these next few months will finally turn our speedy caterpillar into a jet powered butterfly, one can only hope. On a side note does anybody know where Victor Fischer is ? He seems like an attacking utility player that was tailor made for our current predicament. He is always positive and looking to get into the box, can play anywhere across in the front 3 behind the striker and to an extent has the attributes play as an emergency striker. Has he settled in the area ? does he have some off field issues that we dont know about ? I just don't understand why he wasn't allowed to bed in like the rest of Karanka's new signings. But since AK is gone hopefully we see more of Fischer.
  10. RB sounds right fine. Thanks DS. Oh yeah always found Charismatic Talker quite informative and entertaining, the glue that holds us all together I suppose. This is exactly what we need around here, quality new additions to the forum that speak a lot of sense. Hmmm. I wondered if people liked my posts too... And then realised that most people have me on their ignore list, so no one sees them anyway. I must say always loved reading your thoughts Betamax, cause at the root of it you were only looking for solutions like the rest of us. Even though you sometimes took the unpopular route. I reckon we all have a little Betamax in all of us. @CT - I am Bloody Honored mate....:D
  11. RB sounds right fine. Thanks DS. Oh yeah always found Charismatic Talker quite informative and entertaining, the glue that holds us all together I suppose.
  12. I realize my point of view on this matter isn't much, but from my perceptive as an almost active spectator. I have enjoyed viewing this forum on almost a daily basis, loved the banter and the different opinions that always ended up sparking more intrigue into matters. It might sound weird but I feel as though I know most of you guys quite well through your various posts. I know, I know ..... just felt I'd share that so I can never speak of it again. All in all I love this forum and the different people on here. Many of the points DS listed are primary reasons why I didn't even bother with FMTTM once I found OneBoro. So regardless of what happens from now, I would humbly request to be part of the banter. :) @Humpty & @Billy Thank You.
  13. 4 years of being a ghost on this forum will end today. Thanks mate ;) It was refreshing to watch Boro play the way they did at the Riverside against Man U. I sincerely hope Agnew is given a proper run this season, he has been ever so patient and loyal to us over the years, He has earned this chance. I know I am asking for the stars here but he could very well be our own Pep in a unique sort of way. He has always been a talented coach and with the added humility he already possesses in droves, he may go on to be a very successful manager. I feel the Gibson factor will be key in letting Agnew mature from a Positive No.2 to a potentially Innovative No.1, He(Gibson) is the best in the world at his job and Agnew will be wise to take advantage of this opportunity. But all that being said and done, can't wait for Rudy and Negredo to pair up top again, even if its for the last 20 mins. Additionally if we go for a 4-2-3-1 I would love to see Downing, Ramirez and Traore interchange and be fluid, similar to the midfield 3 of LB,DR and AC against Man U. Its amazing to think back when we last played the Swans they looked clueless under the American and look transformed under Clement with almost the same squad(all be it until the last few games). Hopefully something similar happens to us given its squeaky bum time. 4 4 2 Negredo Gestede Downing de Roon Clayton Traore Friend Gibson Ayala Fabio Vlades SD, GF and Fabio pepper balls into the box, while Traore keeps defenders occupied through the game. 4 2 3 1 Gestede (Fluid 3 man ATT Mid) Downing Ramirez Traore de Roon Clayton Friend Gibson Ayala/Chambers Fabio Vlades In addition to the 4 in Attack, we let loose de Roon to hound the midfield while Clayts anchors it. All the while our overlapping FBs provide service in the wide areas. If we get the 1st goal we can retreat back into a more cautions plan if needed but 1st goal from either side looks crucial.
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