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  1. Photo is out of focus but potentially Toyosi Olusanya?
  2. For those of you have been following the Randolph story there is more info on his ex partners IG including conversations with the club and also a photo of what looks like a bag of blood/sick after being booted numerous times in the stomach by the ex boro player in question, apparently she hasnt even released the worst piece of info about this which I can only speculate that she was potentially pregnant with him, either way the IG page in question makes an interesting read and this really should get enough publicity to make the club address it publicly, sickening.
  3. I dont know if anyone else feels like they can shine a light but given the amount of times the attendance has been laughed at in the stadium this season for adding on numbers that seemingly weren't there did anybody else seem like the attendance today was ironically the other way, other than 200 250 in the north east corner and 200 250 in the south west I couldnt see a single spare seat and the attendance was about 26600, making us a 27k stadium...
  4. Transfer window open, live on BT, dont need anymore people seeing how good he could turn out.
  5. depends who's measuring them, Coulson is 5ft 11 on wiki, absolutely never been.
  6. Wonder where Nketiah will end up now, probably Brentford or Bristol City but if we sell Britt he would be a more than adequate replacement.
  7. Yeah I think hes joking, hopefully. Hes been absolutely rubbish. Again.
  8. no wonder nothing gets done round this bloody house when your wasting your time posting on this stupid forum.
  9. You can just tell hes an over-thinker... his body language stinks to me of someone who is obsessed with coming across as this cocky confident striker, hence his nervous laugh and smiles when missing sitters, theres no shame in admitting you need a goal but hes not that kind of guy he will post some vanilla statement later tonight about it being a hard game but we go again, he will still probably get over 15 goals this season but his mental ability holds him back for me, needs to be far more focused on the pitch and less concerned with how many of his pals will call him bagsman so he can share
  10. Just seen the highlights from today after being at the game, payed the price for square pegs round holes. As a full back howson has got to do that ball across the face of the box that becomes a tap in, two boro men are maybe half a yard away in tracking that one brentford lad that's came short to the front post yet howson completely leaves Watkins after tracking him all the way back to try and cut off the short ball which would have been a harder chance to finish infront of randolph and leaves the simplest of tasks at the back post, hopefully playing Dijksteel, who's had more experience at rig
  11. I'm sat in a car at the traffic lights near the linny as seen as we are apparently doing live locational updates.
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