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  1. I'm more interested in what the plan B is if we can't sign him. If we are looking for a target man with that amount of athleticism and link up, I wonder if Adebajo would be the next option.
  2. What are identifiable as the difference in styles, I've seen lots of Mowatt and bits of Hamza and would say they are pretty similar?
  3. I suspect that we moved onto Mowatt straight after Choudhury opted for Watford, if so, glad we got it sorted so quickly, news seemed to come out around the time the Choudhury signing was announced.
  4. That's weird, both Flashscore and Manchester Evening News states he didn't feature at all.
  5. https://thepeoplesperson.com/2022/08/12/hannibal-mejbri-set-for-loan-deal-championship-club-likely-250917/ "Birmingham City are seen as the most likely destination at this stage." Hoping that's wide of the mark.
  6. Couple of questions Forss + Hoppe = approx. 4M thus far? Larsen - 9M Greaves - 6-7M Mowatt - 3-4M Muniz - 500k-1M Hannibal - 500k Pure guesswork on some of those loan fees based on current wages and whether we would include any bonuses for loans, does that happen? The above is pretty much all the money gained from Spence and Tav sales spent, where does that leave us with FFP out of interest for next season if that investment doesn't pay off, would we need to sell again?
  7. I wonder if we'd have/choose to sell Dael to fund the above. Out Dael Fry In Larsen, Greaves, Mowatt - permanent Muniz -Loan to buy Hannibal - Loan
  8. 2300 minutes vs 130 minutes last season, so I'd expect them to be at completely different stages in their personal development.
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