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  1. Ben Brereton Diaz who has scored 20 of Blackburns 44 goals has been selected for Chile's World Cup qualifiers squad and won't be available for the match.
  2. And this is a song which according to the internet, was first utilised by Celtic for Stuart Armstrong, wonder if that Forrest guy will make an article about this aswell.
  3. Yeah he will be, and providing they are no implications preventing him from being in the squad tomorrow, the hold up was possibly getting the Hernandez loan terminated to free up the squad number. Folarin Balogun has opted for 47.
  4. Ignore list as in imagine its not there or you can apply a filter?
  5. It's what 13 year olds do, they don't have a consistent social persona, one week trying to be funny, the next trying to be factual and successful at neither.
  6. Here's one for the folks that like stats. In his 166 second interview, Flo said the word "obviously", 14 times. That is an obviously, approximately, every 11.86 seconds. If we try to transpose that to football, a game of football is 5400 seconds. 14 is 8.43% of 166, 455 is 8.43% of 5400 seconds. If Flo can average as many goals as he does obviouslys, then he could accumulate, is anyone still listening?
  7. I kind of see what your getting at, Humpty, but a genuine chance of getting in the play offs in effect gives you a genuine chance of winning them, given its only 2 games of football that are dependant on form and if you like playing at Wembley, please break the curse this year Boro.
  8. Unfortunately, I was between 13 and 16 spectating our 'Golden Era', therefore I was too entranced by Vidukas mesmeric feet to note what Tony from Dormanstown thought about him wearing gloves in mid-October.
  9. One thing I did observe tonight, is that Warnock/Pulis football is hard engrained in an overwhelming number of our fans, to the point where if we played a one-two out wide and looked to switch it back inside, a good portion of people were screaming constantly to just 'stick it in the box'. This wasn't late in the game either, I'm talking over the course of the last 20 minutes of the first half. Players have got to get that out the back of their mind also, and just execute the Wilder plan, looking to work a good chance patiently. There was a spell in the first half when we put t
  10. I'd be surprised if it wasnt Coburn who got the first crack at it, hes the only player I recall Wilder directly mentioning in his first interview.
  11. Photo is out of focus but potentially Toyosi Olusanya?
  12. For those of you have been following the Randolph story there is more info on his ex partners IG including conversations with the club and also a photo of what looks like a bag of blood/sick after being booted numerous times in the stomach by the ex boro player in question, apparently she hasnt even released the worst piece of info about this which I can only speculate that she was potentially pregnant with him, either way the IG page in question makes an interesting read and this really should get enough publicity to make the club address it publicly, sickening.
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