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  1. According to the gazette Warnock referencing players on a list circulated by Watford. He mentions one that has a lot of championship interest and maybe 5 or 6 clubs ahead of us for him. He must mean Andre Grey unless they have made Fletcher available already.
  2. Derby County .. the gift that just keeps on giving
  3. Thanks for the objective opinion, I am looking forward to seeing him perform for us, I think we may have got good value on this deal. good luck for your season.
  4. I Don’t get it about Pears at all, he’s never given me any confidence .. Stoj is a better keeper and Betinelli is an upgrade on Stoj so we have moved forward .. incremental improvement is what we need , it’s what Aitor preached and instilled in the club and it worked until we got a load of money and tried to make a step change. Given our current budgetary constraints it’s the best approach. I would think Warnock knows this and being a canny operator thinks he can probably get a uptick in results that far outweighs the investment we seem to be making or capable of making at the moment.
  5. Probably closer to the truth. out of the two I think Stojanovic is the better keeper, Pears never fills me with confidence when he plays, he just seems to timid.
  6. This crucial window is turning into a shambles .. very disheartening
  7. You may just have stumbled on the root cause of our inability to complete transfers...
  8. Bang average championship plodders would significantly improve us at the moment
  9. We really seem to be very poor at getting any sort of deal for a player finalised. It’s a reflection on our current status and competency but more worryingly our ability to sell our ambition to potential players. The last time we were forward thinking and proficient was when Peter Kenton was involved.
  10. Doesn’t seem to be a lot happening anywhere at the moment . Im confident Warnock will know how to handle it .. it’s when he hands it over to the rest of the team to try and tie deals up that I worry.
  11. If we are going to rebuild so we can challenge. We need a better keeper than Pears. No great miss in my eyes.
  12. One mans word against another... based on the way he has conducted himself over the past 3 years I wouldn’t trust one of the party’s to tell anything close to the truth ...
  13. Always seems to ready to point fingers and blame people round him for my liking
  14. I do like the way Warnock is shaping up here it looks like a no nonsense approach , which is what we needed for years , we can’t hang around playing games with agents and over thinking everything. identify the players we need and see if they are up for it.. if not move on. I liked what he did with Gestede it shows he isn’t for pandering and won’t take nonsense, it’s just what we need at this moment.
  15. I hope Warnock stays. He is just what we need at the moment. Experienced and knows how to get a tune out of limited resources and understands how to maximise the transfer market. I would be very hopeful of being competitive again next year if he stays.
  16. Had a great 2 seasons in a position that suited him and was an integral part of the best 2years we have had following the Boro in the last decade. Good luck and thanks for the memories
  17. Nothing less than a win will do tomorrow. I have faith in Warnock to prepare them properly ..sticking my neck on the line I’m going to go for a two nil win..
  18. I’m still fuming after Saturdays display of ineptitude.. I can not believe what a cretin we have for a manager.. he’s got to be the worst Incumbent in my life time .. he’s had the same preparation time as all the other managers and he somehow Managed to preside over a complete sh@tshow. How is he still in a job he is absolutely clueless?
  19. Words fail me in relation to this clown we have as “manager” this is totally inept.. what have we been doing in the last few weeks !!
  20. Woodgate should be sacked but we can’t afford to do it and Gibson will never admit his own gross ineptitude by sacking him anyway
  21. boroat

    Steve Gibson

    I don’t post on here usually. More of a longtime lurker .. I much prefer to watch what goes on and enjoy decent sensible debate. However I have to say that what is going on currently and the running of the club since the Karanka hissy fit ,in the promotion season , has been and is absolutely woeful. the club is currently in the worst position in terms of Short and medium term prospects, league position, squad, aptitude and attitude ,that I can remember since the season we had to beat Newcastle to stay up, but , that said, even that team had a enough grit and ability to pull a r
  22. I watched videos of Rhodes and Ramierez last night. That pairing could be very special. Rhodes thrives on the sort of service Ramierez looked adept at providing. Couple that with downings ability and Stuani supporting at the back post area. We would look very threatening. I hope it all works out.
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