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  1. Very true, it’s just frustrating because I felt we were two players off making a playoff push a realistic proposition. Now I think we’re upper midtable at best. But to be honest, not challenging for promotion in a season where fans aren’t allowed in stadiums is alright with me.
  2. End your sky and BT subscriptions. There’s always something to be done. (really good post though!)
  3. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/project-big-picture-could-see-19102196.amp?__twitter_impression=true A decent article all in all from Craig Johns but this quote is puzzling, and expresses a sentiment I’ve seen a lot since the Big Picture outbreak: ‘The competitive, unpredictable nature of the Premier League is what makes it one of the best leagues in the world. We risk losing that, and worse still, we risk losing hope for fans.’ Big Picture is not some sort of radical departure from the status quo, it’s a consolidation of it. The Premier League is already a monopoly and the fact people point to the Leicester title win as a source of hope for fans of smaller clubs (as Johns does in this article) is a testament to that. One anomaly is not sufficient evidence that the Premier League is ‘competitive’ or ‘unpredictable’, it is distinctly uncompetitive and Big Picture seeks to put the final nail in that coffin.
  4. It would make it much more competitive. I don’t care if the top 6 (who couldn’t care less about it anyway) aren’t involved.
  5. Tbf I’d love the EFL cup to become available only to those clubs not playing European football. I don’t see the point of abolishing it altogether. Id really quite love it if the top 6 *** off and formed their own superleague.
  6. If that goes through I’m taking a break from football until something changes. Sickened but not surprised. The game is rotten. I am done.
  7. Ah I must've missed that! In which case, what are his thoughts about the Premier League's proposals on changing the English game?
  8. we gotta hold on to the league cup, it's all we've got!
  9. What’s his position on the debate over whether or not the Premier League should provide financial support to the EFL?
  10. I remember when we were signing Kike and I tweeted saying how excited I was and that £2.7 million was a lot of money... those were the days
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