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  1. This clearly hasn’t aged well since it came out that Gibson’s claim is in fact a minor stumbling block in Derby’s pursuit to find a buyer. Still think it’s proper weird behaviour to actively want another team to liquidate. There’s so much going right with boro right now I really wish this distraction wasn’t here.
  2. So, Blanco, just to be clear, you’re suggesting that because some Derby fans gave it large on social media about Mel Morris they now deserve no sympathy over the fact they stand to lose their football club? My impression is that most Derby fans fully accept that Morris was in the wrong and that Gibson was justified in seeking punishment for Derby’s wrongdoing. Where they take issue is him pursuing legal action over the fact we missed out on the playoffs to them in 2018/19. This complicates/stalls any chance of a takeover for them and therefore puts them at a heightened risk of liquid
  3. https://derbycountyblog.com/an-open-letter-to-supporters-of-middlesbrough-football-club-and-wycombe-wanderers-football-club/ worth a read, perhaps
  4. I really like Uche but he just is not a Wilder player whatsoever. He has almost negative mobility off the ball - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player make moving look so difficult. Think it’s one of those where best thing for all parties is for him to move on. If that game was his last contribution then it’s some way to go out…
  5. When I woke up yesterday morning to *** weather and a looming cancellation, a slither of me considered sacking off the game. Thank god I didn’t. Never seen us score a last minute winner away from home (as far as I’m aware it’s the first time since Bolton away). And I don’t think I’ll ever experience such a low followed by such a high in such a short period of time ever again. Up the *** boro I am in love with Chris Wilder and Andraž Šporar
  6. Hard not to be excited by where we're heading under Wilder. Great win utfb
  7. Btw hearing boro fans start ole-ing our passing about 25 mins in... if that's not a sign of a fanbase that's been conditioned to absolute *** football these past few years I'm not sure what is
  8. I was working for Wilder's first two games so this is the first I'm seeing of his team. Really liking what I've seen this far. We've absolutely dominated them, scored two class goals, and could've had another. Hopefully the second half curse doesn't strike again today. Utfb
  9. If anyone’s got a decent stream they could link here that’d be great, Utfb 🔴⚪️
  10. State of this. Just in case anyone was in any doubt as to what a spin doctor this man is. He should be a politician. Constantly trying to dampen expectations whilst he was here. Second he leaves and we’re in with a shout of top 2. What a joke. ‘Because, regardless of your opinion on the job he was doing or has done, above all else, Warnock is a good man.‘ That is a quote from Craig Johns’ thank you to Warnock. Now, what Johns seems to be doing here is suggesting that Warnock is an objectively ‘good man’, as if there is some objective measure of that. I’m not here to suggest War
  11. What a contrast from the West Brom fans warning us about Pulis hahaha Cheers for the extensive write-up, even more excited now utfb
  12. Great first interview. Wilder stresses multiple times he’s here for the ‘long term’ - just to quash any speculation that he’s here for this season only. I was already content with the appointment, easily the happiest I’ve been since we got Karanka all those years ago. But that interview has really made me excited. Talks about wanting to dominate games, unify the first team with the academy, the need for a longer term vision, his passion to go again after the sour end to his time at Sheffield United, that we have a talented group of players. Basically everything you want to hear.
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