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  1. Uche, Crooks, Hall in the box with big Marty Parmo whipping balls into them We're going up lads utfb
  2. Wrexham have confirmed it. Thought he was meant to be a done deal </333
  3. As it stands, I have little faith we will get promoted. We were poor over the second half of the season despite signing players in January that clearly aimed to solidify our place in the playoffs, and I also expected our transfer business this summer to be limited. So far, our actual signings have been pretty unspectacular, although there are indications of more ambitious business to come. Having said all of that, it doesn’t mean the club aren’t genuinely aiming for promotion. It doesn’t mean that’s not Gibson’s expectation and it doesn’t mean Warnock isn’t backing himself. So if tha
  4. I know we’ve discussed this before and you’ve been of the opinion that Warnock is here to steady the ship, keep us midtable, and talk of a promotion push is just that. But as I’ve maintained, I can’t else grasp why Warnock would be here if we weren’t going to have a genuine push for promotion and if Gibson wasn’t going to back him at least somewhat in the market (although I’d never have guessed he’d be willing to part with 6 mill for an Argentinian youth prospect - not that I’m complaining). All the noise coming out the club is that we’re going for promotion. Our movements
  5. Didn’t expect to be watching the Argentinian men’s Olympic football team this summer but here we are, I love this club
  6. I don’t mean the name just the Itk info
  7. 5mill on a relatively unknown Argentinian prospect, sign me up utfb
  8. Interesting read. I'm so used to using taylor and francis for uni work, never thought I'd be on there outside of that lol
  9. Christ. Imagine losing a playoff final to a falsely awarded penalty. Our 2015 defeat still stings but at least we were well beaten by the better side on the day. VAR is heavily flawed in its current form but moments like that remind you why there were arguments for VAR in the first place.
  10. Another cracking article by @ErimusFootball on the attractions of a DOF, something many of us have been crying out for. If anyone doesn’t read their articles/hasn’t heard of them, I’d really recommend it. https://erimusfootball.com/2021/05/25/a-different-kind-of-transfer-list/
  11. What about Joe Pigott? He's recently turned down a new contract at Wimbledon so is available on a free. Scored 20 and assisted 5 for a struggling Wimbledon team last season, 27 years old and is 6 ft 2. I don't know anything about him beyond those superficial stats but I wonder if that's someone we could be looking at.
  12. He can hold whatever views he wants but airing them in a press conference is unprofessional and unnecessarily divisive. Your last comment assumes you can easily divide the two. I would strongly argue that is not possible - see the European super league for a prime example
  13. Pretty unprofessional absolute melon i miss when he wasn’t our manager and I could just laugh at everything he does
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