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  1. This season is going to be so radged isn’t it
  2. Seems like being itk is both a power and a curse
  3. Didn't the club say they'd pass on the info to our scouts? No doubt Gill decided Kante wasn't all that.
  4. If it means anything, I always enjoy your player recommendations
  5. He can play anywhere across the front 3 I guess... But I doubt he’d come here to primarily play as a winger and I agree he’s not that different to what we already have - is definitely quicker though!
  6. I didn’t realise Danny Graham was such a legend to Blackburn fans, happy for the man
  7. I think he's just protecting himself. He said the same in his 10am presser, then went on to say that he backs himself to do something special and that he wouldn't be here if he didn't think we could be aiming for a high placed league finish next season. He also regards what he did at Rotherham as a miracle, and called staying up with boro as his toughest ever job. He might call the prospect of promotion next year a miracle, but he also clearly fancies himself as a miracle worker.
  8. Amazing. Articulated my current thoughts on the boro better than I ever could - especially the opening section on Gibson and the context needed when criticising him. As I, you, and many others have been saying for a few years now: I'm not Gibson out, I'm DoF in.
  9. If we don’t sign any other players we are absolutely *** hahah
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