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  1. I love how he slags off McClaren for putting Maccarone on the wing about a minute before Maccarone pops up with the first goal
  2. Maybe the prem clubs/players should let some of that sweet sweet tv money trickle down into the lower leagues... a chance to correct their greedy reputations
  3. That was a bit special. So sad I'm too young to have witnessed it. Can only hope I'm lucky enough to one day see something similar. UTFB
  4. My favourite conspiracy is that coronavirus is manmade in an attempt to destroy the global economy so they can reframe it in a greener way.
  5. The happiest moment of my life right there
  6. Yeah. I’m not Gibson out, I’m director of football in.
  7. Am I right in saying the gazette journo on here isn’t a sports journo? Or did I get that wrong?
  8. My uni is cancelling exams in exam halls and is likely to shut down next week. Strikes then this has made it a pretty disrupted year!
  9. Dwight Tiendalli (might be spelt wrong) (nope, just googled, smashed it first time utb)
  10. Browne goal and assist yesterday!
  11. I’m not sure if anyone’s mentioned this but pretty mental that we have enough points to have survived last season! Huge huge win, one of the most emotionally draining games I’ve endured. We absolutely deserved it today. Everyone looked like they gave a *** and the reactions at full time underscored that. Maybe we’ll be okay, if we keep performing like that we’ve got every chance of it. Utfb❤️
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