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  1. Does our first goal ever in a million years happen in a Warnock team?
  2. Maddo chatting absolute *** - Uche wouldn’t last two minutes in a Wilder set up. He looked knackered after half an hour under Warnock.
  3. Can’t believe Gestede isn’t getting into more of these teams. I genuinely believe he could be the worst signing in my life time. The fee we paid, the context in which we paid it (desperate for quality out wide to help our prem survival bid and we instead signed him), his wages, his atrocious form on the pitch, his injury problems, him telling fans to *** off at Newport away. Terrible, terrible signing.
  4. Commonwealth games meant West Brom SheffU’s cup game had to be played on Thursday, so our game against SheffU got pushed to Sunday
  5. That s definitely the worst Lumley mistake I've seen. I'll maintain that Bettinelli was worse.
  6. Always irritated after a defeat of course but yesterday’s performance really, really annoyed me. I left Loftus Road frustrated with boro in a way I haven’t felt for a long time. I’ve given it some thought as to why that was and it reminded me of when we lost to Bristol 1-0 at home in our promotion season. I remember coming away from that thinking all of those issues from last season were still there, laid bare for all to see. I don’t think there’s a direct parallel from that game to yesterday but there’s certainly some similarities. Given our clearly incomplete transfer act
  7. I’ve got a feeling Hoppe will be good for us. Then again, when we were heavily linked with Yaya Sanogo I convinced myself he’d be a solid buy
  8. Not often I pay attention to YouTube highlights but I’m willing to conclude from Larsen’s highlight reel that he’s the best striker of all time
  9. Agreed. I'd like two of them plus someone else who's more accomplished
  10. Birmingham at home in 14/15. 2-0. Ayala and Kike the scorers if my memory serves me correctly.
  11. Too 2: Norwich and Sheff United Top 6: Watford, Boro, WBA, Swansea Playoff winners: Watford Relegated: Birmingham, Reading, Rotherham Top scorer: Grant/Piroe (if Swansea keep him) Surprise package: Swansea Boro’s final position: 4th
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