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  1. Regardless of what he actually meant, it was a stupid thing to say. He needs all the unity he can get, but coming out with an inflammatory comment like that is only going to cause divisions - just look at the debate it’s caused on here. I’d say, as a general rule of thumb, if you’re a manager do not use the term ‘real fan’. It’s ambiguous, implicitly insulting and is only ever going to *** people off.
  2. https://www.vipbox.live/queens-park-rangers-vs-middlesbrough-1-live?fbclid=IwAR2EZqqRGM-RXYGi7iEyv-G7eEN2u_7JeAztgEi0gGi1FjPXs9X7Hu7Nnds enjoy
  3. Lol yeah, I wouldn’t put much stock in my opinion anyway, I’ve only seen him play around 10 times. Hardly a big enough sample size (although I’ll maintain that he’s been poor in every one of those games). But as p_mards says, he’s only 26 and could be a shrewd signing
  4. I really do not rate him, been poor every time I’ve seen him play (boro games or otherwise)
  5. True! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make that one</3
  6. Absolutely freezing that day. The day I officially became Pulis Out.
  7. and by glorious shambles I of course mean disgusting mess
  8. What a glorious shambles it all is
  9. 'Add Pulis to that' in relation to fans getting what they deserve for booing him. 'I was in a privileged situation to what was going on behind the scenes under Pulis and everyone knew he was doing a cracking job under the circumstances.' These statements don't add up unless you assume every fan who didn't want Pulis (ie almost all) was in a 'privileged situation' to have known how great Pulis really was. Although in that case, of course, such a position would cease to be privileged. I appreciate the ITK information but to say the fans are getting what they deserve for being dissatisfied with Pulis is well off the mark. Same goes for any discontent shown for Aitor/Monk at the time. Let's just all agree that the board's string of unbelievably incompetent decisions is at fault for where we are and the fans do not deserve it. Fan unity is about the only thing dragging me through this.
  10. Hahah I've been fluctuating between feeling extremely depressed about the whole thing to laughing at it/telling myself that maybe going to league one won't be that bad
  11. This is where I'll now have to agree with you. I made a post at the time about how I couldn't be arsed being cynical about the state of our club anymore. I wanted to believe the changes we stated we wanted to make were genuine, and that the club would pursue them to the best of their ability. Our stingy dealings in the transfer market highlighted to me that getting Woodgate in was simply the cheap option, our declaration of a new direction a hollow promise. As the season has progressed, that sentiment has only gotten stronger. In hindsight, getting Woodgate in the first place probably told me all I needed to know but I wanted to feel good about the club again. Feel like a fool for the confidence I had in the club.
  12. I think most people were of the opinion that they did not want Woodgate, but once he got the job they got behind him because it was counterproductive to do anything else. Despite all evidence indicating he was not the man for the job, once he got it what else can a fan do but try support it? That's how I felt and that was the impression I got from other people supporting Woodgate/ Keane etc.
  13. hahahhaha would've loved to have been a fly on the wall for that
  14. i just wanna know what nunthorpe red was on about
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