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  1. Malley’s carrying us to the prem next year utb
  2. Good riddance, I *** despise the ‘top 6’ and everything they stand for. This provides an opportunity for a radical restructuring of English football - the top level could actually be made competitive again. If that opportunity is grasped, English football could be heading in a very exciting direction.
  3. Obligation to buy on promotion I’m pretty sure
  4. And yet the noise coming from the club suggests we’re targeting promotion next year. Is that just a misleading ploy from the club to increase season ticket sales? I’m not convinced it is. I genuinely believe Warnock is here to try and get us up - I don’t think he’d have come all the way up here to take us to midtable obscurity.
  5. My question is: Should a manager who is on the verge of retirement and who, despite being backed in the transfer market, has led us to an anonymous league finish, be backed for a promotion charge? I’m veering towards no. It’s hardly a stunning revelation but Warnock being here is a symptom of the deeper issues at the club: lack of long term vision/complete inability to adapt to football’s changing landscape etc etc
  6. Playoffs may have been incredibly unlikely going into this game but that slight chance would have been kept alive if we had won. As long as there's a chance, surely it's worth fighting for. So for us to equalise and then time waste, clearly grinding out a point is just shocking. It's a pathetic mentality.
  7. He’d be an improvement on Bettinelli
  8. Pathetic bottlers, pathetic set up from Neil That is all, see you all in 21/22 utfb
  9. Very true, it’s just frustrating because I felt we were two players off making a playoff push a realistic proposition. Now I think we’re upper midtable at best. But to be honest, not challenging for promotion in a season where fans aren’t allowed in stadiums is alright with me.
  10. End your sky and BT subscriptions. There’s always something to be done. (really good post though!)
  11. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/project-big-picture-could-see-19102196.amp?__twitter_impression=true A decent article all in all from Craig Johns but this quote is puzzling, and expresses a sentiment I’ve seen a lot since the Big Picture outbreak: ‘The competitive, unpredictable nature of the Premier League is what makes it one of the best leagues in the world. We risk losing that, and worse still, we risk losing hope for fans.’ Big Picture is not some sort of radical departure from the status quo, it’s a consolidation of it. The Premier League is
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