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  1. The most yer da comment I’ll read today, thank you💜
  2. It’s stuff like this that makes it so hard for me to like him as a person. He just comes across as brash and insecure.
  3. Remember their chants when we played them earlier this season. ha ha
  4. Is Spence injured or are you just thinking rotation wise?
  5. “And Parker also had praise for the Boro boss who has turned the season around dramatically.” love me some gazette propaganda
  6. Seem to remember Rooney scored a similar goal the day before that was allowed to stand, shockin
  7. that and blackburn's equaliser not being ruled out in november 2014 spring to mind for me
  8. If Fletcher has taught me anything it’s not to write off a player too soon. Good luck to Browne, I still believe you can succeed with boro. Utb
  9. I thought so too, Slurms. It's since come to my attention that the small allocation was due to a decision on our end, not Spurs'.
  10. Does anyone know if we’ll get more tickets once the intitial 3.7k allocation sells out for the spurs replay? Joke of an allocation
  11. hahah I almost made a reference to this in my original post but I'm too afraid to joke about it because then I'll start to believe it's actually gonna happen
  12. I'd hope so if City planned on loaning Roberts and Nmecha back to the championship but I'd imagine their priority is to progress their careers. That'd involve putting them at a higher level if they're judged to be ready. Roberts and Nmecha both spent the first half of the season at top division clubs which suggests City thought they were ready for a higher level this season. Obviously it hasn't worked out for either of them yet but if they are successes here I'd guess City would again look to loan them to top division sides.
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