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  1. just because alan nixon has reported it probably... and its the sun... can't see him joining tbh
  2. called pontus to brentford dayssssssss ago.
  3. Nah we'll be fine. You're forgetting Ayala can also play up front. :D And Flinty! He actually did get pushed up top a couple of times last season by Bristol City, when they were chasing games. Pretty sure the competition for goals between Flint and Ayala this season will be like Gimli and Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Both on 1 at the moment. Don't think Gimli and Legolas was much of a competition, I thought they both ended on zero goals at the end of the trilogy? I can't imagine the ref let them take a bow and axe onto the pitch after they popped the first few balls. Gimli scored a hat trick at home at helms deep against F.C. Sauron
  4. Do your oneBoro duty and grill those people I believe both very close with Gestede as well so might get some intel on his potential departure. Didn’t really say much, but expect Gestede to be gone pretty much
  5. Sat in Manjaros shisha lounge and mahmutovic and brahimi sat next to me, dying to ask if they know any out goings, mahmutovic seems happy about his loan though keeps talking about how he can’t wait to be playing etc
  6. Clayts besic and howson for me, clayts and howson have been on fire.
  7. Really really really hope we keep hold of Braithwaite, I think he is key for us this season
  8. Yannick Bolasie commented on britts Instagram... coming?
  9. crvn

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Just take it back, they should exchange it for you no problem
  10. Shots and Stewy have been two of our best players in the opening games tbh! We do need to add more to the squad I do agree! Especially as covers ATLEAST in case something happens to them
  11. I think braithwaite will stay, can’t see him bringing his whole family over for a matter of weeks just to uproot again. Atleast I hope not! Today is going to be a huge day for us!
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