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  1. Or that time we needed to score 4 goals in 45 minutes ... TWICE!
  2. Which can be translated in to typical football for most clubs
  3. We say thank you to the Happy Brigade .. Joyful reading, folks 😜
  4. I still feel that O'brien jogged away from their scorer while thinking "not my job" ... Yes I get it, that he had another player to cover, but he wasn't in a dangerous position yet ... Their scorer was! And I stick with this opinion eventhough NB thinks I'm Mental 😛
  5. To say that O'Brien was just doing his job and covering the man in the middle .. Is like saying that RVB shouldn't save the big hance at the goal line, cause that was not where he should be ... O'brien could and should easily reach and defend against their scorer!
  6. WELCOME TO THE IT'S NOT A DERBY! The Riverside Sunday 4th of February 13.00 CET Ref = Darren England Injured: Lenihan, Smith, Dieng, Bangura, Lath Unavailable: Riley McGree, Sam Silvera (Asian Cup) Since Birmingham had a cup game, the mighty Boro didn't play last round, so our players should be hungry and up for this one. The fact that it's the It's Not A Derby v the Black Cats should make our chosen 11want it even more! Our last game in the league was a terrible 1-1 draw with bottom Rotherham, while Sunderland beat Stoke 3-1, which put The Black Cats 3 points ahead
  7. I will be up at midnight .. Right on time 😉
  8. That's right 😉 Today is for the deadline day and as soon as the window is shut slam - The MDT will appear as was it magic 😉
  9. Need one of mine instead?
  10. And to inform you all, the MDT will be up shortly after the window slams shut!
  11. I haven't followed this thread since the signing of Thomas .. Hd a very busey weekend 😉 Can someone please enlighten me, if something more is going on? Cheers
  12. yes yes, but I wouldn't mind, if that was what people wanted 😉
  13. It's fine with me, as I could see the fun in it 😉
  14. I'll have it up, soon after the window closes 😉
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