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  1. Not a big KiSS fan, but I love the movie Detroit Rock City 😎
  2. I like the music fine, I just get sick of the yodeling
  3. The view from Downsouth - I got it the first time 😛
  4. If you want REAL Danish metal - We have legendary bands such as Mercyful Fate (King Diamond), Artillery, Invocator and Hatesphere!
  5. You don't mosh to "pop" music .. You mosh to SLAAAAYYERRRRR!!!
  6. I really enjoy the way we play. And I think the last third will be sorted out in the coming games. If we had been more clinical this season, we could have a handful more goals and maybe more points. At the moment we are 5 points after the magical 2 points per game, and NW had only a few games last season plus a weird pre-season to turn it around. So you could say, we have been turning it around by learning while doing. Imagine how good we might become in 2021?
  7. Actually I often bet on us not to win ... I made some good cash last season 😂
  8. I played Derby+1 So I win if it's not a Boro win
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