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  1. I'll give him the benefits of doubt.... I fear the worst, but hope the best, but never will I moan in advance 😎
  2. I agree, the ending to the season wasn't pretty... But here comes the but ... We missed Fry and Tav so bad.. and ofc a decent right back, since both Dijk and Fisher were out too ... So we still managed two wins and a draw from the last four games ... Although I admit we didn't show up in the last one ... wish we were Rotherham's opponents instead ... 🙃
  3. What a weird ride it has been! I am still thankful, that NW saved us from relegation previous season and I, probably on my own, am not that dissatisfied with this season, if you look at the thing as a whole. Injuries - We had our fair share to key players; Hall, Fry and Taverner springs to mind. Our squad was simply too thin to begin with. Missing firepower - Yes, we had strikers in our team, but no one was up for it. Britt and Fletcher was none existing mentally and Akpom is not a prolific goal scorer. I know Warnock said, Chuba was his man .. his number one target... But, m
  4. Could a former BORO player please relegate Derby, that'd be great!
  5. No no .. it's fully legal to moan about things that happen right now.. But being so negative that you are one year ahead already is a shambles 🙃😎
  6. Amazing if Wing's goal saves the Millers!
  7. Howson and Paddy plays like they are 40 year old league one players
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