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  1. Gestede have been awesome.. Now he made a sliding tackle at left back.. He has man'ed up Crazy that we are so poor in the last few yards of the pitch.. We are really good at getting to that point.. But so wasteful.. We slow attacks down too
  2. I would bring om Morrison or Saville for Tav
  3. Tavernier is so poor.. He always take the wrong descisions..
  4. That was cartoon like.. Coulson hammering through a standing commercial
  5. Breaking... We have a New manager!!
  6. These Guys believes in survival, just saying 🤷‍♂️😎
  7. Good to meet you again BU Have a great one
  8. West.. But I think Joe is in the North.. He hasn't shown up yet
  9. Hey Joe ~ Jimi Hendrix R. I. P. We are at the Medals now.. And we have reserved a table for tomorrow.. We Will be here at 1600 hours.. Hoping Unger, Wilson and others come by too.. The more the merrier See ya
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