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  1. Any itk knowing if we Will get more incomings and which positions and when? Anything concrete?
  2. What stands out as the most annoying frustrating thing, a catalyst for everything else to go bananas... We all knew, that Paddy McNair would place the ball exactly where he did.. Not in the area of .. but exactly where he did! I expect goalkeepers do some research of the opponents penalty takers so it was an easy save for Lee Camp... Britt for sure isn't the answer and we thought Paddy maybe was... But Boro really need to find a good penalty taker.. One who doesn't blast the ball sky high because it has to look fancy ... one who can place the ball in both sides of the goal, both high and low... I wonder who has the best tecnique for this... I would seriously work on this with one of the coaches if I had to find out...
  3. The ref was the poorest this season.. May his Ass itch and his arms be too short!!
  4. Johnson should never take a set piece ever again
  5. This ref should be sent to Sibiria
  6. Red for Leo and one from the Brum staff
  7. Fletcher and Johnson have been the 2 poorest today.. But made it all much better with goal and assist 😂
  8. This is like seeing your favourite pub bruning slowly, but no one is trying to put out the fire... In slow mo.. But Then comes Fletcher!!!!!
  9. Stay tuned, i will use a well known Irish tune, a jig for reel.. maybe rag time 🙄
  10. Can we make BoroUnger our mandatory MDT author?
  11. Fletcher once more makes a run where he ends up being in the way ..
  12. Spence reminds me of Adama before he got real good .. Fast, good dribbling .. but awful key passes and crosses
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