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  1. Oh, I am not in the know, but I have befriended a guy, who gets some info. I tried squeezing him, but he only spilled, what I have shared here ... Respect for that!
  2. That's the part I forgot .. He told me it was 100 % not Downing, thnk God
  3. My sauce told me, that the mystery person is a former player in the 30's 40's bracket ... He wouldn't and couldn't answer if it was a foreigner or not .. (which lead me to think he IS foreign) Deep respect to my sauce, that he couldn't be persuaded to telling any useful hints .. I like that .. There are enough blabbermouths
  4. NEXT TIME LONDON IS FALLING ... I hope Gerrard Butler stays at home!
  5. Can't remember this forum being this lively ... Lot of "silent" members joining in too .. Keep it up .. For a while I thought we were down to CT, Brunners, NB, Wilson, Blanco, BD and me ... And then AR with two days delay ..
  6. It's Antonio Barragan as the new throw in coach
  7. Incredible goal .. FCM 2 - Celtic 1 Great result if it end that way! Many millions at stake
  8. If you need some football excitement .. during this summer break .. Fc Midtjylland v Celtic is about to start ekstra time after the second leg also ended 1-1 ... It could go to pennalties .. This stream is fairly good .. Warning: Scottisch language http://www.usagoals.video/c/football/champions-league-qualifying-second-round-second-leg/28-07-2021/midtjylland-vs-celtic/2/
  9. Then you should have had a Gestede shirt right after he joined 🙏
  10. A fringe player who knows he cant defend like Warnock likes .. Not "people".
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