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  1. Thats like judging a fish on it's abillity to climb trees ...
  2. I'd take both, as both are better than what we have.
  3. Or is this fantasy ... 🎶
  4. I'm looking forward to seeing those stats after a full season of Wilder and who ever we sign 😉 Nice work, mate - Appreciate it 😉
  5. @Denzel ZanzibarFind your own place to post links! This is my turf!
  6. Jonas Lössl has been released from Brentford ... Solid keeper ... We should offer him a deal
  7. They have both been loaned out .. That's why
  8. I wouldn't mind having Rhodes back. I liked him, but he was never a lone striker type. His best season was alongside the one we don't speak about ... I imagine a Wilder set up would work... Cause he is a better finisher than what we just had ... And he has the most important attribute ... Instinct ...
  9. Regarding Gibson .. One of the bigger pros is that he doesn't need time to gel in and to get to know the club and the area ...
  10. Is that why it's called to bang? I mean ... f*cking dynamite .. ouch
  11. Freddy Adu One of thr greatest talents ever as a teen.. At the age of 21 he failed a trial in the Danish league
  12. As a versatile squad player on a free, it's a no brainer for me.
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