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  1. Bettinelli is not at fault .. weird deflection off Spence
  2. Good assist from Bolasie
  3. Guess who scored for Sunderland?
  4. Reading leading vs ten men Wednesday
  5. Weird feeling .. Dijkstell to score today .. And in the right end this time
  6. GAME DAY COB! We do a typical Boro and win this, giving hope to finishing within top 6 .. Oh, and I have put 40£ on a Swansea win + draw 😛 That'll do .. Happy with all outcomes then 😉
  7. And I hope you are wrong 😛 The thing is that the last 5 games we have played include games v Cardiff and Reading .. And the last 5 are ofc the most recent games .. So I hope we are on course again after a bad wobble ..
  8. The last 5 games has given us two points per game. If we can keep that up or close to, then we have a realistic shot at the play offs. No team around us, except Barnsley, has a fixture list as soft as us. Reading, Cardiff and Bournemouth will not gain two points per game in their run in.
  9. Yeah but the fun part is, that it is the Danish dialect of West Jutland that is similar to old Scottish .. Not the other way around, cause no other dialect in Denmark is like that. We use a totally different grammar and other words. Some words are very much a like
  10. Fun fact: Actually .. My dialect in Western Denmark ... Goes way back .. And the root of that dialect is pretty close to how people talked in the North East England and parts of Scotland a few centuries back.
  11. But am I right, that americans say overtime?
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