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  1. He shook hands with NW, so now he is in quarantine 🤷‍♂️🙃
  2. How high were you at the time?
  3. One of Pears and Stoj probably
  4. A happy day.. I have rerurned to work as me, my gyrlfrind and niece have teste negative 💪 36 hours wait from the actual test.. Quite Quick concidering how many tests being done daily!
  5. Having a hard time, that Someone gets attention for a long and wellwritten post, mate? 🙃
  6. Racism is just the symptoms of fear ... Eliminate fear and poverty, and symptoms like racism will dissappear too! Eliminate the root of the problem, that is .. Back to football! IF the game is not postponed, I would like to see this team: Bettinelli Dijksteel, Hall, McNair Howson, Morsy, Saville, Johnson Tavernier Brittass, Fletcher Howson did "ok" at right wingback last season and Spence need a break to man up; he has been awfull lately. Bench : Fry, Spence, Coulson, Folarin, Brynn, Browne, Wing
  7. I go to like 10 FCM games live in a season... And between 1 and 4 Boro games in Non Corona times.. And Then the Odd National team game.. But most my games I watch on the tele.. What about you, mate?
  8. Right now am I watching my local team FC Midtjylland play CL qualifiers v Young Boys Bern.. Good game, but 0-0 at half time.. I follow FCM, but am not active on the forum, and I don't watch many league games, even though we are Danish Champions... But I follow the Boro through ups and downs.. I watch all games possible, even on dodgy streams like yesterday... And oh, I reached 1000 upvotes here today 💪😎🤘
  9. Are you also active on the Gunners forum?
  10. Hoping some of you forum-mates are among the 1000 this Saturday 💪 Bring a #OneBoro banner 😎
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