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  1. Uche sprinting like Forest Gump with those leg braces ...
  2. Bring on Coburn for Watmore ... Couldn't think of a better opponent for him atm
  3. Payero, crooks and Jones looks on fire ... Watmore too .. Tav also, but frustrating decision making Howson better than usual going forward McNair looking class
  4. Posh scored an away goal ... Took the lead for ... Some minutes
  5. Do you all call him Pee-air-oh .. Or is it only Maddo and Drury? I would call him pa-yer-o
  6. In another universe both players took the shot and injured each other ...
  7. Put Benny Hill theme song on that .. Sporar and Watmore both running away from the clear cut chance
  8. Tav is as frustrating as young Adama at times ... Gtf in Sporar now! We should score a handful today
  9. How can a pro footballer shoot like a ten year old girl in plateau boots?
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