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  1. Fair enough But it shouldn't be the first time this thread gets derailed .. 😉
  2. They have changed the story from four shooters to one shooter .. And they want people to send their videos to the police before sharing .. This is the youtube channel belonging to the captured shooter .. Shocking stuff
  3. Heard several dead 4 white shooters .. targeting muslim looking people in the mall - One shooter is captured
  4. Hijacking the thread Absolutely bonkers things going on at a mall in Denmark Somebody armed with a machinegun is shooting at people .. Several injured .. I have so far seen 2 people I know make status updates, that they are hiding .. One is hiding in a restaurant's kitchen, while the shooter/s is shooting inside the dining area ..
  6. Yes, it just baffles me that people are so lazy about writing other peoples names .. Coulsen, Negrado, Steffan ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  7. Steffen - it's Steffen Not Steffan, Stefan, Stefans, Steffens or Steffans (have seen all versions and it makes me mad)
  8. kentucky, have you actually been at home the last 14 days? It is a long streak of drunken days, my dude!
  9. You have clean sheets when you tug someone somewehere else!
  10. Nobody heard of a stream? Won't look if it's certain there are none
  11. Has anyone info on any possible streaming?
  12. To sum it up for those of you who haven't hit the F5 button all day: Tottenham need to find just 1 more million to buy our ex-Spence-sive player Gayle and Gyok will come when Spence is a Londoner Borodane can't stand loan signings kentucky has been heavily drinking for a few days That's it, folks!
  13. If you were not in doubt, you should catch me instead ..
  14. The 2 home games in a row in September - Why? Do you want to meet up for a pint or do you want to "punch me out"? 😄
  15. All ITK's have been really quiet the last few days .. Nothing to report, or are you scared of the pitchforks? 😄 @Raf smog @diggerlad07 @CrazyL @Lurker @Smoggydownsouth
  16. What is it about loans you really hate that much? Please tell us 😉
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