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  1. Ofc my opponent had 5 ... Well played Nawoo ... The table is lying 🙃
  2. Hull v Sheffield Utd A Barnsley v Blackburn D Cardiff v Bournemouth A Derby v Stoke A Fulham v Reading H Huddersfield v Nottingham Forest H Luton v Swansea H Middlesbrough v Blackpool H Millwall v Coventry D Peterborough v Birmingham A Preston v West Brom A QPR v Bristol City H
  3. If Hall had scored that overhead scissor thingy ... My day would have been made!
  4. Nw in the press lately .. and now this team selection and 4 at the back .. I think he has been told to change his style and go for wins .. since his dinosaur tactics don't work... Scott is maybe behind this.
  5. If we set up to not lose and end up losing to suckerpunches like last game, I'M OFICIALLY joining the Warnock out gang! I would go with: Lumley Dijk, Fry, Hall Tav, Siliki, Payero, Jones Onel, Uche, Sporar Full on attack, no excuses .. Just hammer them! They are down in a hole .. Let it stay like that! But there's no team to end a non winning streak against, like Boro ...
  6. Blackburn v Hull H Blackpool v Huddersfield A Bournemouth v QPR D Sheffield Utd v Preston H Reading v Peterbrough H West Brom v Derby H Birmingham v Fulham D Bristol City v Luton D Coventry v Cardiff H Nottingham Forest v Middlesbrough D Stoke v Barnsley D Swansea v Millwall A
  7. Where's my "thank you" for drawing with the table leader from the hunting pack?
  8. Do they play with a ball made from rubber bands? A lot of *** poor first touches
  9. Lumley has been looking good from what I have seen ... Only second half
  10. Lumley did well to make it a narrow angle, but Jones and Howson gave their best Benny Hill defending ...
  11. Six games played: 18 points and 22-0 GD
  12. Drag me to Hell The Ring The Nun Scary and still with a good plot!
  13. I know they're often controversial, but it's a little harsh to call his posting that 😛
  14. So, with the window closed for sales and loanes, I think our squad looks very sharp, as players like Tav, Paddy, Crooks, Watmore and others can play a lot of positions. Edit: Uche is up top ofc. Deleted him, when I wanted to write Watmore as sub 🙂 If we could bring in a left back who can also cover central defense, I think we stand very good. Maybe one more striker, as I don't think young Coburn is ready yet.
  15. Ahaaa, that's why you seem so grumpy at times 😛
  16. Birmingham v Derby H Blackburn v Luton D Blackpool v Fulham A Bournemouth v Barnsley H Bristol City v Preston H Coventry v Middlesbrough A Reading v QPR A Sheffield Utd v Peterbrough D Stoke v Huddersfield D Swansea v Hull A West Brom v Millwall H Nottingham Forest v Cardiff D
  17. Stojanovic scored for Slovenia
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