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  1. He made Anglian Red's stream look like Usain Bolt
  2. Neil Maddison is not a fan of the ref .. hahaha
  3. We normally fluff chances with that much space and time .. But here we go .. WEEEEEE!!!! GET IN OR GET SCREWED
  4. I'm amazed that word wasn't picked up by the anti swear bot 😄
  5. Saved by the feet of Steeeeeeeeeeeejanevic
  6. What a cracking save from Steeeeeeeeeeeejanevic
  7. Someone please learn mark Drury to pronounce the letter O
  8. That Murray Wallace is a *** .. 3rd time he has fouled Spence .. one time in the box .. ONE freekick given.. ONE!
  9. Dael Fry .. He is a mystery for me .. A year ago he was our best prospect, ready for the PL .. worth more than Ben Gibson .. A must keep player .. Now he is a flawed defender playing, cause we don't have many others in that position .. This is ofc harsh, but is there something in it?
  10. That freekick was similar to the not given penna
  11. What a shot! .. and unfortunately what a save...
  12. We are set up not to lose this game .. 5 defenders and 3 defensive minded midfielders .. Millwall has only scored 8 more goals than us this season ..
  13. I have seen the replay 4 times .. My stream has replays .. but Drury said no replays was available.. I don't get that .. It's a penna, when you see it from the other angle, from the goal line
  14. The defender sticks his stretched arm in front of Djed and totally blocks the path Djed was running .. Clasical obstruction ..
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