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  1. That ref should have more focus on the ball, cause apparently he has lost his own balls ...
  2. I'm only slightly older than Dimi, so why not 😄
  3. No more Guinness for you tonight!
  4. I was a goalie for 15+ years and I can only say I aggree with all of this.
  5. I normally like you, but you are clearly drunk on a Sunday 🙃 Play it in real time and see how few mili seconds Bettinelli has, from shot fired to going in next to the foot he has all his weight on
  6. Ifs and buts ... If my mother had a propeller on her head, she might be an Apache helicopter..
  7. I can see Archer played for us in the cup .. How did he fare?
  8. So potentially he could be better than Betts .. (in some needed areas)
  9. I have never seen Archer play .. Is he as bad as some are saying?
  10. Could Bettinelli have a clause in his loan contract, to start when fit?
  11. I zoomed in and found the ball ... Only excuse is if Bettinellis weight was shifting toward the far post .. as in real time it went on pretty rapid
  12. Could you please find a frame where the ball is on it's way in the goal .. maybe when the ball is 15 inches from crossing the line?
  13. So, it's the mourning after ... I am still *** off, but beginning to accept, that life goes on... We switched off two times yesterday, only two times where both lead to a Swansea goal ... They didn't have a sniff, but these two times ... We were in control away from home to one of the direct promotion contenders .. Further more their first goal had a stupid deflection, which made Betts look stupid to some ... I believe he was going to save the ball, if it hadn't changed direction off Spence.. We got cheated for a world class strike goal from Bola .. Swansea was rewarded a weird penna 25 seconds before the added six minutes would end.. We can only hope that this injustice will make us a tighter unit ... Where we can use this for kick-starting a winning run .. We are due some luck and/or close decisions going our way! Utfb
  14. He also assisted for Ayew's second goal 🙃
  15. I blame Bettinelli.. he should have saved the penna.. Randolph would
  16. If luck and robbery is to be evened out in the last 11 games .. we stand a chance 🙃
  17. Never a penalty .. We got robbed In both ends If we have had one more end, we would have been robbed in that end too
  18. Sometimes it's like you want us to have a tough time, so you can moan
  19. You couldn't make it up I'm going to bed
  20. He is not fat at least .. it's called barrel chested 🙃
  21. Remember when someone said we would play very well vs these and it wouldn't be constant head tennis? But the negative brigade turned it into us being the cause of all head tennis going on ... Even if we lose this, we have played better than Swansea at their turf ...
  22. Bettinelli is not at fault .. weird deflection off Spence
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