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  1. I really hope Fabio or Friend will be back for the Palace game, so we can get Barragan back to the right back, where Nsue was missing today. Never seen a PL player (which he isn't) that looked that clumsy. He is good at running into position, where he can get the ball, but when he gets it, the nightmare begins. 3 out of 10 times he passe the ball to an opponent, and the rest of the times he passes it back to Clayton, eventhoug the situation invites to a cross or a run with the ball. It was really frustrating to watch. Not good enough defensively either. Slow as a snail and he can't make a sli
  2. For me it is a no brainer to get rid of AA. Well in some games he has a bit of magic, but more odten he loses the ball way to much and if we didn't have great defenders, he would have cost us a lot of goals. He is arguably an ok championship player at best. If he ever plays for us again, try to look at the amount of easy balls he fumbles away to the oposition to make a counter....
  3. Does anyone know which injurys our 2 left backs picked up and for how long time they will be injured?
  4. Does anyone knows which injurys our 2 left backs picked up and for how long time they will be injured?
  5. Jordan will stay, if you ask me. This is his chance of becoming the new Alan Shearer, as some sources have claimed him to become. At least untill the january window. He was good in pre season, and he will get his PL chances as a sub.
  6. Why am I up against Vegilius 2 weeks in a row? :)
  7. H Tottenham v Liverpool 12:30 H Chelsea v Burnley H Crystal Palace v Bournemouth H Everton v Stoke H Leicester v Swansea H Southampton v Sunderland A Watford v ***nal A Hull v Man Utd A West Brom v Middlesbrough (Ramirez) H Man City v West Ham When we have a midweek league cup game, and god forbid, if the player chosen as this rounds first scorer gets injured, are we allowed to change the guess?
  8. What a start to the PL for us. Unbeaten, derby victory and our new signings looking good. A few words on every player on the pitch today: Brad Guzan: He is a good shot stopper. He should have saved the ball to the left, not to the right, which lead to the goal. To defend him a little, I have been a goalie for some years, and it's really an unpleassant job, when the opposition is playing that aggressive really close to the box/in the box. Emilio Nsue: Good fighter, but he is running too much backwards like a headless chicken at times. Barragan will take his place, when Ayala is fully f
  9. That Forshaw pass was just like seeing Michael Laudrup back in the days :) Look away and pass the ball perfect. Negredos assist was just as brilliant! And Stuani... More a striker than a midfielder... But he is good this time of year.. (late summer/early fall) .. Was the same last season, where he scored most of his goals
  10. You think we will see Fabio on that left back soon?
  11. STEWANI! (trololololol) Fun to read, that he wasn't good enough... then he hit that screamer! What a goal! (goal of the week, so far)
  12. Come on with some signings, or I will start the Jesus jokes again! :D
  13. If you guys need a morning laugh! 3:17 I spat out my drink!
  14. That's a bit harsh. I thought it was a pretty decent assist by Enzo. Good one, Sir :D
  15. And lady (pretty one too) (not flirting)
  16. At least my lame joke, derailed the tread away from that even more lame debate about Dimi vs Valdez ... Need more signings!!!
  17. Couldn't agree more... The offended one, chose to be... Welcome to 2016... Where no new signings (since forever) is making people tick, and everone is offended... this offends me!
  18. How is that appropriate or respecffful? If that was islamaphobic this would be derided. I don't do the religious stuff on here but this sort of comment is offensive.I Keep calm and support the Boro
  19. With all that talk about goalkeepers in the last 30 pages in this tread, wouldn't it be funny, if Gabriel Jesus was a goalie...? JESUS SAVES.... AGAIN ... :P
  20. I he moves in between the two places, he would only have a one hour drive both ways :)
  21. Awfully quiet everywhere today...
  22. Everyone knows Adam forshaw is PANDEMONIUM and DELIRIUM! :D I like both Grant and Adam F, and they might have their part to play. Forshaw is good at going forward, when we need a goal. Grant is good at helping defending a lead... Don't discuss who is best. It's like discussing which is the better between a screwdriver and a hammer. Both does their job, when needed.
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