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  1. So it was freaking SG who was mentioned .. Bloody hell got this from www.wtf.com
  2. Is there any good lb or rb at Forest, that could be loaned out to us, if they want to use Spence as a winger?
  3. Forest can give us 15m £ for Spence ... We know they have'em!
  4. I think Crooks will be a good back up striker .. He kinda reminds me a bit of Stuani .. Just a little bit, but he does. Also what I have seen of JLS .. He reminds me of Jon Obi Mikel when he was good for Chelsea
  5. First ever positive post from you as well .. What a day! 😄
  6. Brunners I fully aggree that it's a fine thing to post the full twitter link .. I don't think many posters can disagree for real on that part. I just think, that some people might see your way of telling people what to do lacks a little respect, as it's grown ups you talk to... Not naughty scool boys. Just a tip. It is possible to be polite and/or witty, while telling people how to do specific things, the way you would like it.
  7. Wow, that shadow makes it look like he has a very special kind of moustache from the 30's 😁
  8. I was away on holiday, when Newy got the kick .. What happened? 😁
  9. You know the drum podium is in level, when the drummer is drooling from both corners of the mouth 😁
  10. As a musician I would say, apart from the singer, a drummer might be the most unique member for his band's sound. Especially in jazz, metal and other genres where the drummer plays on more than the one and three counts .. Check Gene Hoglan (the atomic clock), Vinnie Paul, Dave Lombardo, Nicko Mc-Brain, Clive Burr .. That's just five drummers off the top of my head, which have a very unique playing style, that shows in the music.
  11. Gaston Ramirez (30) is a free agent. Any takers? 🙃
  12. It gets better and better 😄 https://fb.watch/7Hdc7c2ZJe/
  13. Sigh! Joint 4th most correct predictions and I still lose .. I am a loser, it seems. Well played Bear btw 😉
  14. What a rant https://fb.watch/7GYCYZfhJk/
  15. Lumley Dijk, Fry, Hall, Bola Spence, Morsy, McNair, Jones Crooks, Uche 4-4-2
  16. Cardiff v Bristol City H Derby v Nottingham Forest A Barnsley v Birmingham A Fulham v Stoke H Huddersfield v Reading A Hull v Bournemouth A Luton v Sheffield Utd D Middlesbrough v Blackburn D Millwall v Blackpool H Preston v Swansea D QPR v Coventry H Peterborough v West Brom A
  17. So Ronaldo is back in Manchester .. I remember this day very well
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