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  1. For me, it’s all gone down hill since we signed the new guys. I can’t even remember the lads name as I type this who got injured against Derby. But from that match on, conceding the equaliser in the last min, it’s all gone wrong since then. He has chopped and changed and tinkered with the team that was doing well. Makoudi was suppose to release McNair into midfield yet he’s been dropped. Spence has been dropped. Shotton had a good game last night in fairness but why are we going back to all the old players? The young lads spiced things up and we were getting results. Now they are getting the blame for our league position which is more to do with all the tinkering of formations and the personnel coming back in than it is to be blaming the kids like he did after Barnsley. If I was one of the kids reading that I would take it as a huge kick in the teeth. I could not believe we took him on as manager and I can’t believe he is still here. Absolutely criminal. I do wonder if he would place someone as bad at their job in charge of Bulkhaul and leave it to go bust? I think not so why are we doing it with the club?
  2. Think after Traore they will do that with all players. Surprised Man U not gone for Traore been in for everyone else 😄
  3. Asking if he has heard anything about Gibson coming to us. Only place I’ve read it is on here for last few weeks and in the gazette the last few days, but national journalists and sky only mentioned Watford
  4. Anyone tweeted Sky sports Keith about Gibbo?
  5. Can’t remember the last decent transfer window deadline day to be honest? Jordan Rhodes? Didn’t really set the world on fire either did he.
  6. Tried that. Maybe they have a VPN blocker on the app 🤦🏼‍♂️
  7. Hi guys purchased match video via vpn as I’m out at a party wont let me watch via the website says I need to watch via the app but all I can see if the audio on the app despite being on a VPN? Can anyone help me out here?
  8. Well we know he likes a line ?? ? ?
  9. You missed out the most important part of that article ‘but sources close to the club believe that Gibson has already identified the man he wants’ For me that means he’s heard it’s Woodgate
  10. Regards to how many loans we can have I had a look online and it says ‘Championship and EFL clubs are allowed to have eight players on loan, but can only pick a maximum of five loanees in their match day squad. They can only sign a maximum of four players from a specific club, of which only two can be over the age of 23’ So after Hugil, I read it as we could take another 7 on loan as long as only 2 per club are over 23
  11. Thought Freeman was suppose to be worth a lot, as in 10 mill + Must admit dont know much about him
  12. Is this a transfer thread? Lol
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