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  1. Forest are in for a shock if they think that Spence will be suited to Hughton’s boring, rigid style. Hughton makes Warnock look expansive and fluid. Djed is not defensively sound enough to play as a RB in my opinion. Much more suited to RWB. I think Forest will be on the receiving end of some batterings with their current form and confidence
  2. Ali McCann to Preston. Still haven’t heard any more on McGrath which is disappointing
  3. Wow! I was completely wrong about the Spence to Forest thing. They’ve signed a RB today, so I wonder if he’s being considered for a winger role, as they’ve had no luck there. Obviously Warnock doesn’t want to keep him around despite his form improving after their “chat”
  4. Maybe McGrath was the JLS back up in case he chose one of the Spanish sides. Not very similar in terms of style of player though
  5. Rumour has it that Maja to Forest has fallen through. Wonder if they’ve had issues with the agent too
  6. They accepted £3.5m from a mystery championship team but he wanted to go to Galatasaray but he’s obviously picked Sassuolo
  7. Josh Laurent is a good player at this level. Forest had a big knocked back earlier in the window
  8. Sky Sports reporting that a Championship team are in for Jamie McGrath, but not saying who
  9. I'd take a punt on Berahino if he was cheap. Maybe Warnock can put his arm around him and get the best out of him. Can't believe he's 28 though!
  10. Christie would have been a really decent buy for the £2m Bournemouth are paying. Think his wages would be massive though
  11. Always injured with a recurring shin problem. Had a fantastic season two years ago but has struggled to regain his form
  12. Yeah, exactly. He tries to come across as a super intelligent free thinker who is not like other footballers, but I think he’s a bit of a moron. Plus he’s fallen out with Hughton at Forest apparently. Why ruin our squad harmony for a 30+ year old who has had double figures in the championship once?
  13. My Grandad is a Forest fan, so I keep up to date with their transfers. They’re signing a free agent RB from Olympiakos, so can’t see them being in for Spence. I also don’t think they have £4m to spend on one player, as their squad is a shambles. I personally wouldn’t touch Lyle Taylor with a barge pole. Without getting too political, let’s just say that his personal views are not particularly aligned with those of most football fans. He’s very strongly anti-Vax too, which would *** off Warnock. Plus he has had one good season at this level and spends most games sat on the floor moani
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