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  1. Very true. I think in order to compete at the top end of the table, we will need to start putting away some of the weaker teams in the division, whilst restricting the better teams. We have had a difficult fixture list so far and done well, so it will be interesting how we do against the likes of Derby and Millwall etc after the international break. I think it’s hard to manage expectations this season after the last few, and lots of fans are expecting a play off push.
  2. I think Akpom made lots of good runs today, but his job is impossible if no one plays that ball into the channel. Similarly, when Britt came on, no one could beat the first man and put him through. Our deliveries today were much poorer than usual
  3. Wing today has really showed how important Saville is to our system.
  4. All well and good moaning about subs, but it’s not like our bench is full of options. I would like to see Roberts, but obviously he’s not ready at the moment
  5. I’d bring Marv on for Coulson and Roberts on for Wing. Give us more threat on the counter
  6. Although we need more players, I think we should avoid paying big wages for older players (even on loan). I’d rather take a punt on a 21-24 year old with something to prove
  7. I would have thought that Grosicki will be on his way to Forest in January as their 64th signing of the season. He would be a good signing, but I think it’s more likely to be Bolasie if anyone.
  8. I think if we press the ball with the same aggression as last night, we might get something front Brentford. I think we could get a 1–1 draw or a 1-0 win if we play like we have been playing (with some added finishing). Do we keep a 433 or go back to 5 at the back?
  9. Good performance, but feels like 2 points dropped rather than 1 point gained. Pressing high up the pitch was very effective and we should have made more of our corners. Onto Brentford.
  10. I would definitely take Watmore as an option off the bench. Think he could be useful to bring on around the 70th minute to cause problems with his energy and work rate, especially if we are winning. He could be dangerous on the counter and could keep the ball late in the game to run down the clock (hardly exciting, but could be very effective)
  11. Would probably take Chong from United. Not sure he’ll get any first team action. Other than that could be someone like Smith-Rowe at Arsenal, diabate at Leicester?
  12. Lee tomlin is between 20-23 stone. Could be him?
  13. We still expecting 4 in? Or was Dijksteel one of those?
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