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  1. Could try this site fella. https://www.mamahd.org/football-live-stream-hd/
  2. Wow, shocked that Villa have spent around £100m with no value brought in from their outgoings apart from cutting wage bill (which will undoubtedly have increased with the new signings).
  3. I did hear from a source who works for some of the players (including Gibbo when he was here) that we are interested in bringing him back.
  4. Fiver transferred, Scott Nelson. Team - Spam City ?
  5. Leeds escape a pen decision there, Harrison definitely kicked the Derby lad who'd nicked in front of him! klich escapes a red for a Zidane like head butt lol
  6. I know we slate Pulis (and rightly so when it's deserved), but our players finishing is bloody terrible, we waste so many chances!
  7. Going back to the confidence discussion earlier, just seen a snippet of an interview with Alexis Sanchez were he praised Mourinho as a coach; saying his preparation was excellent. However, he went on to say that even if you played well, you were subbed or dropped, and he himself was left questioning himself and his own ability, and his confidence suffered. An excellent point highlighting how important man-management is, and possibly relevant to a lot of our squad.
  8. I can't disagree, I even stayed boozing in the Boro rather than watch the last league game. I don't get to many working away a lot, but I couldn't face it tbh!
  9. I know we're dogs**t, but to put things into perspective Everton out to Millwall, West Ham getting beat by Wimbledon, Leicester out to the mighty Newport, Wolves scrape a draw to the Shrews....it's the FA Cup! :)
  10. Like Wolves 0-0 at Shrewsbury you mean? Yes but wolves are capable of scoring 3 or 4 in that second doesn't mean they will I agree....are we really capable of that? 5 against Peterborough in second half He sets them up, you knock em down! :)
  11. Probably best thing to loan him out and pay a portion of his wage if he's not going to be used!
  12. Quality stat, Burnley win 2-1 without having a shot on target! :) Geordies back in the relegation zone!
  13. Must be the shortest odds of any footy bet at the mo! :)
  14. I didn't mean there was an actual crime, it was a metaphor in reply to the statement saying Leeds shouldn't get punished as others probably do the same!
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