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  1. TBH mate, i thought that, but i read his coach's book a while back and seen him in a whole different light, after he knocked aldo out he was teaching a striker class for kids the next week. like completely down to earth, he just puts it on to make as much money as he can while he is with the UFC, he is a proper perfectionist and cant stand not knowing something. he is loyal to his gym and his coach, its a good read if you ever get chance to read it!
  2. anyone staying up for the duration and watching the fight tonight? I'm going mcgregor KO in the 2/3rd round!
  3. Stoke v Man City A Burnley v Liverpool A Swansea v Hull D Tottenham v Crystal Palace H Watford v Chelsea A West Brom v Everton A Leicester v ***nal A Sunderland v Middlesbrough (First Boro Scorer) A Negredo West Ham v Bournemouth H Reading v Brighton A
  4. my names shake de roon for the premier football fantasy league
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