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  1. I got on the 9:42 train from Stockton to Sunderland this morning; well I squeezed onto the train. What are Northern trains thinking, 2 carriage's. It was quite funny for a few minutes, then became a nightmare. Did anyone else suffer this journey?
  2. Totally agree with your point, my post wasn't about Boro being Good/Bad if Stoke City win or lose. It was about individual battles and pointers to help me see if we are up to this league. The result today will certainly not tell me how good/bad we are but will help along the way to assist my judgement. Tomorrow will be another challenge due to the close proximity of Wear/Tees and will help me see where we are.
  3. That's true, but I thought the big lad in midfield for them bossed it once De Roon went off, not saying Clayton or Forshaw played badly but he looked strong. I want to see if the SC fullbacks are as poor today. I thought Friend waltzed past Bardsley on a few occasions. The big blond lad up front looked strong against us; will he today?
  4. It will be interesting to watch Stoke City play Man City and compare with last week and to judge the Boro performance. It was difficult for me to see how good/Bad we are in this league.
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