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  1. That Stuani lad who is starting for Uruguay today got loads of goals in La Liga last season. Definately a Pulis type as well :) Sorted But surely he's a right winger??? I mean Karanka played him there and he would never play a player out of position, right?? :|
  2. The Statts will soon work against them!!
  3. That's the cricket team though, different type of cup ;)
  4. Amazing what happens when you play an international player in the correct position. 5th top scorer in la Liga and we had him playing on the wing. The sad thing is I think if he had played up front without us signing Negredo we would have been better off in the premier league. Yes Negredo had PL experience but a lot of the time the team just felt off with him in it.
  5. Bamford has to start in the 2nd leg for me. Its only 1 goal so we are not out of it yet, we need to go at them at Villa park and make sure we get more support up to the front players. Traore needs to be told to calm down and be realistic, taking on 5 players isn't going to work, and if there's 5 players on him he needs to release the ball quickly to someone else and captilize on the fact they aren't marking someone else. Downing had a pretty quiet game and needs to step it up in the 2nd leg.
  6. We get +5 mins extra time and spend the first 2 mins trying hit and hope 30yard efforts ffs
  7. I don't know what I dislike more Jack Grealish as a footballer or the commentators undying love for him. Seriously he's on the borderline of singing Celine Dions my heart will go on!
  8. At some point our players will realize we can only hold onto a lead if we stop gifting possession away.
  9. Does Clayton play rugby? Or do they just never do shooting practice with him? He's got one of the worst long distance shots I've ever seen.
  10. Potter keep doing his magic I didnt really know anything about it him. But he has taken the club from 4th division to Europe and winning a cup? Is that right? yes correct That is absolute madness! I assume we will see him in the Prem before long? With a record like that There will be an opening at ***nal at the end of the season.
  11. They simply can’t. Surely? There has been far too much stick now. They would be a laughing stock. We should all tweet them pretending to be leeds fans and saying how good we think the badge is.... Is it wrong that I hope they've already ordered a million or so kits / replicas and spent a fortune on it?
  12. A few thoughts: 1. The referee was looking directly at Braithwaite and Kalas for our penalty appeal, I want an explanation for WTF he saw that made that not be a penalty. The only thing that was missing was the wrestling ring!! 2. For their penalty it looked like there was minimal contact but Norwood was already leaning to go down, he knew he'd lost the ball. It's silly from Leadbitter to be putting a foot in there, and he got played like a fiddle for putting his foot in. 3. How was there 5 minutes of extra time in the first place for them to be given a 94th minute penalty? There w
  13. I read this as he's missing his nads :D wasn't until the second read it sunk in haha
  14. From what I've seen of Traore, yes an experienced manager like Pulis could get the best out of him. The caveat to that is, in time, Traore needs to be drilled, educated and rounded off. He is all pace and fast feet but no football brain. When I think about past evidence of being stuck in the championship we have 1.5 seasons before we have to start trimming the budget. If we look at this timeline Traore needs to be turned into a more complete footballer before the start of next season. I don't think this is possible in this time and would rather use the funds to bring in someone more con
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