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  1. Take a listen to Radio 4 right now. Boris has clearly gone nuts.
  2. I was really looking forward to it but I actually fell asleep (yes, really!) while watching the final episode of Game of Thrones.
  3. I can confirm that all your devices will work together to build a PC that will knock spots off your old laptop. The CPU will work with the mobo, the memory is suitably rated for the CPU and is configured suitably for the mobo so that's the big-cost items out of the way. Your storage devices are well chosen and will give you lots of space in reserve for media files and games. You will probably set things up so that Win 10 and Office reside on the SSD (Windows C:\) with everything else going on the HDD. If you are certain that won't have any "everything else", you could even get by with a sma
  4. Your Amazon link for the Win 10 key is fine. Don't be put off by any negative reviews you might see from people who didn't understand properly what they needed to do. Your £4 buys you an email with a Micro$oft product key and there is a bit of work to do before you can use the key, as described in my earlier post. I'll get back to you shortly on hardware compatibility after I have had a proper look at your list.
  5. If you let me see your list I'd be happy to look it over for compatibility problems. By the way, I bought my Win 10 pro licence from Amazon partner S&CW (Shape and control Wear of Rochdale) for £4. To acquire WIN 10 this way involves downloading it from Micro$oft, burning it to DVD and supplying the purchased key during the installation process. Saves you more than £60 and it's all proper - the keys were all bought from M$ in the first place and nobody's getting ripped off. Nobody, that is, unless you're daft enough to pay M$ £70 for a DVD.
  6. I built my first computer in 1980, starting with an unpopulated motherboard, a big tray of components and a soldering iron. Compared to that mammoth undertaking (hundreds of hours), slinging together a modern PC is a walk in the park. Even so, if you've never done it before it's probably not a task to be undertaken unaided. Fortunately, there's loads of help readily available on YouTube. I recommend you adjust your component list to: i5 processor 16GB RAM 120GB SSD for Windows 10 2TB HDD for programs and data No graphics card This will get you a decent PC that will breeze through ev
  7. I'm five episodes in to the intriguing series "The Sinner" and I'm really enjoying it. It's a "whydunnit" rather than a "whodunnit" and it's got that Netflix touch of class that has persuaded me to actually pay for broadcast media for the first time ever.
  8. That was quite a storm. I've known closer/louder thunderstorms and ones with heavier rainfall but never one with so many/frequent lightning flashes.
  9. Humpty's crowbar is the stuff of legend.
  10. Firefox claims that the site has an invalid security certificate, effective from today. Note that I have PMed Rob about it if you are having similar probs.
  11. We seem to be adopting all things American, so, if we did it last year, it's now a tradition, right?
  12. Congrats, Kev! The season ended just as I got in to top gear and with only 19 points in it!
  13. I have just turned off the radio because that feckwit Neil Nunes is trying to read the news. He gives the impression that he's following his finger across the page as he reads. Who is your pet hate?
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