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  1. Just hope we dont revert to past games with a lead, stick 10 behind the ball and invite pressure.
  2. Randolph Nsue Ayala Gibson Friend De Roon Forshaw Traore Fischer Negredo Stuani/Bamford
  3. He would be based in Cornwall just like Pulis in Bournemouth with Kevin Blackwell and Ronnie Jepson running day to day activities. There are a number of players from Leeds, Luton and Bury who have said Blackwell is a bully with younger players and funnily enough is bullied himself by more outspoken and bigger reputation players at his clubs (There were a number of players on the Under The Cosh podcast who talk candidly about it - Clarke Carlisle.) Wonder if Gibson will allow Warnocks son to work on behalf of the club as an agent for Unique Sports Management and whether Mark McKay is involved in some capacity.
  4. Woodgate was learning from Pulis for 18 months - December 2017 up until May 2019. He couldnt speak highly enough of him pre season about how much he learnt from his tactics, coaching and man management. If we need to bring in Warnock for Woodgate to learn more.......
  5. I cant speak for Woodgate aside from the publicized issues going back to his time at Leeds and Tottenham but in reality Warnock is not the character the media likes to portray. He is an arrogant, lying bully partial to agreements with players for monetary purposes who has involved himself with a number of unsavory corrupt characters in the game over the last 3 decades (In recent times Willie McKay which goes all the way back to his time at Sheffield Utd) in order to build up his finances in return for exclusive arrangements. He should not be near any football club.
  6. I wouldnt want Neil Warnock anywhere near this club in a DoF or Manager role. This is from knowledge of a player who used to play for him who shared a number of stories.
  7. What happened to the soundbites from Woodgate pre-season about the Gegenpress style he admired and wanted to implement at the club after learning it from Klopp during his time at Liverpool? He was also a scout at Liverpool watching some of the best young talent in the UK yet presented Bola and Browne in his PowerPoint to our club hierarchy.
  8. Battening down the hatches with 45 minutes to go just gave Hull the impetus and momentum to really have a go against a team with only 2 wins out of 17 in the League
  9. Lack of intelligence and naivety to make such a comment after a hard earned draw and being a local lad from the area. Perhaps a wise older head would have used the point to galvanize the team and fans into the start of a run. In a way for me it emphasizes he is not the right man for the job and is out of his depth. He should be fully focused on turning around an awful 2 wins out of 17 game streak (Less than 12% win rate), not focusing on social media and fans opinions.
  10. Ayresome7

    Steve Gibson

    Taken from the "Other Boro Stuff" thread: Randolph - "People talk a lot about things they know nothing about"
  11. Ayresome7

    Steve Gibson

    There was talk earlier in pre-season that some of the players were more aligned with RK when it comes to certain things on the training pitch and some confusion between the different messages coming from both RK and JW with the latter stating on a number of occasions he is the manager and he will make the decisions so to speak. We know by definition that RK should act as a sounding board with his own views but he should also ultimately be advocate, counsel and cheerleader for JW's direction which doesnt appear to the case.
  12. Ayresome7

    Steve Gibson

    Mental to think we could potentially go into the Third tier with a outlayed £27m strike force. £151 million operating losses so far this decade which includes our season in the top flight and parachute payments is a sobering thought.
  13. Ayresome7

    Steve Gibson

    Malcolm Crosby and Lee Clark were at Rockcliffe this morning. Dont know specifics but latter has a role at Blyth.
  14. Ayresome7

    Steve Gibson

    What was said for our International fans who missed it?
  15. The problem if we go down to League 1 (Division 3) is that clubs in that league will be spending more money than us with more ambitious owners so with the large turnover of players with the contract situation we could quite easily become a mid table team.
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