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  1. Warnock said he left a cake and all Wilder had to do was put the icing on it
  2. Listen to the David Norris (Leeds) Under The Cosh podcast where he confirms Warnock accepts money for favours. He was very fortunate with the Sala enquiry there was not more made public about his past transfer deals.
  3. Ronneh, it's Neil...yeah, wonderful thanks. I'm 'ere wi' Mick. Ronneh, they've only bloodeh gone and gi'in me Cardiff job after big mick left...yeah, Cardiff...Kevin n'all...yeah...*sharply puts hand over speaker*...Ronneh, yer can't say that now...no...he's from Malaysia or wunnur those places. Look 'ere, how fast can yer get tur Cardiff?...well what d'yer mean flytipping?...oh chuffin' 'eck Ronneh'
  4. Ah sez t’ Ronneh ah sez 'Weve been fucken sacked, wheres Blackie gerrim toll'd t'eh leave'. He sez 'yer jokin he gorrah house in Inglebeh', Bloodeh boro fans, shudda kept quiet. Miss meh wen back in Cornwall wi’ Sharon and gran kids. Warnock will beh back. Got wun finel challengeh in me lockeh, ah will show Gibboh and Bauseh. Deareh me. New gaffa will like Crooksy e will sah tha worrah Warnock signing thah wor.
  5. Ah sez t’ Ronneh ah sez 'where's fuckin Pahyehro gerrim toll'd t'warm up'. He sez 'yer jokin he gorrah plane teh Buenos Aires', nearleh jumped out me soddin skin, d'yer knerr. Bloodeh fikel boro fans realleh. Miss meh wen back in Cornwall wi’ Sharon and gran kids. Cor Blimeh
  6. Seems to be a bullying culture with the younger players and one player who came in this summer for a fee has been singled out by one staff member. It was brought to the attention of Bauser as family is concerned for well being of player.
  7. Don't have a good feeling about Payero under the management of Warnock.
  8. Do we think Payero is a Kieran Scott signing? Despite Leo’s connection I find it hard to believe we would spend a large outlay on an unproven talent based on his recommendation knowing Scott was going to be confirmed a week later.
  9. Can already hear Warnock at the press conference unveiling talking about Sporar. ”Worrah playeh, realleh. Eel d’ fer meh, honest leh”
  10. If Warnock, Jepson and Blackwell thought “Can’t believe he is still available” we all know it’s this man.
  11. Mounié was offered by an agent Warnock has had dealings with in the past through Cardiff. I was told he is on a list but no movement yet as he is not a priority. I remember him having a reputation before Huddersfield but was playing in a struggling team.
  12. Warnock has other pressing matters at Rockcliffe than to talk to local journalists
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