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  1. Don't have a good feeling about Payero under the management of Warnock.
  2. Do we think Payero is a Kieran Scott signing? Despite Leo’s connection I find it hard to believe we would spend a large outlay on an unproven talent based on his recommendation knowing Scott was going to be confirmed a week later.
  3. We have had scouts at Solihull monitoring Kyle Hudlin
  4. Can already hear Warnock at the press conference unveiling talking about Sporar. ”Worrah playeh, realleh. Eel d’ fer meh, honest leh”
  5. If Warnock, Jepson and Blackwell thought “Can’t believe he is still available” we all know it’s this man.
  6. Mounié was offered by an agent Warnock has had dealings with in the past through Cardiff. I was told he is on a list but no movement yet as he is not a priority. I remember him having a reputation before Huddersfield but was playing in a struggling team.
  7. Warnock has other pressing matters at Rockcliffe than to talk to local journalists
  8. The Premier League striker on loan was mentioned a few pages back. Question remains if he would be fit enough after a serious injury in April while out on loan but surgery and recovery has been expedited.
  9. All these Cerri puns without seeing him in a Boro shirt may be Tosun.
  10. We have a weird relationship with Sunderland and a strange fascination with being linked to their players. Wouldn’t surprise me if Wyke and McGeady came here this summer
  11. Think Warnock will be given free reign in the summer on incoming players, Gibson wont forget he kept us up last year. I expected him to walk during the season if things went sideway and with COVID pandemic given his age. Expect there will be a number of players outgoing in the summer. There was some talk on forums that he wants Freddie Ladapo in the summer and will use Lewis Wing as part of a deal.
  12. I was laughed at when I said Warnock may take early retirement before the end of the season. Still think it’s a possibility if results slide.
  13. I have a feeling Warnock may walk before the end of the season. A mutual announcement relating to the risk of Warnock travelling from Cornwall with his age and the associated health risk. Liddle as an interim for the remainder of the season or a direct appointment if someone is available.
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