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  1. Appointing Woodgate was a big mistake but allowing him to stay in charge over the COVID pandemic shutdown and then sacking him after 1 match back is absolutely criminal.
  2. Hull look dangerous. Could see them doing a smash and grab late at the Hawthorns.
  3. I was told pre-Warnock we have an agreement in place with Sunderland for Lynden Gooch but it is dependent on if we stay in the Championship. We are also looking at Ruel Sotiriou but there is interest from Peterborough who seem to have a great track record of developing lower league talent then selling on for a profit with sell on for financial survival.
  4. If you get it right in League One by creating a winning mentality and smashing the league it creates a certain environment and positive feeling around the club. Look at modern day Leicester, Norwich, Bournemouth and how the foundations built in League One propelled them up the leagues. Personally based on the current structure of the club and the decisions of the last 5 years relegation for us would be an absolute disaster as the gap between Championship and Premier League grows. You get it wrong and you end up like Sunderland, Blackpool, Ipswich or a Portsmouth destined to remain a lower league club without significant investment
  5. We are still outside the relegation zone despite the result. Better goal difference than Luton, Barnsley, Huddersfield and Hull.
  6. There seemed to be a common trait going against certain managers i.e. Benitez, Trappatoni, Redknapp which perhaps indicated his temperament when things were not going his own way. There was talk he was a divisive figure on the training pitch at Rockcliffe completely opposite to Woodgate. I wasnt convinced on Woodgate and that was linked to his personality and the way he handled that nightclub court case back in 2001. He completely deteriorated on the mental aspect as the trial progressed, his form suffered and it was said he couldn't eat or communicate well with other players in the Leeds squad at the time due to the pressure and stress. I didnt think he was suitable for a manager job and would be better served in a different role.
  7. Just watched an episode of Soccerbox with Robbie Keane. How he got any where near a coaching field whether with Ireland or Boro is completely beyond me. Clear as day within a matter of a minute or two watching he does not have any pre requisites to be an assistant or a coach.
  8. Ayresome7


    He is good friends and has been for many years with Steve Gibson. His appointment makes sense at this time and I heard he will be staying on past this season in some type of capacity whether consultant or DOF. Wonder if there will be kickbacks to him for bringing on subs, player transfers and his illustrious network of agents. Ask any player who has worked under Blackwell what they think of him as a man and a coach, a few others have said the same for Jepson. Not the type of men you want near your younger developing players. Happy Woodgate is gone. 5 managers in 3 years. What are our long term plans going forward?
  9. Who writes this rubbish? "Contrary to widespread expectation, and despite recent results, Woodgate and Bowyer have matured into two impressive coaches displaying considerable promise in difficult contexts.A strong and warm communicator who wants to know what is going on in the lives of Middlesbrough’s most junior employees and insists on interviewing all potential signings face to face, Woodgate inherited a poisoned chalice at his hometown club. An amalgam of poor past recruitment and the need to slash a high wage bill has left him without money to spend and over-reliant on youth-team graduates. There have been promising spells of pleasing football which hint at a brighter future" https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/06/woodgate-and-bowyer-set-friendship-aside-for-relegation-showdown-middlesbrough-charlton
  10. Conned a gullible Gibson into believing he could replicate the Klopp blueprint based on a Powerpoint presentation and watching Klopps training sessions when he was a scout at the club. If Gibson was smart he would have ascertained right there and then that you need to have certain individuals, individual players in certain positions to be able to produce such football and would require significant investment over a number of years by which time the Klopp style may have been adapted or transitioned to another form of style.
  11. Saw this posted with an article about Nottm Forest and FFP.
  12. Steve Agnew was 9% for 11 games, Murdoch 17% for 54 and Maddren 22% for 77.
  13. Windass and Viduka.
  14. To put things in perspective based on data for Premier and Football League since 1992 the average win % for a manager to be sacked is 29.42%. Woodgate is at 20% and out of a total of 39 games was not able to win in 31 games.
  15. Fair enough, happy to be corrected. A couple of places online say it is technically owned by council but handed over to club.
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