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  1. If we dont score in the next 10 we will batten down the hatches.
  2. When we talk about Premier League money how much to put into perspective for a club our size?
  3. Something is going on. It wouldnt surprise me if Karanka leaves in the summer.
  4. Graham Taylor effect could be a difficult afternoon. Expect an ultra defensive set up, try and steal a goal from a set piece or a counter attack
  5. I heard talk of Downing to Sunderland and Van Aanholt to Palace.
  6. One of Gibsons best friends who he grew up with is a Performance Analyst for Chelsea. Will be interesting to see if Keane leaves this window and how much for as a comparison.
  7. Is Downing connected agent or agency wise to Allardyce? We would need to add a couple of million onto the price for his percentage :D
  8. Correct, yet he still loved a rant about the greed and hypocrisy within football from players and agents.
  9. Snodgrass would be an absolute steal, especially part exchange for Rhodes. He is worth at least 20m in this market, contract length aside.
  10. Downing had a superb spell at WHU in a different position to where Karanka utilizes him in our set up. I wouldnt be surprised if Allardyce made an approach. His set pieces and experience will be valuable.
  11. Inspired words from Karanka at half time and leadership from Grant!
  12. Clean sheet for Guzan will give him confidence.
  13. All hail Karankaball! Commentary are all "Karanka is mad on the sideline he can't believe what he's seeing" and crap like that. Well, if you can't believe it, bloody well change it because the fans sure as *** can believe it because it's how we always play! He is showing his anger towards Bernardo Espinosa for shouting at the midfielders to push forward.
  14. 3 defensive midfielders at home to a Championship side. Wednesday will have done their homework, would like to see a Plan B which involves Gestede and Rhodes.
  15. 9 million sterling (Rhodes) would equate to approximately 10.5 million Euro if we are looking for a European based striker.
  16. Everton fans saying Deulofeu was a very bright spark in another game that Koeman lost tactically. He is struggling and lots of complaints about their recruitment policy. Koeman may give Deulofeu an extended run in the team to get out of this rut.
  17. Sounds like we could have a very promising player on our hands in the form of Silva Torrejon. Always wanting to be on the ball and not afraid to whip in a cross with that left foot. It will be interesting to watch his development.
  18. Could we get better than Bojan and Deulofeu in the summer?
  19. This is a 20 year old who has played stop start 23 games in the Premier League. He is a work in progress but if he can be coached in the right manner we could have one hell of a player next season once he is settled and potentially learns more about decision making. I also believe if Viktor Fischer can stay injury free and gain more experience he could be another player who will make a big impression next season.
  20. I would rather we spend significantly next summer unless we receive significant offers for Rhodes and Ayala in January and need to replace. If we do indeed have access to Kenyon and Mendes along with Orta then I am very interested to see who we can attract as an established Premier League side as we saw with the signings of Valdes, Chambers, Negredo and Ramirez.
  21. Would like to see: Ramirez on for Leadbitter. No more risky passes along the backline.
  22. Mason will be under pressure in the 2nd half to readdress the balance at OT.
  23. That was a major let off, should have been a goal.
  24. Impressed with Bernardo, Leadbitter is struggling.
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