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  1. Horrible results today. We could be adrift by mid March
  2. The Gazette and BBC Tees will scrutinize but only when it is to the benefit of Gibson and not to his detriment.
  3. Don't see any leaders in that team apart from Ayala and Clayton who would be prepared to roll up their sleeves and fight to survive.
  4. He told a disgruntled fan in Nunthorpe who questioned his experience as a manager that they should think about the the challenges Gareth overcome here to become a Manager for England and manage in a World Cup Semi Final and that patience and endeavor is required with a new project. The man is seriously out of his depth.
  5. Robbie Mustoe is the type of player I would want to identify with the club.
  6. Perhaps I was wrong but I just interpreted it as it would be a freak result for us to beat them. Your explanation makes sense.
  7. Did he really say freak results can happen in the Championship in reference to our match against Leeds?
  8. Keane is a very divisive figure. Younger players think he is a bully. Comparing his career and how he was playing against Maldini at their age in one particular incident.
  9. Accrington Stanley, Fleetwood and Rochdale 🥳
  10. If Woodgate goes and a new manager comes in it will be our 6th manager since Karanka was sacked. How can you expect any business to be successful with such turnover in the space of just under 4 years?
  11. Frightening if we drop into L1 with so many players out of contract in the summer. Rest assured we would not come straight back up and would do a Sunderland.
  12. 180 minutes without a shot on target. So much for the "play a more expansive game" message given to Gibson during his Powerpoint presentation.
  13. I don't think Gibson would sell to RB. Fat kids from Berwick Hills and Ormesby drinking Red Bull at the Riverside and making airplane wing gestures when we score. What a gift to the future generations.
  14. The question you have to ask yourself is would Woodgate get a job at another Championship team?
  15. We would need to pay out in the region of 2.5m to pay up JW and RK contracts.
  16. SDS saying the opposite and I am more inclined to believe him. Makes you wonder who Bailey's source is at the club? West Ham and Villa wanted him and one of the clubs offered 13 million pounds for him which was rejected by S-Etienne. We know it is a loan at this stage but these types of players are the ones we should be going in for and we should be optimistic we can attract such a player I feel when we clear out in the summer with the big wages and FFP in line we can attract some serious talent.
  17. Bring back "Gilly's View" on our recruitment policy! Following his retirement, Gill travelled to the United States to take up a position coaching high school students in San Diego. Gill later worked as assistant manager to Paul Proudlock at Gateshead.[10] In February 2002, he was appointed manager of the club following the resignation of Proudlock. Gill attempted to convince Proudlock to remain with the club but accepted the job when he refused.[11] He resigned from his position in October 2002 when he was forced to cut players wages that resulted in him breaking a guarantee he had made to his squad.[12] Gill later joined BBC Radio Cleveland, replacing his former teammate Paul Kerr providing match commentaries for Middlesbrough matches and was eventually given a regular column for BBC Tees entitled "Gilly's View".[13][14] He also worked as a buyer for a men's clothing brand and owned the Chadwick's Inn pub in Maltby.[15][16]
  18. Agreed. Morrisons contract would be a basic weekly wage and heavily based on incentives. This website seems legitimate for wages: https://www.spotrac.com/epl/sheffield-united-f.c/payroll/
  19. Sheff Utd fan I know says staff have had enough of him at Blades and want him away from training ground. How many chances will he get?
  20. Excited by Gibson and in particular Benkovic who is very highly rated by many in European football. The concern which has been raised by a few people in this thread is why invest significant money on these loan deals when this season in all likeliness will end up as a dead rubber season. I would much rather have Gibson, Benkovic and that caliber player next season if we are going to make a push for the playoffs.
  21. A lot of our players are in Nunthorpe and a few in Harrogate. Woodgate was implemented in that big tax avoidance issue back in 2014 through Inside Track Productions, Inside Track 1 LLP and Inside Track 2 LLP. He is registered within this scheme and his details including address is on Companies House. Pretty much all Premier League footballers are registered to an investment scheme and its not hard to find out specific details.
  22. Benji's car was at Woodys house this afternoon up at Grey Towers. Interested to know what Dyche would think of that.
  23. There is no interest in Britt from Leeds but some clubs in Championship have watched him. Surprisingly Fletcher was on their list for a number of years going back to his time at Man Utd and if it wasnt for us overpaying at the time he would have gone to Elland Road. They decided to sign Tyler Roberts instead.
  24. I remember his debut away at Arsenal when he was 16 and he was one of the best players on the pitch. I dont think the changing of managers over the last 5 years at West Ham helped him, he was tipped for the very top.
  25. Barcelona have an interest in Stuani to replace injured Luis Suarez. Clause in his contract - Min Fee 21m
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