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  1. FWIW -The Chinese discussions with Gibson were centered more towards Bulkhaul and Rockcliffe. Despite what was said in the media the talks were primary regarding club sponsorship and hotel ownership structures through a broker Alexander Jarvis. -Gibson has a very close relationship with Sir Jim Ratcliffe (INEOS) and the latter sought the former during the process of due diligence and advice on club ownership after deciding to proceed with plans for investment in OGC Nice. Peter Kenyon is linked to Ratcliffe after using him to seek advice and knowledge regarding Chelsea. - I dont know the latest regarding Jokanovic but as has been widely reported he did have discussions with club hierarchy in London. He is not supportive of a DOF model but has a close relationship with a wide network of agents and links with scouts across the world. It does not appear his apparent wage demands are the problem as mentioned by a number of people on here. His reservations are the magnitude of the task ahead transition to a more free flowing attacking philosophy. (This is evident after the WBA transition from Pulis style after Pardew came in). There was set to be another meeting with Jokanovic who was provided after the first meeting with all of our statistical records, data, player database information and coaching infrastructure. - As I mentioned earlier in this thread Phil Neville was on the list, meeting was held in London but he was looking to combine both a role with Englands women team and our club which was not something we were willing to consider. - Moyes, Rowett and Paul Clement were proposed by their respective agencies for an interview but none of these went any further.
  2. Imagine Woodgate's response to the fans after we fall to our 4th straight defeat 0-1 at home to Luton Town.
  3. Guardiola - "We do not pass to move the ball, we pass to move the opposition." Mourinho - " Coaching is taking a player where they cant take themselves" Woodgate - " Isnt it weird how people talk *** about you when the only thing they actually know about you is your name"
  4. Fined two weeks wages for drunkenly mocking American tourists in Heathrow Airport in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Charged with assault and affray after a confrontation with a nightclub bouncer in January 2002, Terry was suspended from England duty and subsequently missed out on the 2002 World Cup. He was later cleared of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, unlawful wounding, possessing a bottle as an offensive weapon and affray. In February 2002 Terry was caught on CCTV urinating into a beer glass and dropping it on the floor of an Essex nightclub. Fined £60 for parking his Bentley in a disabled bay. In 2004, Terry was reported to have gambled up to £40,000 a week on horse and dog racing with Wayne Bridge and Scott Parker. Sent off against Tottenham in November 2006 at White Hart Lane, and accused of racially abusing Ledley King. Questioned the integrity of referee Graham Poll, and was later fined £10,000 for inappropriate conduct. Before marrying Toni Poole in 2007, admitted to cheating on his partner up to eight times. Jenny Barker, 17, claims that Terry cheated on Poole with her in a public car park. Investigated by Chelsea and the FA for reportedly accepting a £10,000 bribe to show a reporter around the London club’s training ground without permission in 2009. In 2009 the centre back’s father Ted Terry was filmed allegedly selling cocaine to an undercover reporter, months after his mother, Sue, and mother-in-law had been cautioned for shoplifting. In January 2010 Terry was alleged to have had a four-month affair with Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel. Bridge was deemed as one of Terry’s best friends, and Perroncel was the mother of the left back’s child. Fabio Capello stripped Terry of the England captaincy due to the scandal, handing it to Rio Ferdinand. Accused of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand in a 1-0 defeat for Chelsea at Loftus Road in October 2011. Investigated by the FA and police, Terry will stand trial in July 2012. Stripped of his country’s captaincy for the second time. Add in his brothers discretion with the Fiancee of Dale Roberts (Ex Boro Youth) it doesnt sit well.
  5. Phil Neville is no longer being considered. He held talks with the club and was on the original shortlist (I am not sure exactly where he was on the list) through Adrian Bevington but wanted to combine duties with Womens National Team. We want full commitment. If we really want to make a statement and give a prospective candidate a blank canvas focused on youth - Xabi Alonso. When you consider the reported Pulis salary and court case settlement to attract him here we certainly have the finances to attract a high calibre coach/manager. Marcelo Bielsa is on a reported 65k a week, transformation at Leeds this season was incredible.
  6. I was told Phil Neville is on the list of potential candidates who Adrian Bevington (Head of Recruitment Operations) has consulted with in his days with the FA. Neville had duties with U21's and pursued his UEFA B license. He appears to have admirers within FA based on his work with Womens team. Personally think a DOF appointment is far more important at this stage for the long term stability and growth of the club.
  7. Woodys nickname at school was The Plank and a former Leeds United goalkeeper mentioned to a friend of mine once that he didnt think he was intelligent enough to tie his own shoe laces at times - Mill Hill/Majestic/Jaw wired shut after repeated warnings, younger days with Kate Lawler.
  8. Malcolm Christie at 50/1 is an interesting one as he is supposedly a car salesman at Jaguar now post career.
  9. Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost
  10. There was a poster on here who didnt believe me at the time but I was informed from a reliable source Gibson had twice gone in for Pulis over the last decade and was told both times timing was not right (End of Stoke/West Brom timelines). At the third time of asking Gibson offered to pay off the costs associated with Pulis tribunal case and a significant bonus structure within his contract which convinced him to come here. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-birmingham-38136496
  11. Even if we have to pay the reputed 3 million clause to Pulis before the end of the season it would be worth it. Give someone an opportunity to assess the situation and infrastructure and prepare for pre season.
  12. It is the whole infrastructure and management within the club. It needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom.
  13. Flint was a Gary Gill recommendation as part of Head of UK recruitment.
  14. Pulis as Manager with Fleming and Woodgate flanking. Proper minging.
  15. Game was there for the taking from the first minute. Hugill and Britt up front.
  16. 4-5-1. Tight as a drum. Long ball, Hugill flick ons. Look for a set piece to nick one and shut up shop.
  17. "A smile from Tony Pulis for the quality of the Newport County goal" Disgraceful.
  18. Thats a sight for sore eyes. Woody and Fleming sat hunched back on the bench, soaking wet wishing they were in The ***ens with Hugill.
  19. Pulis told a reporter after the press conference and off the record he wouldnt walk out on the players who have to quote "given him absolutely everything since the start of pre-season under very difficult circumstances around the club." Make of that what you will....
  20. Daniel James Swansea winger to Leeds. Loan with view to 5m deal pending medical today.
  21. As I said a couple of weeks ago on here they made an inquiry at the beginning of the window but were at an advanced stage with Sala
  22. For those of you who have an interest in aviation you can track and/or view aircraft currently on the ground.......at Teesside Airport through certain sites online.. For those of you who like to participate in the frenzy of the transfer window
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