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  1. Seen that Kevin Blackwell was straight over to Bannan for a chat after the game followed by Warnock who stopped him for a decent length. Could be someone we are interested in unless there is a previous connection to the extent they seemed to be talking and focused.
  2. I’m equally as gutted with this and past failings point in the direction of our club to blame but I don’t think we can 100% say it just yet until possibly Warnock speaks next. Reading Everton forum they are adamant it will likely have something to do with him or the club rather than us.... They equally hammering him for always appearing to have the right face on social media. Think personally I’ll hang fire before being annoyed with MFC on this transfer. Before this morning I honestly thought under the current climate and the speeches Gibson has been making regarding the bailout, our bus
  3. 😂 ... but in truth if it was last minute and Bolasie was still in Everton then meby, just hopefully meby the delay could be him racing to us for a socially distanced picture 😬
  4. If they believe they got everything submitted before 5pm and agreed terms how can it be taking this long for the green light 😞
  5. Really happy with the result, very good to get 3 points at home and thought we looked strong and in control at periods. Only thing that annoyed me a little (other than poor throw-ins as per normal) is that not a single time did we play it out from the back even when it was easier for the keeper to simply play the pass back out to a waiting defender who had posited himself to receive the ball. I know it’s not Warnock style but not to do it a single time seemed poor at times. I think if we chose to do that at a couple of points it helps us keep control in defence for a bit of time and b
  6. Yeah I was surprised by that discussion from Warnock that him and Browne don’t really fully know his best position in this team and preferably, he would be out on loan again to play a full season. Did say he has been impressed by him as well and if he can slot him in with Browne being happy with a new position he might be decent Guess it depends who comes in but he remarked it will be a very last minute call, not sure if he actually said January at the very end but not 100%.
  7. Regarding Bamford, a lot of our fans were happy with ~£10 million that was suggested at the time and even the majority of Leeds fans last season were saying how good that deal was for us with them overpaying. Ok now with the benefit of hindsight he has started in PL very well so it’s easy for everyone to do a 180. Still a long time left and I’m sure it won’t be long before Leeds are demanding a more high profile striker ... again
  8. I don't get what the problem is, it is essential we have a decent 3rd striker option if playing 2 up front and I'd hope that when making that sub you actually have hope in the striker coming on and scoring not just a donkey making up the numbers but here because we might have been free. If him or Fletcher or Britt depending on form are coming on 70th min as an impact and change things it gives us something. I agree we need more but still happy with this signing.
  9. tbf could be right as it actually just confirms all subsequent league matches not any cup matches for the future.
  10. It does say after this game it will be back to the 4 camera set-up like last season. Meby they couldn't get anyone to work late on a Friday... 'Please note that this match will be single camera coverage. All subsequent league matches this season will be four-camera coverage, as was the case for 2019/20.'
  11. I was going to pay the £10 to watch our first competitive match however just noticed the disclaimer warning it will actually only be from a single camera angle for this game which might be a bit naff. You would think this would also be another valid reason to reduce the first ticket price down slightly.
  12. I disagree a little bit... I think Friend yes but I think if it was the other way and Clayton was coming here we would be optimistic there is still a player of his AK days to give us some strength in midfield going back to playing under a previous manager he was recently successful with. I agree completely that we wouldn't have been happy if they had stayed and were part of our starting line-up next season under what we have already, but that's more because of the better players we have for them positions and manager etc. I still think Birmingham will have more defensive stance nex
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