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  1. I don't get what the problem is, it is essential we have a decent 3rd striker option if playing 2 up front and I'd hope that when making that sub you actually have hope in the striker coming on and scoring not just a donkey making up the numbers but here because we might have been free. If him or Fletcher or Britt depending on form are coming on 70th min as an impact and change things it gives us something. I agree we need more but still happy with this signing.
  2. tbf could be right as it actually just confirms all subsequent league matches not any cup matches for the future.
  3. It does say after this game it will be back to the 4 camera set-up like last season. Meby they couldn't get anyone to work late on a Friday... 'Please note that this match will be single camera coverage. All subsequent league matches this season will be four-camera coverage, as was the case for 2019/20.'
  4. I was going to pay the £10 to watch our first competitive match however just noticed the disclaimer warning it will actually only be from a single camera angle for this game which might be a bit naff. You would think this would also be another valid reason to reduce the first ticket price down slightly.
  5. I disagree a little bit... I think Friend yes but I think if it was the other way and Clayton was coming here we would be optimistic there is still a player of his AK days to give us some strength in midfield going back to playing under a previous manager he was recently successful with. I agree completely that we wouldn't have been happy if they had stayed and were part of our starting line-up next season under what we have already, but that's more because of the better players we have for them positions and manager etc. I still think Birmingham will have more defensive stance next season and be tougher to breakdown which was the point I was making with them signings and that Friend had (surprisingly) done recently ok in a friendly for them.
  6. Birmingham played Spurs in a friendly last week (another AK perk) and by all account Friend meant to have performed decent. They wanted leaders and more experience in the back and that's what they are getting but fitness will be his biggest downfall. Clayton himself seems rejuvenated with getting a move and fresh surroundings, I can see him having a very decent 1-2 seasons under AK guidance. I think at the minute any team they come up against with pace will be worse for them but they are likely going to be tough to breakdown and defeat next season.
  7. If it is, it's also from the 25th August which would be even more strange if he was due here yesterday.
  8. Stewart not showing is only speculation so we don't know that has happened..... If the speculation is true, it just seems like his heart isn't in coming to Boro and he only will while he has limited options but is hoping/holding out for a better offer.
  9. But are we? Who is saying it, just a few people putting 2 + 2 together on here and thinking because we cant get players to close out the signings that it must have something to do with us also trying for Gibson. The club are capable (ish) of looking at more than one player at a time and it has been shown that we have had multiple targets while also trying to get him through the door. We obviously have set limitations on each player that we dont rightfully want to exceed and I just don't buy that pursuing Gibson's return is costing us them deals.
  10. Let's keep perspective here.... Sanogo - We already struggle to get strikers to play to the best of their ability, I'm not sure how much faith I have in resurrecting ones's career especially with such a short pre-season. Majority of people were only 'ok' with this signing as long as it was 3rd choice. I can't see him wanting to come here and be that role especially now other teams are coming in for him who are London based and/or offering him a key role. Feels like agent drum up business to me. Shankland - Has only ever been a rumour from 1 fan on the Dundee side. We can't hammer the club for something that may or may not be even true. Stewart - This one worries me more. It looks likes he might not have been our 1st choice so if we miss out on him how far down that list will we go remains to be seen. He is obviously wanting to way up all his options which tbf there is no harm in that. Now that it looks like Swansea aren't in for him you would think we have a clear run. I'd expect us to either hear something today that he is with us or another club is in for him. It just feels like his heart isn't in coming to Boro or it would have been complete already. Gibson - This was always going to take time while Burney explore the chance of getting as much money for him as possible through selling. This is just playing out and I'm sure the only route out for all parties will be for him to come here..... eventually
  11. I thought someone ‘itk’ confirmed Maghoma was definitely one of trialists and was travelling with the team this week.....
  12. Really can’t blame people or shoot them down for being irritated with not being linked with any exciting targets. At the end of the day no fan gets excited preseason about mid table finishing when the team looks comfortable to stay up but too far off playoffs which imo our team looks to be just that currently. Yes I think we have a half decent team but can’t help feeling with them few new additions, we could start shifting the chance of a 10-15th finish to a 3rd-8th finish. Still plenty of time left so we all continue to have different amounts of optimums for the remaining time left in the window.
  13. It would appear from the outside that we seem to be working down some kind of list regarding midfield transfers, if that’s for 1 or 2 we don’t know. What is worry is that there just doesn’t seem to be any noises coming out regarding attacking players lately.. This has to either suggests he is happy with what we have (worrying) or we are waiting on the PL loan choices to decide first possibly?? Even then you would still think any others we are going to look at would start to be heard just like the midfield links.
  14. It really depends on what position Williams was coming here to play, if it was DM then it could be we are closer with Stewart or Glazer than we know about...if it was more as a box-to-box cm then it looks like another target we have missed out rightly or wrongly.
  15. Well atm it looks like we are hearing more noise on signing: Glazer or Stewart for CDM, Williams for CM? and Gibbo for CB With a very outside link to Murphy. If we can just get a couple of them complete this week I think we will be less nervous while undoubtedly the club will be working on others we possibly don’t even know about yet. Still got a lot of hope and 3/10 panic for now.
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