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  1. Don’t complain too much at the red cards being missed, we want Millwall to be at full strength against Hull on Saturday 👍😉
  2. I have renewed my ST this morning before we suffer another defeat tonight and I have to build up again to make the call. I think they need to update the 'Welcome' email you get now 😉
  3. Has anybody’s account been credited yet with the 4 game refund? Looking to renew ST but just waiting for it to show first.
  4. Keane talking on Soccer AM about lockdown and Boro. https://youtu.be/Vy8U6Cr46Ww
  5. I think but not 100%, they have built and now moved into a house near Manchester.
  6. Sorry found it.... If anyone else is also interested:
  7. Well I'm thinking if the Early discount is after the 4th April that will be good as they will have to issue something once this first delay gets extended. Until it's confirmed no football will be played after the 3rd April I guess we might not hear too much.
  8. Does anyone know what the Early Bird ST deadline is? I'm sure it's April but can't seem to find it. Be also interesting if they still enforce it!
  9. Team News / Injury Update: Manager - A lot is being said that Woody is playing out his last few days as Middlesbrough manager. Could a not too horrendous display against Leeds and a win against Forest actually salvage his job - Majority of fans hope not! Crowd watch on the West Stand for any noticeable 'defensive' figures. Tav - Outcry to put Tavernier back into the starting team from fans following the last 3 games didn't amount too much against Leeds, as he didn't put in the best of displays on the night - A subject up for debate Friend - George looks injured following the Leeds game, a player we certainly respect but believe he shouldn't be getting a start so probably for the best. Fletcher - Another player who will now likely be injured for this fixture. This will see a few changes hopefully for the better against Forest. Roberts Update - Looking like end of March for his return which can't come soon enough Ayala - Returning soon with us expected to see him probably for the next vital Boro home game against Swansea on 14th March. View from the other side: A detailed opening post on the fans forum - http://www.forestforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=48611 Questions: 1) Prediction? 2) Do you see a draw as any point is good at the minute, or a win a must due to the current standings 3) Expecting Britt to start, can he actually have a decent game for once against his former team? 4) Putting aside our circumstance, if Leeds & Forest are promoted, will you actually be more or less interested in PL next season? I.e. watching occasions with these teams rather than teams we are less inclined about such as Watford, Bournemouth, Southampton etc. (Hope that makes sense) "Back Stronger" 😉
  10. Yeah he has some sort of media / journalism degree and said in an interview last year he would like to pick that up when he retires from football.
  11. Words from Leo last night .... Certainly very passionate.... I like the comments enforcing he is assistant coach not GK coach and that he always shows good discipline 😄 "After I watched the interview with Mr Clotet, the, Birmingham City manager, after the game; I noticed he mentioned my person, with a misinformation. I feel wronged to have anything untrue said about me. Let me be clear, I didn’t even raise one hand. This is why I want to express my thoughts. You can say anything you want, that is a human right, and I respect that. However, when questioned in the interview about your own goalkeeper shouting for help, a response was given that the goalkeeper was not being watched. Surely, given our bench, and the Birmingham city keeper himself was shouting for help, somebody must have noticed. If not, I apologise. I was trying to protect my player, as is always my number one priority. After Tavernier got a head injury, players of both teams called with urgency for the team doctor and for first aid. The game was still in play, and our team doctor and physiotherapist were running into the field to give the necessary assistance, as is common practice with a head injury. The referee blew his whistle before the goal was scored - therefore the opposition team scored a disallowed goal. Mr Clotet went over the throw-in line to celebrate the winning goal, when Tavernier is still getting first aid assistance. Then is when I reacted, coming to telling Birmingham manager; "Respect, stop the celebration, look how bad is him on the field" I want to make this very clear; in 14 years as a staff member in my career, this my first red card. My good discipline teaches me how to behave with challenging situations when I think I am not met with the same respect. Even if I was spat at, there’s no reaction. I didn't throw any punches as was said. Also I'm not the goalkeeping coach of Middlesbrough, I’m assistant coach, and as coaches, we have to be aware of what is happening on the entire field, and not only where the ball is. Player safety of both teams is always of utmost importance. I will be making no further comment on this matter, and I welcome Birmingham staff at any time and wish them well for the remainder of the season. I hope you understand why I needed to put my side of the story. Because at the end of the day, life will always come before football passion."
  12. If this has any truth in it then would stop Leeds interest in Britt.... Surely not another 32Red job 🤨 https://www.motforum.com/article.php?page=38850
  13. Best ref decision 😬 .... Granted it was a red card tbf (1:20)
  14. I agree, or if it was the other way and we drew at Spurs, it would have been a good home replay for the fans to look forward to instead. The buzz of the FA cup is a big one for a lot of clubs and as you state majority of fans away from the PL top 6 would be overjoyed to get to the final let alone win the FA cup in their lifetime. I think from the 5th round the replay has actually been abolished this year to free up league fixtures which was brought forward from it's proposal of starting next year instead.
  15. Not sure how much that will matter against FFP if they are receiving his full wage as extra revenue from the sponsorship anyway. I presume it just cancels it out?
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