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  1. 19 minutes ago, RiseAgainst said:

    All about opinions, but I'd hate to see replays abolished as they have been in the League Cup. I also can't agree with the comment about the FA Cup becoming a reserve competition. Bigger clubs who make lots of changes generally lose (unless they're Liverpool), which gives the underdogs a better chance.

    If you don't support one of the privileged elite, a cup run represents one of the few possible paths to glory, and clubs have entered folklore on the back of a great result or good run. I can still remember hearing Bradford had beaten Chelsea in 2015, on the same day we beat Man City. That was a magical match, and Kike's face when he scored remains one of my fondest memories as a Boro fan.

    Plus, if replays didn't exist, there'd be no away day next week where our fans get to see Tottenham's swish new stadium. And we wouldn't be live on BBC One.

    I agree, or if it was the other way and we drew at Spurs, it would have been a good home replay for the fans to look forward to instead. The buzz of the FA cup is a big one for a lot of clubs and as you state majority of fans away from the PL top 6 would be overjoyed to get to the final let alone win the FA cup in their lifetime. 

    I think from the 5th round the replay has actually been abolished this year to free up league fixtures which was brought forward from it's proposal of starting next year instead. 

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  2. 28 minutes ago, HoyteForLeftBack said:

    Is that actually true? Just reading this on the bbc website....

    ‚ÄúRooney's entire wages will count towards the club's Financial Fair Play (FFP) calculations despite him moving to Pride Park as a player-coach, as there is no 50% split on wages for such dual roles at that level - unlike in League One and League Two.‚ÄĚ



    Not sure how much that will matter against FFP if they are receiving his full wage as extra revenue from the sponsorship anyway. I presume it just cancels it out?

  3. I'm going for 2-2 for this game (yes we will score 2!). Just think both teams have struggles but it's a Friday night home game so hopefully that spurs us on. I think Britt & Fletcher starting upfront is likely as he was nearing fitness last week. 

    Can see the 5th minute support for Leo being an emotional one for him and is a nice touch on his horrendous anniversary... Let's reward him with a goal in the same minute¬†ūüė•

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  4. Thought this was interesting..... Championship table at the start of the decade. 

    I can't believe where some of these teams are now! Also that it was that long ago we got relegated alongside Newcastle and West Brom with them bouncing straight back-up with Blackpool¬†ūüėģ. Ironically forgot that in 2009, while we were being relegated from the PL, Norwich and Southampton dropped into League 1.¬†¬†


  5. 5 minutes ago, Maccarone said:

    A draw will be good although not over confident of getting one.

    Any news on Britt? When it goes quiet it could mean a more serious injury and a longer term absence. 

    Hope that's not the case. 

    Not as serious as first thought and remains 50/50 for the game. Woodgate stating he won't risk him if he isn't 100% fit. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, wilsoncgp said:

    I just saw the replay of the penalty award. Was it even a penalty? Looked like a tight call between a free-kick and a penalty.

    I've just watched it back as well and think it definitely looks like a penalty... Plus reading the Forest forum they believe it was awarded correctly mostly blaming Robinson for a very poor challenge. Credit to McNair as both the defense splitting pass and penalty are spot on! 

  7. Match-day Thread - Nottingham Forest V's Middlesbrough 



    Sorry but the superstitious side of me insisted I must proceed with the newspaper format once again¬†ūüôā


    View from the other side:

    Forest Banter - http://www.forestforum.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=6&s=eaaf59d3d33b909aea2fee8234d5c5a4 

    Vital Forest - https://forums.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/prediction-league-game-23-forest-v-middlesboro.100669/ (Prediction's)


    1) Match Result?

    2) With Britt seeing leaving on crutches after the Charlton game - Do we keep the same formation and if so, does Gestede or Walker start?

    3) Adomah back facing the Boro in a Forest shirt. Money aside, would you have him back in January?

    4) Best debut you have seen?


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  8. Really pleased to get a win as the match day author, seems it‚Äôs in privileged supply so far this season¬†ūüėĀ

    Main points from the game for me:

    ‚ÄĘ As already said Wing Backs made such a difference today! Offered an outlet continuously and provided decent width, attacking and deference play. Yes it wasn‚Äôt perfect 100% of the time but Coulson and Spence both did very well and offered a good balance to the team.¬†

    ‚ÄĘPersonally feel Clayton did ok.... Numerous times both him and Ayala seemed very vocal organising the team.¬†

    ‚ÄĘTo go ahead so early and hold onto that lead for 90 minutes isn‚Äôt easy! Yes we should have sealed it with the 2nd but still a positive.¬†

    ‚ÄĘSpace and interlink between Fletcher and Britt is so much better now. They don‚Äôt run into the same lines anymore giving each other clear space. Think it was 30-35 minutes on the counterattack¬†they split perfectly as they ran forward to receive the ball.¬†

    Lots of positives for me. 

    I’ll get the Forest Match day thread up ASAP. 

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  9. Match-day Thread - Middlesbrough V's Charlton



    This is my 2nd match-day thread and I currently hold a 100% win record after we got a win against Reading. Let's hope for a bit more¬†luck ūüėČ.¬†

    View from the other side:

    Into The Valley - http://intothevalley.proboards.com/thread/24300/middlesborough-charlton-match-thread-reaction 

    General Charlton - https://forum.charltonlife.com/categories/general-charlton  (Match-day thread not started yet) 


    1) Match Result?

    2) Should Clayton be starting more games with our current injury crisis?

    3) Was it a mistake to sell downing after he makes the Championship team of the Month? 

    4) Do any of the U-23 team step-up after winning against Palace 5-1 midweek?


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  10. 14 hours ago, Blanco said:

    I think that you might be on to something there Dan. I also thought that we may be trying to grow the identity through the youth set up and are playing functional football in order to stay in the championship with the players we currently have on contract. When the vast majority are out of contract it should be interesting to see what happens with incomings.

    Yeah I agree with this. Set the U-23 team up how we want to play long term to look at potential players who suit that system. That should give a better indication who might be ready for the step into the 1st team when we want to revert back to playing how we intended. Also gives them a better idea on key areas we are limited in to strengthen what's missing from both the 1st team and youth teams. 

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  11. On 12/1/2019 at 3:27 PM, AnglianRed said:

    I didn't realise we only need to finish 3rd.¬†ūüėģ

    Jesus - England really have no excuse for not progressing.


    Still, I don't feel its a given we will beat either Czech Rep or Croatia. We will have to play well and keep mistakes to a minimum. Any complacency and they can still do us.


    Finishing 2nd in the Group gives us a much easier path anyway ūüėȬ†

    The winner of our Group D plays 2nd place from the insane Group F of Portugal, Germany and France. 

    The 2nd place of our group plays the 2nd place of Group E of Spain, Sweden and Poland...... 

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  12. I think a decent Premier League team at home is probably the best thing to hope for. A bit of extra revenue that's a 'free hit'. I think we could do without the added pressure of having to beat a lower league opposition and potentially crashing out early as it will only make feelings/confidence worse. 

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  13. Just now, wilsoncgp said:

    Contrasting to the early season where not just throw-ins but all set-pieces were short and quick and used to try catching people out. We slowly gave up on that tactic though it seemed to be more as a result of players losing confidence in it rather than intentionally tactical.

    Yes that is another point to the throw ins. We wait so long for someone to slowly go over and take it that the opposition have already re-grouped and man marking. Nobody comes close enough for it just to be an easy throw then pass back. When watching other teams we leave a man free for them to easily do it. I just don't understand the need to consistently try and throw longer (not Shotton long) balls and lose it straight away. Frustrating as it's so basic. 

  14. Conditions were horrendous and therefore have to come into it although Barnsley did seem to be able to keep the ball down and play it better than us at times. Both Tav and Howson were our best players imo. I didn't think Pears had a bad game under the circumstances even with the limited amount of saves he had to make. 

    We have played much better in the QPR and Hull games with the link up play improving (or actually starting) so I'm just looking at the scrappy 3 points last night rather than over analyzing it. I do think we will be in the game Saturday against Leeds as long as the injury list isn't as bad as we currently think. 

    2 main comments, I must have genuinely counted 14+ throw in's we lost the ball directly from, It was ridiculous! Just keep it simple.

    Also you could see at the end what it meant to the Barnsely players, all on the floor dejected. That is the best they have played this season and put everything into it, so us coming away with the 3 points (and some decent attempts on goal) we can be pleased about.  

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  15. I think both teams will start the game so scared/desperate not to lose that the first half with fizzle out with a few half chances for both teams, probably us missing the best of them. 2nd half we will push a bit harder and take more risks getting a goal ~70th minute and then holding onto the 1-0 for 20 minutes to get a much needed 3 points. 

    After the game it will be repeated it's more about the 3 points than the performance, and we push on to Leeds Saturday ūüôā¬†


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