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  1. In my opinion I think Karanka was probably just frustrated after the game for giving it a go more than he usually does, but still hearing slight chants of attack from fans. I also think he probably is annoyed he succumbed to the crowd chanting for Bamford, as the Karanka we know up till now would have never played a new signing that wasn't up to his version of match fitness. I'm not saying I agree nor disagree but that's what I think his angle was.
  2. Well you're making a pretty critical judgement on the belief that it's true. So you're not just thinking it might be true, you're surely 100% convinced. Thus, the expression 'taking it as gospel' would be a very accurate statement on your behalf. Either that or you're judging someone on information you're not sure you believe. Which is arguably worse. It baffles me completely that people are 'throwing the towel in' on the Gaston situation from a daft quick report in Italy when all the other noise is just a repeat from that article and mostly people talking on other forums. Club, Karanka and some people on here still rubbishing rumour yet people are taking the other stuff as gospel. Time will tell but I also fail to see how he is ******** on us....
  3. Yer I have to agree with both your points! If we sign Bojan, then that is only seen as a good signing if Ramirez is staying alongside him. Also agree that it's worrying how much people are hearing opposite things, does make you think cover up /hiding etc. Mine is only talking to a friend of his and not from him direct which reduces 100% credibility obviously. I'll try and see if can find anything else out regarding it. Let's just hope not for all of us.
  4. Yer rightly or wrongly we are hearing different things ... typical ha. I've been told and have confidence in him not even thinking about leaving, happy with Karanka and no mention of a split up.
  5. I have been reassured from a friend of his that the story is complete fabrication so by the sounds of it we are ok!
  6. Karanka has always said if a player wants to go they can, if the rumours are true then this is a huge blow, there's only Gibbo I'd be more gutted about losing. Yeah. Also seems likely we could lose Gibson come the Summer as well but we know he's at least going to see this season out with us. We're toothless without Ramirez. It's the wrong time to be losing such a crucial player. To be left with a couple weeks to be replacing someone like that is a massive blow to our chances of survival. Not really sure what to make of it if Bojan is Gaston's replacement. I'd be worried. The problem for me isn't if Bojan is good enough to replace Gaston but that we were looking to bring him in alongside him, meaning potentially if he leaves and we bring Bojan in, at best we are no better or no worse. We were looking at this window to strengthen not just try and survive.
  7. Exactly right! - AK doesn't have faith in his bench to change the game so doesn't use them. It is very clear to me that we are doing exactly what we need this transfer window looking at really good potential targets to strengthen the key area's on the pitch we are struggling at the minute. Boro been linked with these types of players to suit a formation that we know we can play should be applauded not looked to be a negative.
  8. Could only see this if AK has completely wrote off Stuani and Traore. IMO Snodgrass alone gives us the flexibility, I really can't imagine with how much he 'probably' is going to cost we will prefer to still chase Deulofeu rather than look at strengthening another area i.e. Bojan
  9. I would say if this is true that stops the interest in Deulofeu.... If we also sign Bojan that puts Ramirez on the left, if we sign Jese that keeps Ramirez in the center. Could be still slightly interested in Bamford at a cut price as 3rd choice striker/3rd choice RHS but can't see that tbh.
  10. Yep, 20ppl + clicking refresh every 5 minutes waiting for an update. Hopefully its hours not weeks
  11. I think Traore will be back up on the right, Fisher back up on the left with Snodgrass able to play either Wing and Ramirez able to play any. Seems a flexible approach which AK will love.
  12. Snodgrass --- Bojan ---- Ramirez ------------- Negredo ------------- = Happy Boro Fan's .... Surely.
  13. What would people think for a straight swap for Rhodes? IMO it's still a good deal for us, strengthen them slightly with someone who could 'potentially' score goals (we will never know for us) but improve us massively in an area we all deem to be the most important for this transfer window! .......
  14. That is a very good shout!.... Could be meby
  15. Looking on the Hull Forum at how unhappy (understatement) they were at possibly selling Snodgrass when West Ham put the 3m bid in, I really think they will be in uproar if this is true! All saying he is their best player, and all people quoting silly money for him. Fingers crossed.
  16. Some of the money would obviously need reinvesting in a new striker to replace Defoe who they believe will score the goals... realistically how much would that even leave for Moyes to strengthen in other departments.
  17. I'm not sure, imo he might have another 3-4 good seasons left and can still move to being a very strong impact sub for a team. I do think though that West Ham are just trying to stir it up slightly. It has been a very public offer refusal and Bilic is discussing it to the media a lot more than I would have expected. This could also be Sunderland trying to reassure that although they aren't spending they are not selling either?? After-all he is trying to sell the club and will only help if remaining in Premier League. West Ham latest stance is name your price, I can only see Sunderland coming back with 20-25m realistic or unrealistically. Final point - Although Defoe looks undoubtedly loyal to Sunderland and likes the club, does he really want to chance seeing his final years out in the Championship? Again this goes back to what someone earlier said that they could still easily get the same amount of money if they get relegated though.
  18. ITV News say West Ham are increasing the offer
  19. I don't think he will have a price.... realistically what would Sunderland fans be happy with knowing that the sale nearly guarantees relegation! 20/30/50 million??? In a league when it could mean 100 million just for staying up.
  20. Sunderland turn down a 6m bid for Defoe from West Ham. Can't blame them! They be down for sure if they sold up.
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