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  1. Really pleased to get a win as the match day author, seems it’s in privileged supply so far this season 😁 Main points from the game for me: • As already said Wing Backs made such a difference today! Offered an outlet continuously and provided decent width, attacking and deference play. Yes it wasn’t perfect 100% of the time but Coulson and Spence both did very well and offered a good balance to the team. •Personally feel Clayton did ok.... Numerous times both him and Ayala seemed very vocal organising the team. •To go ahead so early and hold onto that lead for 90 minutes isn’t easy! Yes we should have sealed it with the 2nd but still a positive. •Space and interlink between Fletcher and Britt is so much better now. They don’t run into the same lines anymore giving each other clear space. Think it was 30-35 minutes on the counterattack they split perfectly as they ran forward to receive the ball. Lots of positives for me. I’ll get the Forest Match day thread up ASAP.
  2. Don’t worry it says it in really small print at the top...... In white 😉
  3. Match-day Thread - Middlesbrough V's Charlton This is my 2nd match-day thread and I currently hold a 100% win record after we got a win against Reading. Let's hope for a bit more luck 😉. View from the other side: Into The Valley - http://intothevalley.proboards.com/thread/24300/middlesborough-charlton-match-thread-reaction General Charlton - https://forum.charltonlife.com/categories/general-charlton (Match-day thread not started yet) Questions: 1) Match Result? 2) Should Clayton be starting more games with our current injury crisis? 3) Was it a mistake to sell downing after he makes the Championship team of the Month? 4) Do any of the U-23 team step-up after winning against Palace 5-1 midweek?
  4. Yeah I agree with this. Set the U-23 team up how we want to play long term to look at potential players who suit that system. That should give a better indication who might be ready for the step into the 1st team when we want to revert back to playing how we intended. Also gives them a better idea on key areas we are limited in to strengthen what's missing from both the 1st team and youth teams.
  5. It's for mental health awareness - https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/dec/02/fa-cup-third-round-delayed-minute-mental-health-awareness
  6. Finishing 2nd in the Group gives us a much easier path anyway 😉 The winner of our Group D plays 2nd place from the insane Group F of Portugal, Germany and France. The 2nd place of our group plays the 2nd place of Group E of Spain, Sweden and Poland......
  7. I think a decent Premier League team at home is probably the best thing to hope for. A bit of extra revenue that's a 'free hit'. I think we could do without the added pressure of having to beat a lower league opposition and potentially crashing out early as it will only make feelings/confidence worse.
  8. Yes that is another point to the throw ins. We wait so long for someone to slowly go over and take it that the opposition have already re-grouped and man marking. Nobody comes close enough for it just to be an easy throw then pass back. When watching other teams we leave a man free for them to easily do it. I just don't understand the need to consistently try and throw longer (not Shotton long) balls and lose it straight away. Frustrating as it's so basic.
  9. Conditions were horrendous and therefore have to come into it although Barnsley did seem to be able to keep the ball down and play it better than us at times. Both Tav and Howson were our best players imo. I didn't think Pears had a bad game under the circumstances even with the limited amount of saves he had to make. We have played much better in the QPR and Hull games with the link up play improving (or actually starting) so I'm just looking at the scrappy 3 points last night rather than over analyzing it. I do think we will be in the game Saturday against Leeds as long as the injury list isn't as bad as we currently think. 2 main comments, I must have genuinely counted 14+ throw in's we lost the ball directly from, It was ridiculous! Just keep it simple. Also you could see at the end what it meant to the Barnsely players, all on the floor dejected. That is the best they have played this season and put everything into it, so us coming away with the 3 points (and some decent attempts on goal) we can be pleased about.
  10. I think both teams will start the game so scared/desperate not to lose that the first half with fizzle out with a few half chances for both teams, probably us missing the best of them. 2nd half we will push a bit harder and take more risks getting a goal ~70th minute and then holding onto the 1-0 for 20 minutes to get a much needed 3 points. After the game it will be repeated it's more about the 3 points than the performance, and we push on to Leeds Saturday 🙂
  11. He has done his coaching badges to keep his options open so very well could happen in the future. He is deciding between that or using his Sport Journalism degree and writing for a paper. I think we will still see him back Feb onwards.
  12. Personally I even think it's gone further than that now. It has to be a win tomorrow night 100%.... A good performance and a draw is not enough now.
  13. Johnson shoulders a great deal of the blame as without the red card Woodgate doesn't have to change from his preset tactics that were working very well up to half time. But I do agree that Woodgate also cost us the 3 points from his choices. Games aren't automatically lost just because you go down to 10 men. Plenty of teams are still able to grind out a result. Take a brief look at some games this weekend: Friday - Levante V Mallorca - Red card in 86th minute and Levante hold onto their 2-1 lead Saturday: Bournemouth V Wolves - B'Mouth red card in 37th minute and down 2-0. Ok they finish 2-1 but still didn't capitulate Bristol City V Forrest - Forest red card 57th Minute. Game finishes 0-0 Wycombe V Doncaster - Doncaster red card in 49th minute and just lose it by a 92nd minute penalty..... We looked like conceding the minute we came out at half time. Both Johnson and the manger should take the blame for another 2 points lost. Caveat to this post, Bolton were 1-0 up and after a 14th minute red card lost 7-1 to Accrington! Could be worse as well 😉
  14. It's being reported that Tony Pulis turned down the Cardiff job as he is hopeful of getting either the job at Southampton or West Ham. Apparently he does not want to manage in the Championship anymore and sees himself at Premier league level. Tbf he is probably correct in reflecting on what we have said previously, he is much better at setting teams up not to lose (PL survival) than to win games (Championship promotion).
  15. So we shouldn't get too excited about this England team despite recent youth injection, attacking style of play, Russia World cup Semi-Finals and a comfortable Euro 2020 qualification because of past failings ?
  16. Or Derby would get 1st shout with the connection
  17. Ha I was however I dont think he probably redeemed his Nectar points to get it for free 🙂 He was with his Mrs, looked like they had spent the weekend in London. Tbf he seemed polite etc and who knows what is happening behind the scenes atm.
  18. I assume Pullis would have wanted to sell Britt in the hope he could keep Bamford, and when that didn't work out he had to sell the player the offer was in for. He talks on the Podcast very highly of Bamford so he must have certainly preferred him at the time. As for Britt today, IMO I wouldn't say there is anything to suggest he is 100% wanting away, he is trying but missing chances. On the video of the players arriving at QPR he is the only one to be shown to stop and sign a few autographs/take pictures. It's good to see he still wants to engage with the fans whatever is happening behind the scenes.
  19. I happened to be sat near Bausor on the train home after QPR's game.... Probably for the best I resisted the urge to bombard him with questions, meby I just didn't know where to start!
  20. Does anyone not just think Randolph is referring to social media i.e. Fans stupidly questioning his injury after he normally receives good praise? I still buy into he is nearly due back from injury, but the QPR game is too soon therefore should be ready for the 2nd International game as that's the important one for them. Surely RK can't of had a bust up Monday, told to have a few days off and do his coaching badges which he is then booked straight onto Tuesday/Wednesday ready to be back with the training yesterday??? Personally (and not a dig at anyone on here) I think people are just putting together a few snippets of rumours and making a story to match them all!...i.e. we have had separate comments all week about Randolph's injury, RK doing badges, additional coaches being looked at etc....David Walliams might do a children's book on us next 🙂 .
  21. Going down for this game (not too sure why) and expectations are certainly lowest in a long time, especially on recent visits to the Capital. I'm going for a 1-1 result with both Britt and Hugill scoring - Yes I said Britt! Not sure if this will be seen as a decent result or a poor one... Guess it will depend more on the Hull & Barnsley home games to make that conclusion. Starting line up will be whoever is not injured now, but I am on the side of pushing some more youth lads in the squad hoping these will show more fight and a willingness to win the game. Loftus road is struggling for a decent attendance lately, so with a loud following from Boro, and something/anything to shout about, we should at least be able to make it a fight. If not, that extended 3hr 40 minute train ride home will certainly be a depressing one!
  22. On a positive note, was it the season before we witnessed Friends amazing strike and finished on Adama's first goal for Boro ending in 3-0 🙂 Think it was raining that day as well ....
  23. Although I agree Woodgate shouldn't shoulder all the blame if he takes us down with the other issues in play... He certainly isn't blameless should it happen
  24. I certainly agree with you that we have had much worse squads in recent times and survived in the Championship so Woodgate shoulders some blame why he can't get this set of players to be were we realistically see ourselves - Mid-table.
  25. Very good point, can also add Wolves and Burnley to that list. Teams that go up with a togetherness, a style of football that it embedded in the core of the club and a hierarchy/Manager to suit have seemed to do the best when entering the PL.
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