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  1. I think the commentator was probably correct. We turned lazy in the second half due to thinking job done and they caught us out. You could also tell that the original mind-set was to keep charging forward looking for goals but from about the 75th minute we controlled it much better and remembered we were actually 2 goals up. Overall still happy with performance. 1 win next month sees us qualify ?
  2. Match-day Thread - Middlesbrough V's Reading View from the other side: Match day Thread not open yet but the Prediction Page for this game is active - https://hobnob.royals.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=186266 Questions: 1) Result? 2) Preferred back 4 to start this game? 3) Do you consider Reading to be relegation candidates this year? 4) Favourite Royal?
  3. Ok granted this takes a lot of information out of the equation such as team dynamics, league etc. but I've wasted a bit of time putting together some stats from 2015/2016 season to current day: Just how influential the team change can be on the players stats, Bamford for e.g. is now averaging 3.6 shots per game for Leeds compared to ~1.8 for us. (Source - www.whoscored.com) In my opinion this shows that they are all similar Championship strikers in terms of basic stats who very likely are all equally suitable for this level only just have different attributes, suit different styles of play and obv different costs etc. I could make an argument why I would want and not want each of them.
  4. Agree certainly very close to being on par today with a club years ago we would all 100% agree we were much bigger than. As you said equal now to youth players, stadium, academy etc. We are passing them as we have declined while they are matching/passing us on the incline , obviously that means their camp is likely to be much more positive and rightly so. All in all should be a good test on Saturday and hopefully one that doesn't show us miles apart on the pitch.
  5. Depends what defines a 'small' or 'big club'? Crowds, player total value, positions in league, recent history? Based on majority of that I wouldn't say they are a bigger club than us as things stand today. Possibly could say they stand with higher potential than us today. As for the Billionaire owner, they still have to fall under FFP rules, and if he put this plan in-place 6-7 years ago and yet they are still only seen as a play-off/mid-table team, I'd argue how successful that has been (granted its during the time they got promoted in 2015/2016 season) I must also state I do feel they are in a positive position, often play attractive football and certainly generate/pay the right amount for players so generally a club who see themselves as in a decent and stable position.
  6. I think we will see a very similar game here than our opening fixture against Luton. I can see BTTS but optimistic it will be a closer game than people are feeling and don't see a 3/4-0 against us result. I'll go for a bias view of 3-2 to Boro with a Britt double (1st being a penalty he finally gets the confidence to score) and Johnson netting the 3rd. Who says we cant keep positive ?
  7. Yeah, he was a pundit for Sky Sports
  8. A player can have a poor game and still score a goal...... I did think Britt had a decent game against Wigan though, had a couple of decent chances, runs and seemed to have a higher work rate than he has been guilty of in the past. He 100% is the best we have and there should be no question he starts as the main striker every week due to this.
  9. Brilliant 3 episodes that and you can't help but really get drawn into the story, feel anger/emotion for them. Did you watch the Oprah Winfrey show afterwards with the real men on it.... it's heartbreaking about half way through.
  10. He is yeah, left Luton to join Stoke and played high press, fast pace, attacking full backs style last season. I watched his interview and tbf I first thought the dig was at the media questions annoying him about Butland rather than Butland himself.
  11. I genuinely couldn't work out if it was 'Boooo' or 'Ruuuu' lol
  12. Great OP! Was dropping Dijksteel harsh? I think so yeah, he is still getting up to speed and I thought he has had some decent game time, minus obv the penalty challenge. What’s the most impressive wall you’ve ever seen? Belfast peace line wall was impressive more importantly the art-work. Will Millwall’s direct style make us come unstuck? I don't think so, I think similar to us they lack a bit of quality and they are without the suspended Wallace. Would you make any changes? Yes. I'd still be tempted to bring Dijksteel back in and if Fry is fit enough he starts for me. I also would still like to see Friend start alongside Ayala or Fry as a L sided CB. Think him and the LB could alternate going forward, bringing the ball out and covering. Think Bola is likely to start though with us being without Coulson and I imagine Friend will be benched for cover. Johnson or Browne for me as they have both had good and poor spells. Score predictions? 2-0 Boro and start building the confidence
  13. Not like I want to get involved in another Boo debate.... But it was just embarrassing the amount of booing when Gestede came off in the Crewe game. I don't boo myself but equally don't hate it when it's been aimed at the full team if it's been a very poor display. As for the OP, I sit in the SW stand and can understand the opinion a little. When we started there was a nervous tension that grew as the players more and more gave the ball away through sloppy passes probably the biggest grown coming from when Shotton booted it out wide instead of playing a simple pass. You could argue that the growns created the nervousness and thus the mistakes but I feel it was just simply a poor start from us. The atmosphere from the South stand soon got much better once they actually had something a bit more to cheer for i.e. stringing some decent passes together just before the goal and obv the goal itself. To note I actually thought the RF were brilliant in the final minutes of the game especially in stoppage time to help spur on the team to hang onto the win. Probably only negative in the 2nd half was the amount of grief for Randolph kicking it out while Wigan had a player down to the extent that he even held his hand to appologise to the stand. Like others I'm of the belief that hopefully as expectations lower a little, as we start to look more like a team that knows what we are doing etc. etc. the atmosphere will very much return, it doesn't take much positivity from the pitch for the RF to start raising their voices but understandably they still need something to be happening.
  14. Woodgate Press conference decent today... I feel still doing with the media: Comments: Crewe - First half was negative, 2nd half was a lot better when Britt, Fletcher, McNair came on and that's the positive he took from it. The game didn't give him much to think about for Blackburn selection. He expected the 'different' starting 11 to be knocking his door down to get a place in the League team and thinks that didn't happen at all. The team is simple to pick now. Blackburn - Still got beliefs how he want's us to play, it's a working progress and plans to keep going. Praises Friend and Howson massively and says these are the go to players how they are like everyday - Others should be following these leaders. Booing - Not bothered/not worried, understands why and laughed it off. Happy that people were cheering more at the end of the game and expects it due to a small section of the fans not wanting him at the start, and wont give him much time. Fans - appreciates how good the majority have been so far.
  15. 100% this. I was at the game and constantly all game you would have Friend or Clayton trying to bring the ball out of defense with all our players stood in a line right at the top of the pitch it was so clear to see. They put men in midfield and we resorted to constant long balls that we didn't win. When either of the FB showed themselves, we opted to go inside and again more often than not chose a long ball. It was far to easy for them but I just couldn't understand why they weren't being told.
  16. Not sure if it's been mentioned (sorry if it has) but just seen that Huddersfield have actually been charged by the FA for the Paddy Power sponsor stunt. It's due to them wearing the shirt for the pre-season game and breaching sponsorship size rules. ? https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/championship/fa-charges-huddersfield-over-kit-stunt/ar-AAFzDPC
  17. The biggest contrast to Sunderland is Short just decided that he wasn't putting anymore funds in and the club were *** straight away with no possible survival due to who they had on their books etc. If indeed Gibson is planning on selling, I at least appreciate he is still putting day-to-day money into the club to allows us to compete in the Championship, while also transitioning us to a more sustainable/attractive prospect from a selling pov.
  18. The tickets at the weekend were using a QR code I believe rather than a barcode like last year. So the scanners must be capable now just simply can't fit the phone in the slot... *Edit - Yep just checked the one I got for my Uncle and it was a QR Code.
  19. Going for 3-1 Leeds for this.... Bamford first to score.
  20. Not really though... he has made 34 appearances for Oxford on loan and non for West Ham. That’s like saying Kalas was signed from Chelsea ....
  21. Watford's new Ismaila Sarr has been given the number 10 shirt which was Isaac Success. Defo be heading out somewhere.... if only ! #wishfulthinking
  22. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/championship-interest-in-watford-player-gathering/
  23. You would have thought loan fees to some extent would have been initially discussed prior to any serious interest/showing around the club. I think we had the funds for 1 decent loan singing it's just our first choices have gone elsewhere and we aren't (for once & good reason) prepared to panic and get someone else in.
  24. The 2 Full-backs will give us much more width this season than we have had previously and Wing, Tav, Browne, Fletcher will play much more direct. I'd still say it's a vast improvement from last season starting team in my opinion.
  25. He said you don't set out for mid-table, you 'play to win'. Keane said he wouldn't have come to Boro if it wasn't try and be near the top of the table.
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