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  1. Coulson can play either side I think (but not 100% sure) and Howson as a back-up isn't the worst position to be in IMO. Rather a CB if a defender was coming in but much more preference is on the 1 more attacking player which could be huge for us.
  2. So really that only leaves Gestede who is a must to get off the books and his contract runs out at the end of this season.... Not bad at all. Probably 1 too many with Saville, Wing, Tav, Howson, Mcnair but done good business this window to get rid of high-earners that we dont need! Overall happy with that. Now please just finish it off with our much anticipated AM/ST ?
  3. Fingers crossed.... A decent attacking player in and Shotton off the books would be a good end to the window
  4. Diangana is disappointing that we have missed out on if he has been here for a look ?
  5. I dont think I would go as far as saying it would be a very bad window... selling Fry and Britt then not replacing on transfer deadline day is a very bad window...... Yes really need a RW for us all to be happy but with Coulson, Fletcher, Browne, Tav (ish) and Johnson it wouldn't make it absolutely shocking.
  6. Just watching Sunderland Till I Die and have to say Fletcher defo enjoyed it / toughened him up and 100% got more out of his Sunderland loan spell than I thought before.
  7. It would obviously hit us hard if Britt left at this stage and more than likely lower our expectations for the season, but if Palace come in with decent money i.e. 15m + addons etc (+£40k wages saving), that's going to be hard to turn down for us in the financial position we are in today.
  8. That’s why he said Britt can take the next penalty, he knew then it was a false promise he didn’t have to keep
  9. Its got to be best to wait till the full news comes out of who leaves and who we replace them with before everyone panics that within an hour it’s gone from the best to worst window.
  10. Yeah Wembley. I was lucky enough to get semi final tickets as well. Too good to pass up but bit of money to shell out.
  11. Ha well Budapest is a good place to go! I got Final tickets. Bit pricey like but can't pass up on that, will be worth it. Didn't know that you have to buy all games you are successful for and can't pick a choose.
  12. Did anyone apply/get tickets for Euro 2020 today?
  13. Its all to do with Mel trying to make Derby a global 'brand'. Has got a lucrative sponsorship fund for being able to get Wayne Rooney in a Derby football top + advertisement etc. It's purely financial related as he won't officially sign until January to be able to play, and will continue in the American league however all advertisement will happen from now. Have to say from a marketing ploy, it's innovative.
  14. I also really like the number of permanent signings we have made rather than multiple Loans for key positions. Helps give the club serious sustainability that we can essentially build on next year.
  15. Agree with this which is what was making me think whoever it was is still in progress. If we had missed out/moved on I think Woodgate would have said yesterday that things have changed, but he didn't make any comment to it just that he is confident more will follow.
  16. Yeah somewhat agree. I think so far in preseason and press conferences he has come across really well and sold the vision that we all want to happen as well. It's took some time, but think we have all realised the situation the club is in and moved into being more grateful that it could have been a lot worse if we had to start selling our best players (especially when the article came out about job losses at the Riverside!) The couple of signings who have come in have helped support 'the vision', I guess it also depends what happens over the next week and if a couple more follow with the same ethos then the positivity will likely continue.
  17. I'd be relatively happy that we have a good enough squad to challenge if we managed to get: RB - Dijksteel RW - Diagnara I still think this would be a decent window to go with Browne and Bola. Obviously would be a lot happier if we also got another CB (better ballplayer or cover) and a Striker in as well.
  18. View from the other-side: Posted by Brabsolutely Fabulous on 1/8/2019, 8:46:23, in reply to "Woodgate press conference" 'Counter press'. Proper rookie boss jargon. They & he'll fold when we go one up. I can see us winning comfortably.
  19. Agree with this, I liked the look of Lowe and would have been very happy to see him sign for Boro. I'm withholding too much disappointment on the basis the club think they are able to get someone over the line for the same position that they feel are better. Fingers crossed.
  20. Think Higgy is saying the right things and sounds confident they have a good enough squad to challenge for promotion.... Not too sure on Darlington this season tbh.
  21. I can see Newcastle being in a relegation battle all season and imo I think they will drop back down. As DZ says it might come down to 3 worse teams out of Brighton, Sheff-Utd, Norwich, Villa etc so should be interesting to see them 6 points games! As for Sunderland, I think their fans are quietly optimistic and don't want to boast about going up after the 'drama' of last season. I can see them doing it this year though. If we don't get promoted, could be a very good chance of all 3 of us being in the Championship next season!
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