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  1. 2 minutes ago, Will said:

    I suppose it depends on what we offer him. As far as I know it's usually pretty much the full value of the contract as a lump sum.

    What would the benefit? Pay him ~£1.5m now upfront or pay him the ~£1.5m divided by remaining contract months... I'm not sure I get what the point is. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, RealSlimSladeyy said:

    The website is so radged. My mate logged in half an hour early, got our tickets in his basket within a couple minutes, and then he couldn’t click checkout... Tickets then sold out... But then suddenly he was allowed to buy the tickets! Utfb what a day 

    hopefully they’ll make it a lot smoother cause that was real stressful 

    Yeah I had very similar issues... Got in early enough but just wasn't letting you go to checkout as saying maximum number exceeded. Got sorted in the end though. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

    A mate of mine who is a Wolves fan reckons the plan is to use Adama Traore as a wingback this season. 


    That'll be fun to watch, then. 

    He played RWB for Wolves against City last Saturday in the Asian Cup

  4. 4 minutes ago, Hobo said:

    I don't think any of them are particularly sellable anyway.  Not with their likely contracts. 


    7 minutes ago, Foogle said:

    I don't think we can afford to sell any of those players to be honest, we're very thin on the ground as it is.

    Yes agree liklihood of them actually being sold is low was just saying who would people like to see leave. 

    I'd say with my earlier list that's a squad of 21 ish so yes can be a couple short:

    GK: Randolph, Mejas, (Pears)

    Defenders: Friend, Ayala, Fry, (Coulson), (Reading), (Spence), New RB, New CB

    Midfield: Clayton, Howson, McNair, Johnson, Wing, Tav, New LW, New RW

    Strikers: Fletcher, Britt

  5. Sorry risk of repeating old ground but what do people see as the ideal/realistic(ish) end to the window. 

    For me I'd say:


    Shotton, Gestede & Saville 


    Use Coulson at LB with Friend as cover

    New RB with Howson as cover

    New ball to feet CB to play alongside Fry with Ayala as cover

    2 pacey wingers right & left. 

    IMO the defensive options are realistically achievable and possibly 1 wide player with the time/funds available and obviously dependent on others leaving. 

  6. 6 minutes ago, DanFromDownSouth said:

    If we are still in this league come next season, I wouldn't be surprised if Ayala, Friend and Howson were offered new deals. You would expect that they would be short deals on lower wages, but it is the Boro we are talking about. 

    You have to think that if we aren't able to get rid of anymore of the players we want to this window it at least should make us in a decent position next season regarding wages as long as we don't make any daft signings going forward. 

    Add to this selling a high-value player next year like Fry or Britt then this longevity plan seems realistic all-be it a slow evolving one. 

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  7. I don't think anyone is hugely celebrating his hopeful impending departure as the answer to all of our problems, but more the fact it could/should be another big step forward in getting our wage bill in a more comfortable remit. 

    It's been said that we have probably reduced ~£200k a week with him and others leaving from last season. Ok if we have a couple more to get rid of to be where we want to be then so be it, but at least this can be seen as a positive as it's another one off the list. 

    It may or may not be the catalyst to get 2 -3 more heads in but it's surely got to be in the right direction that being this window or future windows for us to rebuild a more sustainable team. 

  8. 22 minutes ago, jamesp said:

    Yes it’s just the one unfortunately. I think it’s unreserved seating though so you’ll be fine if you can get two separate ones. Let me know if you need it 

    I have 2 season tickets and not going to this game if needed. 

  9. 44 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

    What's strange to me is that we're spending money on another pre-season trip out of the country after being in Austria the other week.  Maybe all of the expense is covered with whatever fee we get but you'd think it would be simpler to arrange friendlies in this country rather than flying back and forth across Europe.

    Yes I thought this also but it’s a charity event that we have been invited to. All the money raised goes to a local good cause. 

  10. 26 minutes ago, Randy Sandwich said:

    I just keep responding to people like you who stick there oar in, how about you mind your own business? 

    Mind my own business on a public boro forum, yes makes perfect sense. Have the petty arguments in private then that will make it easier for us all to mind our own business. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Randy Sandwich said:

    He only called me a *** ffs, at least he didn't suggest bringing Stuani back because we all know that's an immediate ban. 

    God you guys are obsessed with going around in circles and trying to point score.... Just as the page starts to move onto transfer discussions one of you pop up with a comment about an argument nobody cares about. Here is an idea, how about leave the pages to people who just want to discuss Boro and start a new thread titled 'Playground antics'. 

  12. This feels much more like a 'project' with developing a full team of people to build on going forward rather than hit and hope (take a punt) on a manger + money like the Monk era.... This will put us similar to a Sheff-Utd/Norwich/Brighton approach rather than a Villa/Wolves/Leeds method - Arguments for and against with both.

    If it works out it could really set us up for the future long-term and with the possibility of more passion, attractive football and a good youth-1st team link with young players who can make a name for themselves, play well for the club and have resale value.

    If it doesn't, it could really disrupt the club set-up for some years and we could end up struggling, suffering from a typical average set-up/players who tread water in this league for years.

    I would say I'm excited and interested in how this going to pan out and have high hopes for the former. 

  13. 5 minutes ago, D.Z. said:

    Wee update, been told Woodgate has got the job, he's coming back from holiday tomorrow and will organise his backroom staff before the club announce anything. Either Bevington or Grayson as DoF.

    Jokanovic was Gibson's first choice but he priced himself out. As far as I'm aware we're not negotiating with him. Arteta was never in the running, same as Reizeger.

    How is this a ‘wee update’ as it’s the same thing you have said your source been saying last few days? 

  14. 4 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

    I put £10,000 on him as the next manager but I did it in 10,000 lots of £1 bets with different bookies to make it cheaper ?  Some of us think our way through life ✌️

    1 £10,000 bet = 10,000 £1 bets ......

    plus if you wanted to put that on you would simply doing it at the highest odds 20-1 and not want to risk reducing the odds half way through multiple bets....

    anyway yeah I get the logic how it can have reduced just surprised a few people fancied looking at Arteta at the same time. 

    I still stand by original thoughts that we are trying to get decent terms with Jok up until a deadline and when that passes Woodgate is Plan B 

  15. How do the odds on Arteta go well short across multiple betting sites within an hour for less than 24 hours later the Gazette to refute the interest and say it’s not happening. Very strange still, even if all it takes is a few flutters from people... but at the same time ? 

  16. Personally I think it seems obvious that we are currently trying to negotiate decent terms with Jok and keeping  Woodgate ‘largely in the frame’ (as quoted from the papers) as he is the fall back option should a deadline be hit sometime next week. Not sure I buy into a Karanka MK2 manager signing ongoing IMO as everything points towards Plan A & Plan B above. 

  17. Anyone think Souness might fancy it or is it too late now??? 

    Didn’t he say in an interview last year with the Gazzette that it’s one of his biggest regrets not managing Boro and was heavily linked before Strachen?

  18. Well Karanka hasn’t been in London today (not like we thought he had)


    ‘There is always a good excuse to return to Bilbao. Even more so if it is to talk about football. It has been a pleasure to chat with @AxelTorres and attendees at # BIFS19.’

  19. I think Lino’s right. I’d much much rather spend the money (if it’s the right thing to do) on a good manager, than save money on a cheap and possibly crap manager, and have more to spend on players. I know the two aren’t mutually exclusive, but Chris Wilder has shown what you can do with an average squad, and a good manager, along with Daniel Farke as well actually.

    We’ve got a good squad already, just need to add to the wide positions. Full backs are usually cheap, so the expense would come with wingers, but if we get a manager who can get the best out of Tav, that’s half the battle.


    If it was me, I’d spend the money on Jokanovic and his back room staff. Generate some transfer funds through selling Braithwaite. Free up some wage funds by getting rid of Braith, Downing, Mikel and recruit wisely in the wide positions. A good manager can get our squad playing, I’m convinced of it.


    Would you rather appoint Jokanovic or spend the money on an experienced director of football & a new scouting team?


    Depends who the manager is, it's all linked together..... A bad manager will still do crap with good players. Jokanovic is a good manager that imo is what is required more today to pull the fans together and get the team (with some additions) playing well.

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