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  1. If we are going to this level with him it’s points strongly towards us still working on trying to get both Besic and Bollasie
  2. Don’t think any of those are viable options. Two of them started games and Snodgrass came on at half time. They are not going to let players go who are that close to playing. Yeah I agree, the point I was trying to make. I would think any of these players around 1st team we should forget about.
  3. Interesting to see how many players linked on loan have played some part this weekend... top of my head Antonio, Snograss, Wood, Vokes and Ritchi
  4. Yeah very true on the Besic answers - Thanks. I guess the loan moves are good as well with Pullis only having a year remaining on his contract. Means a new manager can come in and do his own business relatively cost effective with not having to get rid of a load of players he doesn't fancy for his system. Could be what he is thinking after saying a number of times past managers have come in and spent a small fortune in his opinion not decent quality. Helps for future proofing the club in the event we don't make promotion.
  5. Middlesbrough are trying to sign Everton midfielder Muhamed Besic on loan, Sky Sports News understands. http://www.skysports.com/transfer/news/12691/11466720/middlesbrough-trying-to-sign-muhamed-besic-on-loan-from-everton Confused why we would try for a loan for him when we know he has been decent for us and have the money to spend. A buy would be a good option... possibly the hold up as they want to sell and we want to loan with Leeds working out if they can afford to buy.
  6. It's in the story. See the shield thingy, click that, should load up his IG story. ah cool, ok i see that. I don't use ig, does stories includes pic you're tagged in? as the pic has been posted by a few fan pages I think people are just screenshotting it from there and posting it around tbh. found this tweet from 9.47 - which ever cafe it is, he's been there before it's also the shirt he wore when he signed for us on loan....coincidence....? Any chance he could be dropping a subtle hint?
  7. He didn't mention Bratihwaite directly no but it was as a reply to us asking him about Braithwaite likely to stay or leave where he still hinted about some players don't/didn't want to be here and some we didn't have a choice to let go. He also mentioned as before how previous managers have come in and just thrown loads of money in from day 1 and that isn't his style. He wants to keep building the team, introduce the youth members in and out to keep them hungry and also add some real quality. His final comment was regarding he would strengthen all across the field and not solely looking at 1 position.
  8. The club has been battered and ridiculed the past year for paying over the odds last summer when we got deals done early and now supporters are unhappy that we haven’t just paid inflated prices to get the deals done early this summer. Is it possible for the club to do anything right? I think majority of the bad feeling comes from paying over the odds for poor to average players rather than a premium for good players
  9. It is obviously evident that fees have come down with it being the last week so Pulis does have a valid point however, we are Northern club who do struggle to attract names and therefore I think there is still something worthwhile in us getting in early to sign these decent players... yes meby at a premium but if that’s the pull then so be it.
  10. Liverpool played their last USA tour game yesterday I think, so should be on the way home I think we will press on once Bamford is confirmed incase Leeds are playing games for Vydra.
  11. Obviously Rondon would be a super signing but I can’t see it happening. However he is reported to have a £16.5m release clause. Ideally Pulis will only want 3 strikers (max) so I think we’d need to see Bamford, Braithwaite and 1 of Britt/Fletcher/Gestede go first before we see another striker incoming. That certainly would change things... selling Fletcher Braithwaite and even Bamford to fund that move would be significant. Similar price to the Adama deal could meby be why we are so interested.
  12. That doesn't excite me in the slightest, in fact it actually depresses me a little bit. A pacy true lw player that will hopefully replace Downing in the starting 11.... I’m alright with this. Only link the Adama away if it happens.
  13. I’m a big Bamford fan but after thinking about it for the day now starting to sway it might not be the worse thing to happen. We know Britt and Gestede are likely to be our main strikers this season (like it or not) and id rather take the pain of losing Bamford to get a better suited winger player in and balance the team.
  14. Definitely. Chapman should be in front of Downing really Yeah agree, it’s going to be the Downing story again like when Johnson was trying to break into the squad but he always gets the nod. Hopefully Chapman gets his chance
  15. He'll just be in the stands like he was at Rochdale. I thought that but radio used the words not in attendance as they said Woody will do post match questions
  16. Could Pulis not being at the game today imply he is working on some close transfer business
  17. Is pulis defo in the stands? Maddo just said not in attendance.
  18. Wing, Chapman and Tavenier will be good to see
  19. Exactly this! It’s obvious we need to sell before buying. Guess a question is would we prefer to sell Bamford to potentially keep Adama or been happy with the sale of Adama went through to raise funds.
  20. Certainly now starting to try the patience of fans who didn’t mind seeing what Pulis would do for us. Things are looking poor so close to season start, currently don’t see us competing and starting the next season exactly with the lack of quality we finished last season.
  21. Could it not be that he was just seen leaving Rockcliffe late ish (8:00) and people have put 2+2 together to try and be the first to announce a potential move??
  22. As much as I'd like to keep Gibson, it feels like a lot of our transfer dealings hinge on him leaving. Hence getting in a new starting CB, then we could spread that money out into areas that need it. But maybe teams just aren't prepared to pay what we're asking? The Gazette piece on Bamford this morning implies we don't need to sell to buy. IMO Flint was cover for Gibson going and McNair for Grant. It’s good business getting in early but the fact they are both here still might delay signings. Meby history suggests we always get last minute offers for them and we want to be in a position to say yes this time.
  23. I think selling Gibson, Braithwaite and Fletcher while buying Flint, McNair, a new Left winger and keeping hold of Adama IMO would be a good window and leave me optimistic for the season.
  24. £699 for an adult away season ticket this year. Limited number available: https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/away-day-membership-scheme
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