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  1. Major rebuild required! Can we even attract good players anymore though!? 😐
  2. Maybe this will be an unpopular opinion but.. I would quite happily have Aitor Karanka back as manager! He is free and available I am sure he would love a return to the club! 🙂 I know it didn't end well with him but it would be great if him and SG had serious talks and he got handed another shot at the club... We were a solid team to beat in the Championship with AK's playing style
  3. Dijksteel is League One standard, Spence is a far better player imo. Gibson needs to offer Spence a new contract ASAP! :)
  4. Where do the Boro fans go before kick off for a few beers? :)
  5. Couldn’t agree personal terms with Besic... but hopefully we can secure a loan deal for the season, get Everton to pay his full wages seems as though he would be gaining valuable game time at the Boro!
  6. No we couldn't get it done in time. Oh well... I guess we will have to make do with what we have got until January! UTB :)
  7. Is Besic confirmed then or not?? Nervous here!
  8. Not Boro related... but just listening to TalkSport and it's so funny listening to the Spurs fans fuming over there inactivity this transfer window! Haha
  9. No pace down the flanks!!! :( You missed out no pace down the middle LOL... we might get a shock in these last moments! You never know ;)
  10. Very disappointing this like... 10 minutes to go!
  11. Sounds a bit like Bolasie. Correct. Problem being we need two wingers and everton dont seem willing to negotiate a loan deal. Whether that changes after today is to be seen, but it's a risk either way What position does Freeman play lads?
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