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  1. Great win, good to see a response from the players - let’s hope our thin squad can survive xmas. Just a quick point on these stats. I think you might have an issue with your conclusion. The reason you play 3 CMs is likely that you want to shore up a midfield against a better team. You would expect a lower points per game, lower goals scored and higher goals conceded - because you are playing a better team (whatever formation you play). You need to consider team strength (another variable in a regression) to see if the difference in formation is the underlying cause. Also your sample size is small, so it’s possible that a difference of 5 goals scored is not very significant statistically. Generally, I know that Warnock is not an idiot, and he knows about how teams play in different formations (far better than I do anyway!), so it is probably fair to say that he has a technical/tactical reason for the approach he takes. I think fans (including me often) skip over trying to understand the manager’s decision and go straight to “he’s wrong!”. I’m sure he’d love to attack and try to score 3 every week - but it might not be the best approach to getting 3 points! I think the fairest way to judge Warnock is where we finish - however if we play bad football, I want to be sure that we get results. (This football is better than Pulis, so I’d give a little more credit - but I’d still want to see a push for playoffs if we are playing this negatively)
  2. I don’t disagree with that, he should score today. But if you are discussing 15 goals in a season then you have to look past the goals scored/chances created on a single day (unless it’s a very good day!). I’m not a big fan of Britt as a striker - misses too many easy chances - but I’m not going to blame him alone for our inability to score goals over the past few years.
  3. On strikers. Our problem has not necessarily been strikers - we’ve had lots of class strikers over the time period mentioned, from Yakubu, Hasslebaink, Viduka, Boksic to poachers with good record like Rhodes, Boyd and Britt. The issue has been - and continues to be - creating good chances. How many class attacking midfielders have we had in the past decade? Look how the correlate with our goals scored. With Rav we had Juninho, with Ricard we had Gazza (almost got an England recall), and with Bamford we had Tomlin/Ramirez. Most of the time we have not had a true attacking midfielder - maybe excluding Zenden (who was class but didn’t contribute as many goals/assists as I thought). We desperately need to take a chance on an attacking player who actually creates chances, can dribble and takes men out of the game. They are rare and cost money, but it’s better to have one that raises the value of the players around you - rather than keep buying expensive strikers and selling them for a massive loss when they suddenly (and apparently surprisingly) stop scoring when they get few chances.
  4. When Gibson's biggest fans are giving him 6/10, then you know it's not gone well... I gave him a 2/10. Possibly a little harsh if you're just thinking about managerial appointments, but the way the rest of the club has been run (behind the manager) has been awful. Our academy production has dropped off significantly (Spence and Wing are from elsewhere), our transfer dealings have been awful (why did we sell Bamford?!), he's not backed the good managers when they needed it (Mowbray/Kraranka), has been too slow to fire the bad ones (Monk aside) and we've fallen well behind in our ability to compete. The club has no clear identity or consistent strategic approach. People point to the money he has put in (for which I am grateful) and his history of helping the club - but we've wasted an awful lot of it. We could get by on far less if the club was well run (see Brentford).
  5. Agree that Karanka wasn’t an option. I’m not sure the only mistakes were that summer however. The signings have generally been very poor value since we came down. Arguably (karanka’s tenure aside) they have been for a very very long time.
  6. Mainly because getting deals over the line is his specific job. No one has suggested it is easy, but his record is dire. We have consistently overpaid and lost out to other teams of a similar level. I don’t think Gibson’s previous railing against agents is helping us either. This summer is highlighting that the problems in the club run far deeper than the manager! Also - Why are we not going for players from Europe? We have 3 non-U.K. players in the squad at the moment. Got to be the lowest since pre-robson era. Another Gibson policy it seems
  7. Where is the narrative about Warnock playing negative football is coming from? His goals scored column is pretty reasonable in the championship - it’s awful in the premiership, but he had some crap teams to work with. I actually think that a lot of players would want to play for him - he’s got a reasonable reputation for building hard working teams with good attitudes - and getting promotion. I’d put him in a different league to Pulis and Bruce
  8. I’m not disappointed with Warnock, but a one year contract doesn’t scream that Gibson is going for promotion. I think Warnock will be tasked with righting the ship and setting up for the next manager - on the cheap, unfortunately. He will probably sign better players than the last few managers and have some input into the longer term transfer plans, but I really think no one should be expecting miracles. We’ve got an appalling squad and have lost most of the experienced players. Compare us to Watford or Bournemouth (or even dirty leeds) and you can see how far away we are from a promotion team. Gibson will be hoping that the football league bring in a wage cap so we can compete in a year or two - but I really wouldn’t expect him to find a huge transfer budget.
  9. Danny Crowley has just been fired from Huddersfield. How about Neil Warnock as Director of Football and Cowley as manager? Think Cowley would want to play a similar style to Warnock and could build for the long term.
  10. Revolutionary thought, but we could go for a young manager that is not totally inexperienced! It has been either dinosaurs or newbies under Gibson because he won’t “poach” another club’s manager. Dinosaurs tend to play negative football, e.g. Pulis, and get hate from the fans. The newbies have generally been awful at recruitment (Karanka the exception - but we had a DoF). If the next man’s job is to rebuild a passable championship side then a little experience or/and a DoF is a must have. Equally if the manager won’t commit to 3 years then they are not committed to a full rebuild so not suitable
  11. Sounds like Warnock is trying to take some pressure off the strikers. We’ve scored 40 goals, less than a goal per game. We have close to zero creativity in midfield, little pace and two strikers (Britt and Fletcher) who are pure confidence players.. with zero confidence. The defence is not great but it’s not what is going to relegate us if we keep losing 0-1.
  12. Warnock highlighted the lack of leaders at the club and it showed badly today. They changed shape with 5 mins to go and we panicked and kept giving them back the ball. Yes, the quality in the final 3rd was bad (awful) but we are a team scrapping around in the bottom half, so I don’t expect a lot. Another day something bobbles about a bit and we sneak a winner. We were marginally the better team today and lost. Sometimes that happens, but at least we looked interested and did play with some intent.
  13. Brilliant result, good (not great) performance. Not out of the woods yet, but Warnock is a doing the right things. The Gestede call is part of setting the tone. No more freeloading, no expensive players who think they are better than the club, you work for 90mins minimum. Pick players on merit and effort. I think the club needs a season of this to fix the culture. I personally can’t stand Warnock, the excuses, railing at refs and sarcasm. However, he is vital to sorting the mess that has been allowed to fester imho - no bullshit, restore a bit of pride. Would be happy to have another year of him.
  14. We’ve lost Randolph, Ayala, Downing, Flint, Hugill, Besic, and Mikel. They were mostly reasonably important under Pulis, so I’m not sure quite how well he actually would be able to set up the team in his previous formation. He was suspicious of the youth players and we now have more in the side. The problem with trying to switch up defensive organisation is that it takes time on the training ground. With the fixture list compressed we have precious little of that. Anyway, whether it’s a good idea or not, I think it’s very unlikely he’d agree without a massive lump sum and/or a longer contract
  15. Why bring back Pulis? - there are more than 2 managers in the world. The players have been trying to get out of the ultra defensive mindset that Pulis put them in (unsuccessfully mind). I’m not sure putting them back into it is a long term solution or if dramatically changing style (if we have one) is going to be much help/possible with a handful of games left. I still think we’ll stay up btw - our fixtures are not bad, no games vs top 8. At present, 7 of our 9 wins have come against teams 14th or lower. Also you are mistaking Pulis for a guy that will put his reputation on the line to help a club. He is not known for stepping in towards the end of a season and he isn’t going to risk his reputation to help us out! (Particularly given the “frosty” relationship with the fans) Bringing in El Tel fatally undermined Robson (Gibson just couldn’t face firing him). I don’t think Gibson would consider a repeat. We’re stuck with woody, but I’d suggest we move heaven and earth to borrow Steve round from arsenal.
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