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  1. Warnock highlighted the lack of leaders at the club and it showed badly today. They changed shape with 5 mins to go and we panicked and kept giving them back the ball. Yes, the quality in the final 3rd was bad (awful) but we are a team scrapping around in the bottom half, so I don’t expect a lot. Another day something bobbles about a bit and we sneak a winner. We were marginally the better team today and lost. Sometimes that happens, but at least we looked interested and did play with some intent.
  2. Brilliant result, good (not great) performance. Not out of the woods yet, but Warnock is a doing the right things. The Gestede call is part of setting the tone. No more freeloading, no expensive players who think they are better than the club, you work for 90mins minimum. Pick players on merit and effort. I think the club needs a season of this to fix the culture. I personally can’t stand Warnock, the excuses, railing at refs and sarcasm. However, he is vital to sorting the mess that has been allowed to fester imho - no bullshit, restore a bit of pride. Would be happy to have another year of him.
  3. We’ve lost Randolph, Ayala, Downing, Flint, Hugill, Besic, and Mikel. They were mostly reasonably important under Pulis, so I’m not sure quite how well he actually would be able to set up the team in his previous formation. He was suspicious of the youth players and we now have more in the side. The problem with trying to switch up defensive organisation is that it takes time on the training ground. With the fixture list compressed we have precious little of that. Anyway, whether it’s a good idea or not, I think it’s very unlikely he’d agree without a massive lump sum and/or a longer contract
  4. Why bring back Pulis? - there are more than 2 managers in the world. The players have been trying to get out of the ultra defensive mindset that Pulis put them in (unsuccessfully mind). I’m not sure putting them back into it is a long term solution or if dramatically changing style (if we have one) is going to be much help/possible with a handful of games left. I still think we’ll stay up btw - our fixtures are not bad, no games vs top 8. At present, 7 of our 9 wins have come against teams 14th or lower. Also you are mistaking Pulis for a guy that will put his reputation on the line to help a club. He is not known for stepping in towards the end of a season and he isn’t going to risk his reputation to help us out! (Particularly given the “frosty” relationship with the fans) Bringing in El Tel fatally undermined Robson (Gibson just couldn’t face firing him). I don’t think Gibson would consider a repeat. We’re stuck with woody, but I’d suggest we move heaven and earth to borrow Steve round from arsenal.
  5. The only thing he improved was his bank account... (and Traore)
  6. I’m usually quite late to the “sack the manager party” (except for Monk) - but Woody is living on borrowed time. It would be ok if you could see any consistent strategy but he seems in full panic mode - a bit like monk was near the end. Not sure that Gibson’s brain trust will appoint the right man though (again) - would take Karanka back in a heartbeat - and it still doesn’t solve our problems with lack of funds / talent in attack
  7. I’ve not commented on here for a while, but today has drawn me back in. I’m not sure Woodgate is going to make it as a manager, too much chopping and changing, and no real plan on how to score goals. That said, he (like Southgate) has been given an awful hand. The team has had very little investment over the last few years, he inherited a squad with little attacking quality and our off the field organisation seems completely shot. Replacing him might keep us up, but the buck (again) stops with Steve Gibson.
  8. Massive credit to Woodgate. I thought the lack of signings would make a change in mentality almost impossible this season, but by brining in the kids he’s managed to find an XI that have not been brainwashed into pure terror whenever the ball rolls towards them (Thanks Pulis...). The goal by Fletcher is great - More than just a good hit or sealing three points, the willingness to shoot like that shows some of the confidence that we’ve been missing has returned. Really hope Gibson sees this as a chance to bring in a few new signings and give Woodgate a show of confidence.
  9. Sorry - but it’s a bit unfair to be hammering the manager for bringing off 1 of 2 attackers to try and defend a 2 goal league. Almost any manager would do that - and it makes sense tactically. You could argue that he took the wrong player off - as assombolonga is not great at chasing down defenders on his own (but he had a great first half). Johnson is to blame. Idiotic red card and totally uncalled for. Shame because we actually looked like we were playing good football. I think this season is pretty much a dead duck. We’ll find a way to pick up enough points (to stay up) and need to clear the forest of deadwood that is our playing staff at the end of the year.
  10. I wasn’t at the game today but from what people have said it sounds pretty dire. I still think it is hard to blame Woodgate alone for this mess, but he has to take some share of the blame. We knew it was going to be a tough season when we signed no one and announced we were going to be playing flowing football. The few players capable of scoring last year now seem totally lost and that’s down to him. That said, I think it’d be hard for anyone to do much with this team in an attacking formation. I don’t think firing Woodgate solves the problem. We need investment into the side - a few experienced heads with the youngsters makes a big difference - like Merson/Townsend in 1998. I’m not sure who our leaders on the pitch are at present. Gibson needs to open his wallet.
  11. It’s not great, but the team is set up to play attacking football without the attacking players needed to make it work. Following from Pulis sucking the life out of the players/fans, Woodgate was given a poisoned chalice. Gibson didn’t back him properly and is treating the fans with contempt - and letting Woodgate get the blame. The club needs a revamp - and the that won’t happen with Gibson in charge. The game has moved on we have moved backwards.
  12. A win is a win. Happy to see Woodgate finally get a first win. This is going to be a slog of a season and it is going to take a lot of work to de-Pulis the players. Fans need to stick with the team.
  13. We are run poorly. No consistent football philosophy, no consistent transfer strategy, a bewildering selection of recent managers, and little communication with the fans. We have had £200m and now are desperate to get mediocre players off the books. After working for promotion, we went down with an absolute whimper. Not all clubs are well run- but we are no example!
  14. Think that’s a difference of opinion between you and most others. I’d much rather be in City’s position - not for the winning (though that would be nice) but for the exciting Europe nights and the attacking , flowing football. The idea of a “local” club is pretty old fashioned - and even when we were doing really well under Gibson (late 90s early 2000s) I don’t think the emphasis was on being a local club, - Juninho and Emerson were not from Redcar! (Facetious - but we weren’t exactly full of local players!). The local club narrative is something the club have spun out in the last ten years to justify spending less than rivals. Other teams have a good youth team and are in better touch with the fans than us. If Gibson is really building a community club then why keep a manager everyone hates? play abysmal football that no one wants? and then, after backing a cheap, inexperienced manager, pull the rug from under him on deadline day? Gibson looks on the way out to me - or at least hopelessly outmatched in the transfer market. I think if selling is an option and it is one that he should take. Give him a knighthood, a stand and a statue, but it feels like time to move on.
  15. Annoying but not the end of the world tonight. The squad is pretty thin anyway and we’ll want to loan out some of the young lads. Gestede needs to go. I’m not sure why Woodgate picked him - especially if we’ve been desperately trying to get rid only a week ago - would destroy anyone’s desire to play.
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