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  1. Djeds had 1 good season if we are to believe the hype. On the few occasions ive watched Forest I dont think he played that well, especially towards the back end of the season, I think £10-12m is about right!
  2. I'm only 5 mins walk from the other Riverside (Durhams Ground) so I might give that a go too, im sure that combination of sunshine & beer will help it along.
  3. Thread well n truly derailed..........anyone know what flavour crisps Paul Heckingbottom likes?
  4. Ive been working on that for years and I am pleased to report that I have now amounted enough mass to beat her to the bottom of the pool 😉 That was my point, she needs to face the reality that not everyone sugar coats things and sometimes she will needs to face this as a harsh realities of life. What also makes them a better person is what they choose to do with critique and how they react to it. I still think I should beat her the next time she fails though!
  5. My daughter is 15 and a competitive swimmer and track n field athlete, shes not good enough to be the next olympian, but she does compete for the county so she is at a reasonable level. Last week she finished a race and I told her that she just wasnt fast enough, she then told me that I couldnt say that and that she was quite offended by my comments, I then had to have argument with her that resulted in me telling her thats she needs to toughen up when it comes to criticism and to stop being a snowflake. Perhaps I should have just beaten her instead?
  6. I have never found that being told someone is disappointed in my actions much of a deterrent.
  7. There is still quite a bit of the month left
  8. Im so happy that someone has taken the time to put into graph format what can be clearly seen on the pitch.
  9. What came first, the chicken or the egg? What I have done is found an example to show that we were not the only ones to expect £30m for a player when he had a release clause of £18m. If you are willing to put in the legwork and find some information to counter my claims that fans over inflate a players worth then please do so. In the meantime stop arguing a point just for arguments sake.
  10. Quite right, although the claus for the £18m wasn't known about until the fee had been agreed....like I said look through the archives....I have just done a google search and there were a few of the major tabloids reporting a £30m bid in 2018 from Chelsea.
  11. If you look through the archives I am pretty sure that you will find plenty of posts that support what ive said, especially if you look at the transfer fees banded around for our past 2 decent sales (Gibson & Traore). Without looking I'm pretty certain that figures around the £30m mark were mentioned for each of them and the reality of it was that it was closer to that for both. Its not until you are in a position that you dont need to sell players can you then demand what they are worth to the club and not their actual value!
  12. I know, I dont think I could handle the pressure of trying to achieve the over inflated transfer fees that our fans expect for our players.
  13. 2 very much unproven full backs with only 1 real season under their belts.....I think £15-£20m would be very good business
  14. In that case I would prepare myself for disappointment, I reckon about £15m-£20m is what we would actually get!
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