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  1. All we need now is a Jed Wallace, Robert Snodgrass & a Ross McCormack link and we have a full house in transfer bingo!
  2. I think I said the same a few weeks ago about Leo, his enthusiasm and love for the club is second to none and is something that is passed down through the dressing room. They are attributes that cannot be bought and are invaluable in my eyes. I think the trouble with Warnock was that his ego got the better of him and he wanted to be seen as though there was no one that wants the club to do better than he does, that he is the number 1 and his voice was loudest, he didnt like the fact that Leo has a bigger heart and more passion than him.............Great leaders will surround themselves w
  3. Every time you hear this? Im intrigued into exactly how often this is!
  4. The corner flag pole consists of 3 parts. The base section in the ground, the above ground section and a sleeve that joins the 2 together. When Crooks kicked it the top section came of and the sleeve separated from the base, when the top section then hit the ground the sleeve separated from the top section. Crookes tried to replace the top section back in the hole but didnt fit the sleeve first, it therefore wouldnt stay upright until the groundsman came and fitted the sleeve back on it.
  5. This is true, however last ditch tackles can be a rash and if a rash tackle is made due to the game not being stopped when it should have been. Is the official then partially responsible?
  6. I wonder how long it will be before a bad tackle is made on the player that is offside, that would have been avoided if the flag had been raised and play wasn't allowed to continue?
  7. Ive tried telling the Mrs the same thing and she strongly disagrees.
  8. I think you will be ok around Upex pies, i uised to park there and never got any bother, it can be a bit of a pain to get out, but then again its the same where ever you park.
  9. Based on what? I cant write him off because ive not seen enough of him, I dont even know if he is actually a footballer or not!
  10. Thanks for that I dont think I will chance my arm again then......do you know if the same applied to all the cars poarked down to the Shepherdson Way roundabout, or just those on the A66 Slip?
  11. I was running late getting to the match yesterday and as a result I praked on the grass verge on the A66 slip road. When I returned to my car after the match there was a parking warning notice on my car from the council. Has anyone had one of these before and can I get a parking ticket for parking on the grass verge?
  12. Should be an interesting game today. Im expecting to be able to see what Wilder is trying to do although im not expecting too much until we are closer to having a full strength squad. A draw would be a good result today!
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