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  1. Talksport going to discuss the Derby situation anytime soon.....should be interesting!
  2. Imagine being hated more than Leeds......the Leeds fans would have nothing to sing about!
  3. Lampard was given the Chelsea job off the back of what could be considered a performance that was much easier to achieve and Derby are currently 3rd in the form table over the past 6 games
  4. I am not really a social animal, I don't have any interesting or funny anecdotes and am generally a miserable and uninteresting human being, that being said I think I would like to experience how the other half live.
  5. Tav gets pelters because he screws up the simple things, he dwells on the ball to long on occasions, his dead balls can be terrible at times and sometimes he gives the ball to the opposition. On the other hand he does track back well and make some vital challenges and on Saturday his 2 deliveries into the box, the first the keeper saved the resulting header, the second we scored from, were sublime! If he could stop making silly mistakes, and they are silly mistakes, then he would be held in much higher admiration by the fans than he currently is.
  6. Im playing the New Halo infinite on series X and its pretty good. I have always found the campaign on any of the Halo series of games is a little bit bigger than most fps games and this one is no exception. The best bit is that its free on Game Pass too. Ive also spent most of the past year playing Destiny2 and the new expansion 'The Witch Queen' is due out next month.
  7. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/ticket-info-for-manchester-united-cup-match
  8. Elected or not, you are always going to have minority disagree with a decision made by the admins. They just need to realise that they have made a mistake when the majority disagree with it. All I can say is thank god he wasnt on the FMTTM, you get banned from there for much less, get no explanation as to why and Rob will not respond to your emails when you ask for an explanation.
  9. There was nothing wrong with the scheduling for AFCON 25 years ago as if affected a minority of players and even less of those were of any significance in the top divisions in Europe. In the modern game most teams have 1st team players, some are fortunate enough to have world class players from the African nations hence why we now notice when they are missing from matchday squads.
  10. The way I see it is that champions league football via a Scottish team is really only a pull for a player for the short term. What you potentially get from signing for a team like us is a potentially longer term goal. We are looking like strong contenders for a promotion push and therefore the player could end up in the Prem, that being the case and we get promoted either this season or next, then the player only needs 1 good season before bigger teams come sniffing and the player inevitably gets a much bigger wage packet. Rarely do players move from the top 2 in Scotland to the Pre
  11. Its understandable, but I really dont think that SG is daft enough to throw stones from his glass house!
  12. I didnt say he hadnt developed enough, I said at the rate we would have liked. At 23-25 you really should be looking at an almost complete player, fair enough there may be a few wrinkles that need ironing out, but when I see Tav play I see some huge creases. His dead ball delivery gets past the first man 50% of the time and then only a few of those are not over hit, he holds onto the ball for way too long but thats ok because when he loses the balls he chases back after it, Its great that he does the chasing back, but it would be better if he didnt lose it in the first place. Its also know
  13. In all fairness, I think we have given him enough time to develop. He made hi debut 5 years ago and I dont think he has developed at the rate we would have liked him to. At some point i think you have to to cut your losses and say enough is enough.
  14. The thing is with the midfield is that it rarely changes unless there is an injury or something is going dramatically wrong on the pitch. Since Wilders arrival our midfield have actually been playing really well and we have not picked up any injuries, this makes it extremely difficult to justify the inclusion of Payero over any of the others when he has been available. I think his chance will come and it has nothing to do with Wilder not liking him tbh.
  15. What I found frustrating with Spence, and there was no evidence last night that he had improved, is his ability to beat the last man. Whenever he comes up against a defender slows down his running to a standstill and then fails to take on his man and get balls into the box. He did try once and I dont remember who we were playing but he got a good smack in the face and flattened by the defender....hes not tried it since!
  16. So it looks like the £18m that we got for him at the time was about all of the money and wasnt as bad a deal as some of the doomsayers would like us to think it was...........who would have thought that our diabolical transfer team could get something right!
  17. I think that if any Prem team is taking the cup seriously at this stage, then we are in the category that they need to field a decent team against and not underestimate, more so after seeing what Forest did to Arsenal.
  18. I thought that was Rhys Ifans.......I dont know, those bloody Welsh all sound the same to me!
  19. Whilst this may have been true at some point in time, I also heard that he had a certain penchant for M&S Prawn Cocktail Shells. Now for the real scoop. I was speaking to the guy that empties the litter bins in and around The Riverside and he tells me that empty packets of LAYS Mostaza Suave (light mustard) and Tomate y Cebolla (tomato and onion) have been turning up in the bins near the entrance and occasionally in the bin just inside the main doors. At first they thought that one of the youth team had brought them back from a cheeky weekend in the Algarve, until one of the Matchday
  20. I think you may be right, for me he is not going to reach his potential, he is still making the same mistakes that he was 3-4 seasons ago, i wouldnt say that he has made dramatic improvements over that time and his stock now is about as high as it is going to get.
  21. For me they can take that letter and shove it! Its OK saying your sorry after youve been found out, but by then its too late! What if Derby were promoted and therefore gotten away with it, what then? I think the Derby fans would then be giving us all the 2 fingered salute, just as they were prior to being rumbled.
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