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  1. Thank you aitor for getting a grip of them!
  2. Has Karanka got the know how to polish a turd?
  3. Not understanding why Gibson drops to the bench and woodgate and Richardson get a game, woodgate's past it!
  4. Terry butcher? Is someone taking the ***?
  5. So good even ph is making up new words! Get in there son!
  6. Excellent goal Ayala! Come on boro!! This is a long time in coming!
  7. Ayala, kamara, Adomah and emnes have been brilliant tonight, carayol still ineffective tho.
  8. Whoever it is Gibson better get it right for the sake of his reputation. Even if it is a German, no more xenophobia gibbo
  9. No more substandard managerial appointments Gibson, it's all on you now...
  10. Mowbray must resign now, no ifs or buts......
  11. He should do the decent thing and resign like strachan, Mowbray is very quickly becoming a joke. What is the point of having ties with Kenyon if we are in the third tier of English football next season?
  12. "Timid bid" lol says it all about the boro at present
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