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  1. I think it looks like 3-5-2 with potentially McNair RWB rather than Howson?
  2. could it be ------- Stoj ----- Howson Fry Friend Johnson Mokoudi Morrison . Sav Roberts . Fletch Britt
  3. Not there today but sounds like a very good first half. Can’t believe the turnaround for magic Johnson! Come on boro
  4. Paid RAF team name: fc São Paulo
  5. 15mil + & gibbo permanent would be incredible business. Gibbo and ayala reunited.... 2 years down the line, burnley will sign wood for 25mil and trade fry back!
  6. totally agree. Think selling Tav would be criminal at this point in a transfer window. I do think for 20mil + with a b.gibbo shaped incentive coming in return for the season, wouldn't be a bad deal
  7. What a refreshing game last night was. Sure we could have won it and had numerous chances to do so but I’d take that every week rather than 4-5-1 with saville hugill and Howson making up our forward line! i thought it was a tricky night for our full backs, Luton showed how they exploited flanks well last season. They switch them all quickly and often get overloads on each side. The high press seemed to work well at times and I’m sure after the lads get used to it, less fouls will be given away and it will look more comfortable to everyone. Paddy and Wing seemed to grasp it pretty we
  8. - Ricardinho - East stand upper - Meruoane Zemamma
  9. Even though highly unlikely, I’d love to see this team start out. I really don’t see tav as a winger but think he’s ideal in a midfield 3. Coulson I think would do well playing wide left , difficult against St Etienne starting with mindset of LB and getting shifted to LF. His positioning would have been off second half. Sense the optimism - 0-2 Boro!
  10. Hi lads, first time posting but have followed the forum for years.. Think the team is shaping up nicely and from what we played today I’m a lot more positive going forward into the season! Having the combination of wing and tav could give us a real dynamic midfield.. Browne + 1 more wide man and if we get Dijksteel, I think we can be very optimistic
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