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  1. We had the momentum We lost the momentum Gareth did nothing to re-gain the momentum
  2. Can't find Dijksteel in the training pix. Which number is he on? Cancel that...he's in no. 3
  3. Very happy with that. No excuses for Britt now. He either shapes up and gets a good offer or we, and any potential suitors, finally discover he's no longer up to it. One niggling, lingering doubt I still have is the goalkeeping position. Can't stop envisioning a situation whereby a wonderful, flowing, champagne-soccer performance is deflated by a handling blunder.
  4. If Kebano signs then having all that dynamism, fluidity and tempo around him might just bring the best out of Britt
  5. If he had done something as egregious as AJ we'd have found out about it. And even if he had I believe that once time is served you allow people to re-establish their lives. (unless sackcloth and ashes is your 'thing')
  6. I believe in forgiveness and giving people a second chance. I also remember seeing a very good player in Mendez-Laing. I'd sign him.
  7. Nice 'pick' by Howson but for someone as immobile as Ass to be that unmarked is criminal.
  8. Wonder why he's not getting the game-time? Is it injury, loss of form, not fitting style of play, being found out or just not very good?
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