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  1. Did I see it wrong? I thought I saw the keeper push him in to the opposing player!
  2. It's a fake IMHO. The badge just doesn't look "right"
  3. All the very best to you Uwe. what a lovely sentiment. Thank you very much
  4. How many more times will this be used as a stick by people to beat Steve Gibson with? He never said that. He said that 'we want to smash the league" Two totally different things.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQRcUxNJEbs&ab_channel=ALLNIGHTLONG Or the original
  6. I'm sure we ran out to "The Final Countdown" in one of the promotion seasons a few years ago
  7. https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-manchester-city-attacker-poised-to-join-cship-club-on-loan-previous-deal-to-be-terminated/
  8. TMG501

    Steve Gibson

    Steve Round was on Boro's coaching staff. I seem to remember it being reported that he applied for the Boro job when Mac got the England job. I think he went to Everton after that
  9. As the man in the orthopaedic shoe said “I stand corrected “ ??
  10. Britt Assombalonga to #mfc. £15m transfer fee, 4 year deal at £40,000 per week. Total cost = £23.3m Wayne Rooney to #dcfc. £0 transfer fee, 18 month deal at £100,000 per week. Total cost = £7.8m We're just better in the transfer market. End of! #dcfcfans I hate to say it but they do have a point?
  11. Humpty? TMG501? I was just wondering why you were FYOOOOOOOOMIN mate :huh:
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