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  1. I wasn't aware of that. I was thinking like Hamza Choudhury
  2. Sorry. I know it's predictive texting, but that made me giggle 😆
  3. No lads, it's all OK. According to Kaveh Solhekol on Sky, they don't really mean it. They're just trying to pressure the government🤥
  4. But Chelsea would be quite happy to play behind closed doors at home in the Prem I presume?
  5. I was thinking the same thing 😳
  6. That's a great idea regarding a Ugo memorial. As for Ali, I can't understand why the media suite hasn't been named after him
  7. Is anyone watching Sky Sports News? God that Man Utd fan is annoying.
  8. https://www.ouest-france.fr/sport/football/stade-rennais/stade-rennais-finalement-le-mercato-n-est-pas-boucle-gaetan-laborde-dans-le-viseur-409179ba-07cd-11ec-bfa4-75104aca6d46 Or, to save messing about "On the other hand, Brandon Soppy should leave well for Udinese, James Léa Siliki will play in the English 2nd division in Middlesbrough and Rafik Guitane will leave for Reims (who plans to lend him to Portugal). On the other hand, still no progress for Maouassa, Niang and especially Camavinga, undoubtedly dependent on negotiations concerning Mbappé, for a possible depar
  9. Well that's cheered me up no end. Possibly the worst referee I've had the misfortune of seeing in action
  10. TMG501


    RIP sir. Many thanks
  11. Did I see it wrong? I thought I saw the keeper push him in to the opposing player!
  12. It's a fake IMHO. The badge just doesn't look "right"
  13. All the very best to you Uwe. what a lovely sentiment. Thank you very much
  14. How many more times will this be used as a stick by people to beat Steve Gibson with? He never said that. He said that 'we want to smash the league" Two totally different things.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQRcUxNJEbs&ab_channel=ALLNIGHTLONG Or the original
  16. I'm sure we ran out to "The Final Countdown" in one of the promotion seasons a few years ago
  17. https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-manchester-city-attacker-poised-to-join-cship-club-on-loan-previous-deal-to-be-terminated/
  18. TMG501

    Steve Gibson

    Steve Round was on Boro's coaching staff. I seem to remember it being reported that he applied for the Boro job when Mac got the England job. I think he went to Everton after that
  19. As the man in the orthopaedic shoe said “I stand corrected “ ??
  20. Britt Assombalonga to #mfc. £15m transfer fee, 4 year deal at £40,000 per week. Total cost = £23.3m Wayne Rooney to #dcfc. £0 transfer fee, 18 month deal at £100,000 per week. Total cost = £7.8m We're just better in the transfer market. End of! #dcfcfans I hate to say it but they do have a point?
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