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  1. Can't see anyone taking Fry for £30m though stranger things do happen.
  2. Tav's gotta be worth £20m then. Didn't see much of bellingham , he didtnt look that good tbh.
  3. I'd interprete that to expect us to sell players like Fry or Britt but hopefully not Tav though.
  4. He reminded me of him last night too.
  5. Maybe the injury to fry might give some more urgency to add more cover to our none existing defence.
  6. Kike was in my opinion totally underrated.
  7. Don't think we can afford or attract many spectacular players these days. So proven players like at Bamfords level isn't a bad starting point.
  8. As good as Ayala is his injury record is not good. I'm not sure we should be offering him a new contract. Bring back Gibbo, keep Fry, loan in another CB.
  9. If for example they still owe us £4.3m for him it would make financial sense to buy him now for £1.7m than wait till the summer. When they probably will have paid another installment to us. So on our books for that year we would be paying more for him. If that makes sense?
  10. Stewy was the wrong side of 30 when we signed him.
  11. Anyone know who this lad in training is?
  12. This is what we are about now isn't it? Producing good players to sell at a profit to help sustain the club? I'm not 100% for the sale of fry but if we can bring in oxford and Gibson on loan till the summer with a buy option then I'd be happy with that.
  13. Working at the moment. http://www.usagoals.video/c/football/england-championship/17-01-2020/fulham-vs-middlesbrough/1/
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