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  1. "I dont want to know" them "Rumours" 🤣
  2. I can see why some ppl like Spence or rather see potential in him, on his day he can beat his man, make good runs with the ball, but this is not what he does often. Often he drifts in and out of the game, seen strolling around the pitch, when like some one made the comparison with Bolasie who is at the other end of his career, is seen busting a gut to get on the ball and try to make something happen, yes he may balloon a few shots wide or over the bar, but if you don't shoot you don't score, and before Bolasie came we seemed very reluctant to shoot at goal from out side of the area. To m
  3. Really happy for Josh coburn to score on his home debut. Put in a good performance in his short cameo too.
  4. Damn I thought the Croations were supposed to coming here, not poaching our targets.. 🤣
  5. Bolasie was lacking match fitness when he joined, I think a full pre season could see us get the best out of him. And yes while his tricks may of came to nothing much it still more entertaining than anything britt has done for us in the last 6 months. Wonder what happened to that foreign winger warnock mentioned in January?
  6. It may be unintentional and sarcasm, but it still is racism and its shouldn't be tolerated.
  7. Could do with a couple decent centre mids too, like Mowatt for example, I don't think howsons legs will last much longer.
  8. I haven't missed a game this season so far, but I was questioning watching the rest of them. I might if some of the young lads were involved to see what they are like. But I don't know if i want to watch the same old gutless, rubbish players for the remaining games.
  9. I'd like to see Josh coburn come on see what he's made of. Don't understand why they put coulson on in the position they are playing him in? Would of been perfect opportunity to of put coburn on and move watmore a bit deeper
  10. She called me something in Welsh, which I can't find in any dictionary. Probably for the best really..
  11. Thanks guys our son was born today at 12.55pm, might get to see the game yet!
  12. He was due last Friday and i said to her if he ain't born before Saturday to hang on until after the game.
  13. This will be the first game I have missed all season. My wife has started to go into labour. So come on lads big win tonight please
  14. I think I'd like to see a 4411/4231 formation tonight. Bettinelli Dijksteel, fry, Hall, bola. Kebano, howson, mcnair, tavernier Watmore Akpom With tav, kebano and watmore being quite fluid and interchanging positions.
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