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  1. It's Thursday evening, we need more clues!
  2. Haha yea but without an encyclopedic knowledge of player relations.
  3. I never knew Joel Matip of Liverpool was Joseph Job's Cousin.
  4. It won't be Nemeth he just took a job in slovakia. According to transfermarkt
  5. Only has 120 followers. So doubt they are trusted.
  6. I think it was said they went to see a young south American winger (possibly lazaro) play and wasn't that impressed, wonder if they seen Muniz and thought he would be a good signing though. Edit, wasnt he that one they watched in January, and decided against signing him?
  7. Does you know if it will shown on twitter again?
  8. Lumley looks very poor, dijksteels not a wing back. Warnock should change it half time, give Dejan another shot
  9. Is warnock on the touchline?
  10. My guess is Patterson on the left with Spence on the right with crooks just behind Ikpeazu.
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