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  1. Decent performance and good win, and let's get another at Cardiff. Crooks Motm for me too. Did his job very well. Payero starting to ascert himself and good to see him and Crooks getting on well in midfield together.
  2. Playing well barring the first 10 minutes. Possibly a bit of nerves kicking in, need another goal and finish this game off.
  3. I'm thinking similar line up as in Saturday. Lumley Howson, Bamba, McNair Jones Crooks Hernandez Payero Tavernier Watmore Sporar
  4. Talking a load of pollocks if ya ask me..
  5. To be fair the first half was dire really. A team lacking in any sort of confidence, second half they came out and played much better. Payero shown his desire to get on the ball, but often was coming to the ball rather than making space for himself, that is my only criticism of him because his passing accuracy and technical ability was second to none today I think.
  6. Happens every game though, all our centre mids end up on the flanks.
  7. I have to disagree here, he has at every opportunity played the right pass, he just needs to grow in confidence he has the ability, but that will come.
  8. I found this list on Swanseas website. And now my stream works 💪 https://www.swanseacity.com/dark-market-areas-live-streaming-0
  9. I'm using a vpn to the Netherlands, which country's are dead zones?
  10. Is the live stream available. I only have 3 options the year video pass, seasonal audio and the match audio?
  11. 343 must be, with watmore, sporar and ikpeazu upfront tav and Hernandez wingbacks, howson, payero in the middle with crooks mcnair and bamba in defence.
  12. So only 2 of the u23s on the bench coburn and Kokolo. Warnocks comments in his programme is just more BS.
  13. https://twitter.com/Boro/status/1449359457754943490?t=qL2asIcFIgYMwP5XNtNI5g&s=19
  14. Playing a team with a leaky defence but a better scoring record than us.. not really looking good especially with a potentially makeshift back line. I hope we win though.
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