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  1. In my opinion I would drop both Johnson and Spence for the next game and play both of Folarin and Watmore. Both are proper wingers unlike Johnson and Spence who have done very little other than a few fancy stepovers. Johnson is a little more effective than spence currently though. (in that he does try and get some crosses in) Spence needs to learn how to beat his man, and then get the ball into the box.
  2. Fry has been playing really well lately, but to be honest if we did sell him I wouldn't be too disappointed, we have young Nathan Wood coming through and he already looks a very good player.
  3. I agree, if we are good position come January, maybe we could attract the better players, but whether we can afford them is another matter.
  4. When I watched the interview of Warnock when asked about whether he wants grosiki or bolasie, it didn't sound like we are in for them but that he would like them, those are the type of player he would like. He's looking for goals from the wide areas and both of them type of players offer that imo.
  5. Enjoyed the match tonight, should of won. just lacked a bit of luck infront of goal. Good point none the less.
  6. Feeling nervous but excited, hope we can come away with 3 points if not a draw away from home at Blackburn isn't bad and maintains our unbeaten run.
  7. It is but it's also the best opportunity for the young lads to make a name for themselves.
  8. I've been in Wales for 20 years out of 39 also have a Welsh wife and kids. Love it here now.
  9. Maybe it's a 343 with Saville and Roberts playing behind Britt
  10. I think having the likes rumarn burrell and isiah Jones coming through, pushing for a first team call up could be what we need. Rather try them until January atleast, before looking at any of those free agent's.
  11. Fits with Niasse more than sahko then.
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