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  1. So this winger is a left winger? Not a position we need. We are desperately short of right wing options. If we do recruit please let it be for positions we are actually short in, instead of playing players out of position just to make do.
  2. He did, he was bombing forward and beating his man, when he made mistakes and lost the ball he would get back in the tackle quick to win it back. Still got a bit to learn defensively but was refreshing to see some one performing like that. His passing and crossing was very good too.
  3. Agreed, though hes only one game in. Hope he builds from this game and does as well as Hayden on the other side.
  4. The two fullbacks ran themselves ragged today, put in very good performances too. We did look very nervy in the last 10 mins, but that could of been down to the tired legs. That defence actually looked decent and a few clean sheets will give them great confidence.
  5. We needed another goal before half time I reckon. Just to settle the nerves. Second half Charlton will come at us, hopefully we won't just sit back and try and soak it up. We need to continue on the front foot and keep getting Spence and coulsen up the pitch. Been very impressed with Spence so far, a good opportunity to make the position his IMO.
  6. Good times, I've not felt the same excitement watching any of the post karanka games. Although he set us up defensively we were actually dangerous going forward too.
  7. Johnmfc81

    Steve Gibson

    But to really change anything Steve Gibson needs to step away and allow someone with a footballing mindset to take control of the club. Otherwise no matter how the club dress up a "change in philosophy" it will still be the same old rubbish. While not being the biggest Warnock fan I'd back him to steady the ship for at least this season. His experience will be a big boost. But I'd hope Gibson uses this time till the summer and thanks hard about what he can really bring to the table these days. For us to truly move on the change needs to come from the top and it needs to be backed financially. Never a dull moment following the boro is there?
  8. That team has an extra advantage.. 😬😂
  9. Randolph Nsue, Ayala, Gibson, friend Adomah, Leadbitter, howson, Gaston Negredo, stuani. All fairly recent players, having a brain block and forgot most of them.
  10. You would think what would the point of sacking him then, at that point. In Gibsons mind he might think that woody "would" be the man to get us back up. I think now is the time to sack Woody. Gives any new manager time to get to know the squad, shouldn't take long given the lack of depth. Though a lot will depend on whether Steve will back any new manager with any funds or not. Personally I don't think Steve will sack Woodgate at all, even if we are relegated. Especially if there really is no money then he can't afford to replace him.
  11. That or 532 with McNair in defence
  12. Brit looks injured, just before he went off for half time he was feeling his left shin, as the camera panned away you could see him slightly limping away.
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