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  1. Now we can't score from them, such a reversal
  2. I did like the Errea half blue and black away strip we had. But not all of the errea shirts were any good. I am looking forward to the new kit though. And just to throw a hash tag out there #NotEverythingWasGoodInYourDay 🤣
  3. We already have 2 backup strikers in Watmore and Coburn, assuming Uche and Chuba are sold/loaned out again. We need to be targeting first choice strikers now imo.
  4. I do think some of these journos do like to have a go at winding up some fans.
  5. He did kinda leave that one open haha
  6. I really like Tav, and would be sad to see him go but he can be so frustrating to watch some times. He clearly has the talent, just wish he wasnt so wasteful with some of the chances he's had this season. But I think the club had one eye on him leaving, that's why in my opinion Mcgree was signed, as competition/replacement for Tav. Dael also on his day he is definitely one of the best defender in the league but like Wilder said he needs to be more dominant, that will come with age I reckon. But he isn't irreplaceable, there are a few good CBs around which we could replace him with
  7. Watching the u23s v wolves I wasn't particularly impressed with his passing tbh. It may of just been that game though.
  8. This team was never ready for promotion. Those travelling fans deserved a better performance from them though.
  9. Might not be the link you mentioned, but I did find this. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/canaries-ncfc-transfer-rumour-jean-paul-boetius-mainz-8941218&ved=2ahUKEwiugvPim8b3AhXPQkEAHaQADUwQFnoECGEQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0-i5hoGJR-Y4-crD7IBqwo
  10. I've watched all the games online that's not on sky, via the clubs streaming. I mean i live in Wales so it's technically a foreign country right...
  11. Even if they draw we have a better GD than Luton so we have two chances with them.
  12. We just need to do our part and beat Preston. Then what happens elsewhere happens. We could finish 5th if both Luton and Sheffield lose on the final game. 🤞
  13. He should of controlled it instead of volleying it, also I think (from the angle I seen anyway) the og was going straight at his head, which you would expect him to of scored. But Lewis done it for him.
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