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  1. Fits with Niasse more than sahko then.
  2. Only live two hours away from Cardiff shame we can't be there. But I'll watch online, come on boro!
  3. As things stand come the end of the season we will have only one striker, thats akpom. Both fletcher and Britt will be out of contract unless we can get one or both to sign new deals.
  4. Well on transfer market there is really only Niasse, Adama diamonde, Sanogo, sahko maybe that is realistic. Don't think sturridge would play in the championship, well not with our terms.
  5. Probably just highlighting our lack of depth in our attack to the powers that be.
  6. We look a lot more balanced this season than last. Everyone now look like they know what is expected of them. Spence is still so frustrating though. Great win against a good Bristol team who we made look ordinary.
  7. He looked to have picked up an injury in the first half
  8. Problem is we are not the attractive option anymore, we aren't in the Premier league, we can't pay big money either, so they types of players we can attract are lower league, or players with baggage. Just got to get used to it. I don't like it as much as the rest of us but it is what it is.
  9. There maybe better value for money in the free agents list. Why spend money on a loan player when you could spend similar on a free agent who will be yours for more than 1 season. Oumar Niasse wouldn't be a bad signing as backup/competition to fletcher/akpom Obita as a left back. Maybe even Borini to play on the left instead of bolasie.
  10. Someone on Facebook says Duncan Watmore has signed. Probably rubbish, but just putting it here as it's a rumour.
  11. Here's a link to all the left backs available on free transfer. One or two decent players in there. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/spieler/vertragslosespieler/statistik/1/plus//galerie/0?ausrichtung=Abwehr&spielerposition_id=4&land_id=alle&altersklasse=&wettbewerb_id=alle&seit=alle&yt0=Show
  12. So it seems you can register for three teams in a season but only able to play for two of them. So to answer your question that would mean yes its possible but has to be dodgy surely?
  13. Isn't there a rule you can only register for two clubs a season? Or is it upto 3 teams?
  14. If A, we can afford him and B, manage to pursuade him to come and play for us in the championship then if be over the moon. He's a top quality left back, bags of experience too. It was only last week there was an article about him hoping to either go to the US or Portugal to play rather than the championship, so hopefully he's changed his mind.
  15. He could/should of had two in the last match and could of had a hattrick today. I've been impressed with him so far.
  16. He did look solid I totally agree, but he was played central where I think it suits his stlye more than playing on the left side of the three. He looks much more comfortable having two good ball playing defenders next to him.
  17. I only follow the Boro, born in the town so I'm eternally attached to it by the football club. Sorry to say I'd not live there again though. I watch the team in the Welsh Town I live in every now and then, only because I played for them for a while.
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