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  1. Yea sorry just to be clear I said "will likely be in discussions about the future manager" not with a future manager.
  2. I'm sure there won't be a knee jerk reaction, Scott and Gibson will likely be in discussions about the future manager anyway, so I doubt they will just sack without atleast looked at a succession plan.
  3. Hope it doesn't need to get that far.
  4. It's a lot of things really, his tactics are too predictable, the man marking is wearing our players down making them more susceptible to injuries, not making subs quick enough either payero for me should of came on much sooner than he did.
  5. Nope you seem to have gotten a grip. All fair points. Most ppl probably feel the same.
  6. Reading between the lines of warnocks interview where they talk about Chris hughtons sacking he sounded like he is under pressure himself, he also made similar comments in regard to Scott's appointment too. (perhaps reading too much into it) and I wonder if he was the manager which was supposedly furious at his chairman for spending alot of money on a foreign player.
  7. You know a front four of Hernandez, tav sporar and Jones would be great. I like uche but he shouldn't really be coming on if we are chasing the game, he just doesn't have enough in him to make a difference. I'd of put that olusanya on instead, atleast he has a bit of pace about him. Payero alongside howson next game please. Give crooks a rest..
  8. Siliki had a poor game tbh. Payero should of came on for him at about 55 mins.
  9. Well wonder what his excuses will be today.
  10. I don't like Derby, but I do feel sorry for their fans though.
  11. I'd agree with you about not caring about being sacked, but I really doubt he would want his last season in management to be defined by being sacked in my opinion. He may on the other hand rather quit than be told how to manage the team though.
  12. Will NW see this as a "must win" game due to the current state of Forest or will he settle for a point? I can only echo what others have said, I doubt he sees any game as a must win. He sets us up in a very non attacking formation. That it invites pressure on our already shaky defence. We have zero pace in our back three so if we are up against pacey forwards we get caught out. Will he set up the team to score goals? I hope so, but as above it seems like we try to hang on in the game and try and pinch a winner towards the end, that is if we are still in it by then
  13. We had a couple of good spells but our defending and passing let us down ultimately. The new lads didn't do too bad. Sporar looks like he's going to be an handful, got a bit of pace and won a few headers too. Siliki looks a bit rusty. But could become very useful.
  14. He needs to go back to a 4 at the back. 4231 would be OK with our squad.
  15. No payero in the squad https://twitter.com/Boro/status/1436675899324346369?s=20
  16. Nick Gyimah https://ghanasoccernet.com/wolfsburg-lead-race-to-snap-up-peterborough-united-promising-kid-nicky-gyimah-bio
  17. I agree, and I too think the games have been more entertaining this season so far. Only thing that annoyed me a little was his comments this season regarding payero. I'm looking forward to see how the team performs now with the new players hopefully involved.
  18. I remember them, said the person was an unsung hero for boro. Though at the time I thought that was for the DOF role, not manager but could of been wrong on that.
  19. It was a decent transfer window in all, ok we didn't quite get everyone we wanted/needed. There are still the free agents to work through.
  20. I think its more the squad depth. We have definitely upgraded on paper. I can understand letting morsey go as we signed JLS. Maybe they see we have Hernandez and Tav and possibly T who can play on the right side, that spences game time would be limited.
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