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  1. As good as Ayala is his injury record is not good. I'm not sure we should be offering him a new contract. Bring back Gibbo, keep Fry, loan in another CB.
  2. If for example they still owe us £4.3m for him it would make financial sense to buy him now for £1.7m than wait till the summer. When they probably will have paid another installment to us. So on our books for that year we would be paying more for him. If that makes sense?
  3. Stewy was the wrong side of 30 when we signed him.
  4. This is what we are about now isn't it? Producing good players to sell at a profit to help sustain the club? I'm not 100% for the sale of fry but if we can bring in oxford and Gibson on loan till the summer with a buy option then I'd be happy with that.
  5. Working at the moment. http://www.usagoals.video/c/football/england-championship/17-01-2020/fulham-vs-middlesbrough/1/
  6. I'd rest Fletcher tonight, start with gestede with nmetcha and roberts supporting him. Pears Howson mcnair fry coulson Jimmy Clayton Nmetcha tavernier Roberts Gestede
  7. Augsburg signed him last summer on a 4 year contract.
  8. He's 6 months into his 4 year contract at Augsburg. I think its strange that they have signed him, after having him on loan and then plan on loaning him out.
  9. If they are found to have overvalued their ground, and therefore their reported loss greater than the allowed they should get a points deduction too, IMO.
  10. Do you think if Britt goes he will be replaced? I personally think Britt will still be here after the window closes though.
  11. Was just going to say this, i thought that might be a hint that woodgate wanted another rb.
  12. Not disagreeing with you. On a personal level it would make sense to him I'm sure. But as a boro fan, thinking about our squad as is, it would be a big loss. (He has been a revelation for us in that position) Not necessarily financially of course as if we sell him we make profit. But it would need reinvesting in another right Wing back.
  13. No we wouldn't be up the creek, as if his agent did tout him around we could probably get a respectable fee for him.. But like most are saying its probably just his agent trying to get a good pay day.
  14. Trouble is, his agent will be saying that he could get £30k a week sat on his *** in a prem team.
  15. The trouble with out of contract players is you could be competing with many other teams for the player and it usually comes down to who offers him the best deal.
  16. Robinho was like that for me. Hellish good on FM too.
  17. Gianpaulo pazzini from fiorentina was my goto striker in Football manager lol
  18. He was their number 1 wasn't he? Surely coming here to compete for the number 1 spot too.
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