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  1. With an early announcement like that is he eligible for tomorrow's game?
  2. If they get Hause, then I guess they won't need to try and sign Greaves.
  3. It does sound as though we probably done enough to have won that game, but another game of missed chances blows it for us.
  4. Tav should never of been allowed to leave unless we had a replacement in. IMO
  5. Has played as a Second striker once I think, and also as a CF 8 times. Mostly right winger though.
  6. He plays the same position as fry and Lenihan though, centre of a back three. He can play CDM but I think his best position is CB
  7. Think he's comfortable on both feet, but personally I don't see him being that good. I watch the Welsh team internationals, and the best defender they have is Davies from Spurs.
  8. I don't think Ampadu will happen, I can see us being linked due to Alan Knills connections to the Welsh national team though.
  9. We all know that 24 pages would of been a slow day if either of those were to happen haha
  10. Like Schwarzer never made any mistakes! But he was arguably one of the best keepers we've had. I'd lighten up steffen will come good IMO.
  11. Will the club stream this game does any one know?
  12. I think with it being so quiet on links for a midfielder, I wonder if it means we are looking in Europe for one, or two? Maybe look at the loan market for one of them? Given Howsons age, we must be looking to make atleast one permanent signing in midfield though. Wonder if Payero has a loan recall clause haha
  13. Hes not prolific, but if he keeps going the way he is, he will get a few and hopefully help bring others into play who will score goals. I'm not averse to keeping him, I think if he feels wanted he will play well.
  14. Ref was ***, but the goals we conceded was from mistakes, first one Jones gave the ball away and failed to make up for it, steffen was pulled back lightly but should of been stronger.
  15. I think there was an odd link through someone like Nixon or something.
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