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  1. I only follow the Boro, born in the town so I'm eternally attached to it by the football club. Sorry to say I'd not live there again though. I watch the team in the Welsh Town I live in every now and then, only because I played for them for a while.
  2. I've watched a few of the u23 games and I've seen Coulson play on the right, granted it was a much more advanced he was asked to play tonight.
  3. Looks a bit off the pace so far. Needs another midfielder to help him.
  4. Wow swapped djksteel with paddy, didn't think he played bad
  5. I actually thought we could go 4231 with these players but no.
  6. Ahh hope she's OK and its just the cold.
  7. I've been using AVG secure VPN but I think you pay for it. But I know it works. 😉
  8. Bizzarely you may need to VPN to the UK, then it may work for you.
  9. I have paid for the video stream but have no audio, is that the same for everyone else?
  10. It usually isnt separate though, as for some periods of the game we play "good" football, but mostly just "crap" football. 😂
  11. I'd rather play "crap" football and win ugly than play "good" football and lose to "crap" playing teams.
  12. I agree with this, I'm not expecting miracles this season, but I do expect a better season than last. Warnock will definitely steady the ship, much more so than pulis.
  13. I'd of thought Stoj would be our number 2 keeper.
  14. Hoping for an exciting day after last night's revelation 🤞
  15. I'd like a left back too, but we have Johnson, Coulson and Bola.
  16. Also the barnsley player is a midfielder/striker.
  17. No the Barnsley player is not the midfielder close to signing. It's more than likely Morsy
  18. We don't know how "close" we were to signing him or even if we were actually after him. It could well be agent talk trying to get Spezia to up their offer! Cheer up KM.
  19. Damned if we do and damned if we don't. He would be a great signing, hopefully we are really trying to get this one done.
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