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  1. The Dutch are pretty much straight to the point, and very direct.
  2. I think he seems more annoyed with them, an if they have apparently moved goal posts in regards to the fees then you can see why.
  3. Yep, Fry wasn't at his best today. While at times its good to just hoof the ball clear in times of pressure, it doesn't help though if it's always ends up out of play, atleast try and hit the channels for the forwards to run into. Lenihan is much more composed on the ball. In my earlier post about alternatives to Howson and crooks, I forgot about Mcnair. He did well today, wasn't remarkable but played ok. Probably would suit one of the two DM roles too.
  4. Being as he is all we have as competition for howson yet, I don't see any alternative.
  5. His link up play with mcnair and assist today was top quality. Giles and Jones are not the same kind of player, ones more about beating the man wit pace the other is pin point crossing. Its good to not have two of the same really. But with these kinda players there will frustrating times in the game for them.
  6. Wouldn't mind us playing 3412 formation, with Howson/Crooks and Mowatt as the two DMs with Mcgree infront of them behind Akpom and Forss
  7. Lenihan will get better as gets used to ou style, and gains confidence in it.
  8. All the lads played out of their skins today, Akpom deserved his goals, hope he isn't injured. Can't be too upset with Giles, he will get us many more goals to be upset about an own goal.
  9. Anyone else's stream showing different teams?
  10. With an early announcement like that is he eligible for tomorrow's game?
  11. If they get Hause, then I guess they won't need to try and sign Greaves.
  12. It does sound as though we probably done enough to have won that game, but another game of missed chances blows it for us.
  13. Tav should never of been allowed to leave unless we had a replacement in. IMO
  14. Has played as a Second striker once I think, and also as a CF 8 times. Mostly right winger though.
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