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  1. 7 minutes ago, RichAcklam2404 said:

    Yeah I can see both sides but I think goalscorers are much harder to come by than wing backs, that’s why we need to get it right. I could be an expensive mistake

    Yep, that's why usually they are more expensive. But I agree we have spent big money on strikers in the past, which some didn't pay off, but quite a few did. Fingers crossed who ever we sign can bag a few for us.

  2. 2 minutes ago, RichAcklam2404 said:

    I have to agree. £8m is a huge outlay for a player who has admittedly had one good season. Though this summer I trust the club’s judgment. 

    It is a huge outlay, but we are also apparently selling one of our own players for £15-20m after one good season too.

    But this is modern football, and that seems to be the way it goes. 

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  3. 20 minutes ago, DanFromDownSouth said:

    Just bump this again...I'm getting some pretty annoying ads on mobile when viewing the site. And have seen a few others also mention it too. Rob @oneboro is there anything that can be done from your end?

    I've attached a screenshot for reference. What's even worse is I don't even drink tequila! 



    This is the same for me, its almost impossible to close them, and when new comments appear, they are also behind the ads and so the only way to see them is to refresh the page.

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  4. 25 minutes ago, Borodane said:

    You make it sound like we just didn’t care as a club and didn’t help at all. Maybe it just didn’t work out. It happens. 

    I agree it does happen, but in the beginning of his time here some elements of the coaching team didn't help if what the itks said was true, and while relations may of got better in the second half of the season for him, he still didn't get a look in. I also agree he probably wasn't upto it himself either. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Guffie said:

    More disappointed in the finance side of the payero deal. For me, when ever he played he didn’t show anything. Even for U23 he struggled. Granted going to be hard for a foreign lad trying to adapt with injuries etc. Just don’t see why some people are moaning about losing payero

    It's an easy excuse to hide behind the "foreign" element but many other foreign players adapt fine, could it be that behind the scenes other clubs try and help settle them in, whether that be by bringing family members with them or with the use of interpreters or whatever. But it works for others why not us?

  6. 11 minutes ago, BoroSmoggie said:

    Who did we play behind him? I can’t even remember.. Mix of Stuani, Downing, Traore and Ramirez? Or did we play 433?

    More of a 4231 


    Barragan  Chambers Gibson Friend

                     Leadbitter Clayton 

    Stuani              De Roon           Fischer/ Ramirez



    Ramirez didn't like playing down the left if I remember rightly. He preferred to play centrally 

  7. 6 hours ago, CrazyL said:

    What did Juninho10 do? Was he just a bit annoying and posted up a bit of rubbish? I saw somebody posted up a racially sensitive word for Jewish people today and get a mild rebuke from the mods - did Juninho10 use racially sensitive language? Pitiful day for this board if I’m honest 👎🏻

    He didn't do much wrong from what I seen.

    Some people were on his back from the start. I've no idea if he was a troll, but everything he said regarding transfer rumours has happened so far. The sad fact is we weren't willing to believe in some one on our forum (because he had a similar username to previous troll which was banned) but happily believed in some random woman on twitter.


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  8. 13 minutes ago, Leesider said:

    Theres a question! Im not sure why we would sell any of them.   Tav if i had to choose.

    I think I'd chose Mcnair, not because i dislike him, just that he's the oldest of the 4 and his value will only decrease from here on. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, Leesider said:

    I seem to remember reading similar comments last year re McNair. I dont see him going anywhere.Massive part of the team & possibly our most consistent performer over the last few years. His ability to play in so many positions makes him an essential part of the squad & i would be stunned to see him sacrificed for the rebuild.

    Just my opinion

    But if you were to sell one of either Mcnair, Dijksteel, Tav or Jones which one would you sell?

  10. 9 minutes ago, Mr_Maz said:

    He didn't say Gayle, or confirm it after someone else said it, did he? 

    Just an EPL loan signing with an upfront fee. I thought it's more likely to be Armstrong 

    "Strange window so far. A couple of deals agreed with clubs done but waiting for spence money to complete them one a big loan but an upfront fee." - so one of the deals is a loan with a big fee (Armstrong?) the other could be Gyorkeres?

    "1 player signed but won’t be announced until after return from holiday (lenihan).

    There was indeed a medical today not heard the outcome though? (Giles)

    Don’t rule out extra out goings though. Could be big window this!"


     How I've interpreted his comments. No mention of Gayle until today.

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