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  1. Yes expressing our opinions as a fan on a fans forum, it's what it's for isn't it lol
  2. Lol don't think he's the pornhub dane..
  3. Wouldn't suprise me in the slightest.
  4. Tbh not sure why, he is definitely going at the end of the season
  5. O Compromise in what way? Can you elaborate a little bit on this?
  6. I doubt it. Been fed a pack of lies by the sound of it.
  7. No it was in Warnock is he worth it thread.
  8. It will take time to agree compensation package with his team too. Its not like a straight sacking.
  9. May be browne advised them to remove it
  10. Hoping to see that announcement today the he and his coaching team have left. This toxic atmosphere needs to be lifted ASAP.
  11. Edit I'm not wanting him btw
  12. Is Alex Neil still looking for work? Is it a coincidence he was at the forest game?
  13. So has a replacement been identified?
  14. There's a couple of decent players for our level who could be useful, Marc navarro ex Watford right back is also available
  15. There's a young manager with a promotion under his belt now available..
  16. He probably knows he won't get sacked and can say what he wants without recourse
  17. Atleast they were good at it and we scored plenty. The football currently is just turgid.. not good at anything.
  18. Not sure any one else seen these comments by Colin in the hartlepool mail, before the Hull game about Djksteel. Comments like this really keep the players onside..
  19. With these players we could do alot worse than him.. oh wait we did. But reading some of itk posters comments about karanka I can't see him coming back here.
  20. Had no one else to chose.. Neil there is a u23 squad. Doesn't matter if they played last night. Not all of them did and as an option for the last 10-15 minutes wouldn't hurt.
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