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  1. And have three relatively inexperienced players in defence, I'm not sure that would be good imo. People seem to have made their mind up that hall is no good, but his experience could help organise them a bit. Time will tell. Fry is very quiet and doesn't seem to direct ppl much, from what I've seen.
  2. Hall didn't do that badly, in an all round scrappy game.
  3. Personally I hope wood pushes on this year and challenges fry for the CB slot, fry has his moments but he looks so suspect as the left sided CB.
  4. Quite possibly has had to return to France, possibly for talks with a French team, and now is likely subject to quarenteen rules. I don't know, just hypothesising.
  5. Perhaps if he had a full preseason and things before he joined didn't happen it could of been a different story. But as it is Carlos Insta de Pena didn't fulfil his potential here. Italy will be a good move for him.
  6. I believe some of them would definitely improve the match day squad at the moment we only have 2 senior CBs, we next to zero creativity in the midfield. Only 2 senior center forwards. We just don't really have the strength in depth at the moment.
  7. It's been a proper emotional roller-coaster this transfer window. Highs being good solid rumours, then for the let downs from Boros in competance in negotiations, or lack of will to get deals done. I hope the Journos haven't left because they thought their positions had become untenable, being asked to do something by the club to raise spirits of the fans when there is literally nothing to be cheery about right now. We as fans understand times are tough and different now, but to potentially have lost out on so many transfer targets just because we are unwilling to compromise just a little, is beyond belief.
  8. Are they still on local lockdown up there or not? I know they were last week or two.
  9. First time I went to the Riverside was with a free ticket from school to watch England u21s play Austria u21s I think it was. First boro game I actually went to see was against Plymouth argyle. Also Gordon Strachans first game in charge. I had travelled up from Wales with the Mrs to see my dad for the first time. Soo good memories even though we lost 1nil. Fondest boro memory's sat outside the garden as kid with the wireless radio listening to Alis commentary during the 96/97 season. Also rushing home from work to watch the eufa Cup games.
  10. Like freeman wouldn't be a bad signing at all. It seems to me like we are holding out for Roberts, so probably won't see much in the way of forwards being linked until we know which way Roberts is going.
  11. Could we have a separate thread to vent your frustration on lack of transfer activity, and anything else that's wrong with mfc, and just keep this thread for actual transfer gossip/news. Its getting pretty depressing to read everyone say the same thing in different forms. 😕
  12. Am I right in thinking Fry signed a five year deal back when there was a few more prem teams sniffing around him? Probably on decent terms too. *edit found the link, he signed a 5 year deal in 2018 under Tony Pulis. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/dael-fry-signs-new-boro-contract
  13. We also have Nathan Wood who is supposed to be highly rated, I don't know much about Stubbs though.
  14. It's not hate, I don't hate Ben Gibson. I would be happy if he came back but what I am saying is I'm not bothered if he did go elsewhere. Atleast it would put an end to the saga for a few years atleast.
  15. I actually think that Ben Gibson signing for another team would be a blessing in disguise for us. Firstly Burnley can pay us back what they owe for him. Which we can use in buying another CB on lower wages than Ben. I don't get the sentiment towards Ben to be honest OK he was part of a great defensive pairing. But has done nothing for the last two years, whether that's his fault or not. His fitness will be questionable. He will not be the same player we had 3 or 4 years ago IMHO. I'm not too worried yet as a time goes by the hierarchy will be starting to get twitchy and maybe the purse strings may get loosened to get deals over the line.
  16. Christian Maghoma used to play for Spurs u23s
  17. Maybe he can't sack them due to them doing their job, but it is him who may be responsible in that the conditions they are having to work in. After all he sets the budgets. If the budget doesn't allow us to offer 3/4 year contracts on their wage demands then they can't do it.
  18. The sad thing is at the moment we have a weaker team now than the team that nearly got relegated last season. Things need to improve fast.
  19. I think a DOF would be useless in our position, unless Steve Gibson gave him the control to do the job properly, but you just know that would never happen. So thats why I think it would be a waste of time and money.
  20. Different type of players though ones predominantly a defensive type player while the other is more attacking.
  21. The thing is they aint even the same sort of striker. He's more similar to gestede. So I don't see their logic behind it.
  22. Not sure why people think Moore would be a replacement for either of our current strikers. I'd say he would be the replacement for Gestede more than anything. We can't go into a season with just Britt and Fletcher as our only senior strikers. So imo it will be Moore, Britt and Fletcher. Maybe not all at the same time or in that order but if we do get Moore that's what I think it will be.
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