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  1. I agree with this. We seem to playing like a group of individuals rather than a team. Its simply not good enough. I like karanka but i dont think he can change this.
  2. Anyone who beats man city presses high and puts stones and their dodgy keeper under pressure eventually 1 of them 2 screws up. We gave them too much respect.... We did press higher up at times today but we quite often sat back too as we seen just how quick city countered us.
  3. Fry was out of his depth, a few times aguero got goal side of him. He is young and has potential but has long way to go. Hopefully the other injured defenders arent too far away.
  4. Im not sure we could of done much more today. Injuries cost us i think. Gestede was massive for us in the few minutes he played and was way better than negredo. It could of been a different game for us. Unlucky and outclassed by a top class team.
  5. I'm going for 2-1 win after extra time and bamford to score the winner after coming on as the fourth sub! Tounge in cheek ofcourse.
  6. Friend is injured again according to the latest from AK. So its between Antonio, Fabio and husband for the full back position and bernado and gibson and fry for CB
  7. To be fair we did score on saturday, unfairly ruled out but it happens.
  8. I want us to win. I dont care if it is a grind aslong as we win. If we do lose i want it to be the hardest game city have played
  9. Not sure how bad ayalas injury is looked like a hamstring to me. How far away is chambers? To be honest its likely to be friend back in but due to his performance on the weekend i chose to try barragan
  10. I know, but unless he is hoping for a move to italy which is more than likely i cant see any premier league teams being interested. He has shot him self in the foot regarding that due to his supposed attitude and performances of late.
  11. Nice opening match day thread John. Good effort. Good HTML skills too ;) If City are 'UP' for it, then I can't really see us getting anything from this game. HOWEVER, I'm hoping that City might have their eye on a couple of other prizes (namely Premier League and Champions League). They played on Sunday, are playing tomorrow night (Wednesday), playing us on Saturday, and then have their CL game against Monaco the following Wednesday. Playing four times in ten days, you'd have to expect there to be some decent squad rotation going on, so we could get lucky. As such and if so.... then we COULD get something out of the game. (Meaning win it)! Having said that.... if the Palace & Stoke attitude persists I think lower Championship is more our level. Thanks ive never actually looked much at a matchday thread so bit of a gamble and a few edits later. I would actually like to see fischer instead of forshaw and tweak the tactics slightly and go like this. Valdes Barragan Espinosa Gibson Fabio De roon Clayton Traore Fischer Downing Negredo [align=left]Stick downing on instead of stuani for the balance. [/align]
  12. Ive watched videos of fischer at ajax and he seems to play through the middle for them too. Id like to try him there instead of ramirez tbh
  13. Here we have the opportunity to play without the pressure of our relegation worries. One game away from wembley. Kick off is at 12.15 11/3 At the Riverside stadium Live on BT sport 2 for those who cannot make it Boro have met City eight times in the competition with the Teessiders considered something of a bogey team in both league and cup. Form Boro Stoke 2-0 Boro Boro 0-1Palace Boro 3-2 Oxford Boro 0-0Everton Spurs 1-0 Boro Boro 0-0 West brom Man city Sunderland 0-2 City City 5-1H'field City 5-3 Monaco H'field 0-0 City Bournemouth 0-2 City City 2-1 Swansea My Expected lineup Valdes Barragan Espinosa Gibson Fabio Clayton De Roon Forshaw Traore Stuani Negredo My guess at the score Boro 1-2 City
  14. As far as I know it wasn't Karankas decision to not be at Charlton. You're splitting hairs guys. Whether he walked out, or whether he didn't.... there was a massive 'situation' that arose - that much is clear. It wasn't a stick to beat him with. My point was that plenty of clubs would have binned their manager in a similar situation. Boro didn't. I was reassuring Boro Dave that it's not Boro's way. Boro didnt bin him because they knew this guy could get the club promoted. They were right on this occassion. They probably have a similar feeling towards our survival too otherwise he would of gone by now. I hope they are right this time too. I really like karanka, i do find some if his tactical decisions baffling at times but im not privy to the goings on at the club or am i at the training ground. So i trust in him. The whole situation in my eyes is a mess. Im not going to go over old ground about the transfer issues. I just hope there is enough players at the club wanting premier league survival as much as us. Hopefully none actually think they could walk into another premier league team so easily.
  15. I dread to think what his finishing like mind
  16. You would have thought by now with his speed that he could have won us a few penna's by now but goes to show how often he actually gets into the box :shy: This is it! Always goes outside. Cut inside and draw the foul simple. Dont need to dive or over emphasise it because he will be fouled or hes through on goal.
  17. The problem with this team as i see it is we dont have a natural balance and play too many (poor quality)central midfielders if we are going to play with a holding midfielder we need another midfielder who can dictate the pace good on possesion amd can play killer balls. We dont have a player like this. I loke de roon but he just runs around alot, he could score more goals imo. Leadbitter is also the same as de roon. Our wingers are the major fault in this squad too stuani is not a winger. He is a decent forward but not a winger. Unfortunately due to the lack of wingers we have to play stuani. Traore really needs to up his game for all the dribbleing he does its pointless unless make use of the space he creates. He reminds of that ball greedy kid you use to play footy with. Runs around alot with the ball could of passed the ball but took it on himself and gets takled. So frustrating. I havent seen much of fischer before his injury i thought he was starting to get into it. But has taken a slide again. Ramirez should be dropped full stop.
  18. Fake account with 375 followers. Fake news. My bad didnt look at that. Dont have twitter, looked genuine to someone who doesnt know Don't worry about it mate. I almost fell for it myself, twice. :D Always look for the blue tick first :P Been a long day! ? almost thought i had my first exclusive. Strangely i actually feel relieved he hadnt been sacked!
  19. Fake account with 375 followers. Fake news. My bad didnt look at that. Dont have twitter, looked genuine to someone who doesnt know
  20. He has gone according to boros official twitter account
  21. Sorry to hear that DS, i know what its like. I lost my father to bowl cancer. Back to football i dont remember warburton much didnt he get sacked even though he got brentford promoted? What kind of manager is he?
  22. I think that he probably took the Rhodes departure very personally which would not have inspired him towards AK Probably right but i just remember the charlton game. He had the opportunity to do something different then and that was before jordan was even here. If karanka goes then most of the backroom staff will probably go as these are karankas men. So its not as simple changing the manager its the whole backroom team that will need overhauling. I just dont see it happening, not before the season ends anyway.
  23. I dont think agnew is the answer. If he is a yes man he would be unlikely to motivate this group of players. We need a strong personality some one who can turn us around. Get into ramirez's head and get him playing again. I dont want pearson or monk or rowett. Realisticly mancini is a no go and im not sure he would be able to turn us around. Ranieri would he be able to tinker his way out of trouble? It would be a slap in the face of leicester if he did manage it! I wouldnt know who would be able to help us to be honest.
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