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  1. Depends on the type of football we want, if you want direct and long balls then uches your man, and we should of stuck with warnock or do you want more passing and better build up play. Uche is good striker but unfortunately doesn't bring others into play enough, he lost the ball alot trying to do everything himself. Sporar for instance hasn't scored alot yet but he does bring others into play more and that in itself creates more chances. Sporar will finish this season in double figures probably about 12 or 13 goals as a guess which isn't bad, just need watmore to keep up and a few from
  2. Such a great game, I feel for payero, just as he seems to be getting game time he picks up an injury. Looked like he rolled his ankle, could be the end of his season. I hope its not as bad as it looked.
  3. Not necessarily, we may not want him but we probably do want to sell him, and by extending his contract increases the potential fee we can expect for him. Its a smart move really especially given the amount of interest in him. I doubted anyone would buy him in January especially being as he would of been unable to play for them untill next season anyway.
  4. I think its times like this you get to see what the lad is made of. Hopefully Wilder takes him out of the spotlight for now, and maybe uses him as an impact* sub. It's a lot of pressure for him, as we are chasing promotion. The stick probably started with the press asking the question after 3 games which has most likely highlighted the situation more to the fans. I'm willing to give him my support, but right now I'd prefer Balogun up top with Sporar, even watmore is ahead of him in the impact sub role at the moment. *think he needs to gain confidence, and if he can come on and
  5. Luck or not I think it was a great game. Found out after the game, that my wife (who is not a boro supporter) put a couple of quid on boro winning. So I was really chuffed haha
  6. Baring in mind 3 of the 5 forwards are loanees, I can safely say that atleast one of them will start
  7. I'd say the likes of payero and sporar will be more suited to playing against Premiership teams, they aren't as physical. You only need to breath on a prem player and they collapse..
  8. I guess it means he would be a Portsmouth player until the end of the season. Then out of contract.
  9. But only until the end of the season? Seems abit odd that one
  10. Got sent off in Saudi for punching his opponent in a friendly too..
  11. Ciaran Clarks 32 years old, we already have Peltier and Bamba and Hall as our aging defenders do we really need another one?
  12. To be honest I've never even heard of the lad before.
  13. In other news Frank lampard to be next Everton manager
  14. Wow that's disturbing, I've seen stuff from ppl saying he's just 18 and needs help, we'll that may be so. Maybe he can get that kind of help in Jail.
  15. According to transfer markt it was £198k https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/marcus-browne/profil/spieler/391470
  16. Exactly, it's nothing to do who you pair with who. Yes crooks does play some good balls for jones but I'd say that is trained into them. Taylor seems unwilling/unable to run at his man and almost always when he receives the ball stops and looks for the sideways or backwards pass. Tav could also do with coming closer to Taylor like how crooks does with Jones though.
  17. https://twitter.com/Boro/status/1485685032589139970?t=xOFQQtF8uQQ1AsTo56uVgw&s=09
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