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  1. I noticed that too. Wonder what he meant, could be more injuries though.
  2. He crucified payero for a rash tackle in his first appearance for us, but he can't blame isiah for the goal? Because he's only young? Not alot younger than Martin really. I like isiah Jones BTW, and although he was at fault for the goal. I just don't like the way he is extra with the foreign players over the others.
  3. Yea, ten years ago it would of been OK. Bit these days the game has changed so much with better tactics and management styles.
  4. You just know we are in for the season with this.
  5. Oh I forgot second goal was Jones fault, nothing like throwing your own under the bus.
  6. Heavy rain, poor ref, injury to star defender, what else could he blame.
  7. Young French Lad signed from Sunderland plays left back.
  8. Not overly confident today as it could be a typical boro performance. But hopefully Sporar and watmore start again. They could be a decent partnership upfront.
  9. Also if I didn't support the team/club I wouldn't pay money week in week out to watch it, but I do.
  10. I always want us to win irregardless of who the manager is, i just can't stand the way the present manager is going about it.
  11. I think last night shouldn't change anything. It has merely papered over the cracks.. if that. There clearly is still tensions in the club and there is an inevitable feeling about this and it points towards more troubles ahead. I wonder how ppl will feel if we don't get a result on Saturday?
  12. Your legs will be wetter than if you were in your jeans lol
  13. I reckon I'm fitter than bamba.. alright I'm not but in my head I am. I reckon I'm quicker than him though.
  14. 2.5 years sounds about right for a club like ours. We are not successful or even stable enough to keep a manager for much longer than that.
  15. Surely that alone will incite some unrest in the stands tonight, you would of thought. Let's look at it, I can understand leaving Siliki on the bench, and to some extent Payero, but sporar always looks a threat, and in my opinion done nothing wrong. Siliki doesn't look match sharp yet, and Payero while has shown good passing qualities needs to learn the defensive side a bit better. Hernandez is also a threat too unless he is still out with his injury.
  16. You could argue that 3 of the managers which didn't really have a connection with the area were close to Gibson in some way. Pulis and Warnock are both friends of Gibson. I'm not sure about Strachan but wouldn't be surprised if he was. Especially given that he walked away without a payoff (publicly anyway)
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