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  1. Not sure why people think Moore would be a replacement for either of our current strikers. I'd say he would be the replacement for Gestede more than anything. We can't go into a season with just Britt and Fletcher as our only senior strikers. So imo it will be Moore, Britt and Fletcher. Maybe not all at the same time or in that order but if we do get Moore that's what I think it will be.
  2. Right now, I'm really struggling to think of one of them which I like the most to say a favourite. None of them really are stand out performers to make me think "wow what a player" My last favourite player was Ramirez just because he has to be the best player to have played for most recently, Adama is a close second mainly due to his speed, if we had the Adama that's playing for wolves now then maybe it would be him.
  3. Explains the keifer moore link then. Very similar type of player in build and play.
  4. Only one of them is a left back, and his legs have gone. The other two are more wing backs and too attacking to be effective as a fullback. Weren't we linked with Tyler Blackett? Isn't he a left back?
  5. With Wing you get a spectacular goal every now and then but other than that he others very little as a Center midfielder. I wouldn't be too disappointed to lose Paddy or Lewis tbh as long as we replace with a more capable midfielder.
  6. Just a Facebook rumour but said wing being linked to Premiership teams. Probably rubbish though.
  7. Next we will be bringing back Andrew Taylor, Adam reach and Lee cattermole.
  8. I'm sick of this can only go to players/staff with local connection ***. How many successful teams do that? Jordon Jones was moved on because he wasn't worth the hassle. He's been doing ok in a poor league for Killie, done nothing at Rangers. I know we find it hard to attract decent players due to our location, and if we aren't offering the financial incentives either it makes it harder still, but I'm sure there is better players out there than him.
  9. Can't get rid of the quote box. Not even trying to quote anyone... ๐Ÿ™ˆ But if we were to sell Fry I hope we put a good sell on clause.
  10. Living in Wales I've watched Moore playing for Wales, in the games I've seen him he puts a shift in and is good in the air. He has played in a front three for Wales.
  11. Could be that they show it off today, and goes on sale tomorrow?
  12. The Gunter link came around pretty quick so I'd guess there was something in it.
  13. Oh as soon as he left the building haha
  14. "recruit more or less a whole squad which will be entirely the managers" We have seen it before when huge changes are made to playing staff it can take a long time to gell in. Unless ofcourse some of the players are familiar with the current manager. "Warnock will become manager, that I am sure on, but it just means that we will recruit Warnock players who play his style. When he goes, weโ€™re back to square one when he arrived of having players who donโ€™t fit his system." Yes there will inevitably be changes to playing staff every time we change managers, heck we bring new players in each transfer window. Warnock will likely build a squad of strong and experienced players. Which isnt a bad base to build from if in the event we do change direction post Warnock. "Fresh, forward thinking and strategically planned. If the money is there to spend please go after a high profile manager like Leeds did with Bielsa. That appointment was worth more than any player they could have bought on the market. There must be someone like that available instead of an ageing Warnock??" I'd love a Bielsa type of manager but those kind of managers also want alot of money to get the types of players they want. Which I don't think we have, it's either a decent manager or rebuild the squad which we desperately need to do. We have a glaring lack of leadership in our squad, we have a few youngsters with potential. I also agree with others regarding "long term" managers, you don't see many teams keeping managers beyond 3 years. So Warnock being here for a year or two isn't a bad thing for either party right now.
  15. Hopefully they continue to televise games to UK residents. For those who don't want to risk mass gatherings. Surely that would benefit the clubs involved too as it allows access to many more fans.
  16. Gettin there! Atleast we dont have to think about that bloody appeal anymore!!
  17. Pulis did say that Saville could be a future captain of the club..
  18. If they fail to pay their creditors 25p in the pound. They will get a further 15 point deduction to be applied next season.
  19. Yea I'm thinking it's 352 formation too, Spence and Johnson as wingbacks with Tav being in the middle with Saville and Mcnair
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