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  1. Ouch, surely he has to be subbed?
  2. Think it was in 2008, we were trying to bring in Fred and Vagner Love. https://middlesbrough.vitalfootball.co.uk/boro-almost-had-vagner-love-too/
  3. It really depends on the level if interest the child has in his football club. My 10 year old daughter (who is not disabled granted) would be able to talk in great detail about subjects she is interested in.. Also we don't know what disabilities George has.
  4. Especially when they likely will leave in the summer if they do manage to survive that long. As they won't want to be playing league 1 football.
  5. There's an even longer one on the boro fb page Edit smogzillas just posted it
  6. On a much lighter subject, I've heard "Just dance" by Chris Rea in radio 2 twice this month already.. must be a sign haha
  7. Oh I'm not sure, Glasgow is like many cities, has its rough parts, but there is some nice parts too. I can understand why no one would want to live in Newcastle though.
  8. Their current teams may not be upto that standard, but if they were in the Prem and had their slice of that TV money then maybe they could attract better quality players with their "history" and also their large fan base. I doubt they would be Top 6 but definitely Top half and challenging for euro places maybe.
  9. The guy in the photo is Carlos Mercado, who on his insta profile has him working for HB futbol elite, which is Payeros agent. So could just be saying see you later after a visit from him. Or there could be more to it.
  10. I'll just say this, I've been a mod on other forums and it's a thankless task, I applaud the current mods as I know it's not an easy role. Oneboro is the best boro forum there is in my humble opinion, that's no coincidence, it's because of the way the community is run.
  11. Heres the article on Kieron Scott https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/19845339.middlesbrough-head-football-kieran-scott-riverside-role/
  12. @Youngy228you are a valuable contributer to the group, so take comfort that other ppl enjoy reading your views too. We all have these days and like others have said, take each day as it comes, and it can sometimes be all about small wins. Take care buddy.
  13. I agree it wouldn't be seen as a loss financially, only it would in terms of an asset which we would have to replace, which unless it was another free transfer would of cost us something.
  14. I suppose this is where thinking of it like a business comes in, if cashing in on Tav helps with FFP going forward then replacing him with a player who is cheaper and plays at a similar level isn't that bad. Especially if it means we can continue to improve the squad elsewhere.
  15. I don't think munce is meant to be a Tav replacement, but more likely to cover Howson.
  16. It's not quite how I interpreted what he said, it sounded more like he has no choice (about a recall) , whether that's because he doesn't want to be here, or whether the rumoured bad influence we can't know. Perhaps he wouldn't of loaned him out if he was here at the start, then maybe Spence may not of wanted to leave, also I don't think we would of seen the best from jones then. Jones has played his vest while at RWB IMHO.
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