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  1. That you want? or do you know something?
  2. We looked a little shaky in the first 20 odd minutes but our confidence grew through the game, and even when they scored I felt that they didn't seem that good and that we could get something from this game, just as long as our heads didn't drop. Fair play they didn't, Dijksteels confidence grew into the game too and it was nice to see him getting into some good positions, supporting Spence. Pears although was very shouty which is good just looks a bit lightweight for a keeper to me. There are alot of teams below us and its bloody close points wise, I'd say we could be safe but let's get at least a point from Cardiff to secure it. That win felt so good last night though.
  3. I'd rather keep Saville than mcnair to be honest, I just think Saville gives us a bit more.
  4. Great save, he made another with his feet not long after too.
  5. Missed the first half due to work, but caught the second half. I was very happy with the back to basics aporoach. A simple and effective 532 formation. Scrapped the flair for width and workrate. They got lucky with the yellow card, and could quite easily of been red on another day. But very happy with the result let's hope we can carry the form on to the next game, another 3 points and I think we won't be far away from safety.
  6. He had the opportunity when karanka got us promoted, he only needed to back him, and we could of stayed in the Premier league. Then he could of sold the club or atleast brought in some extra investment to help maintain our position, but as someone else pointed out, Steve s*** himself at the thought of pumping millions into the club to keep us afloat.
  7. Only one person responsible for the position we are in.
  8. I agree with the consensus it's a 343 but can easily switch back to 442 if it was needed.
  9. So many similarities to our recent situations on this video. Goes to show nothing really has changed since then. God its frightening to see names like Strachan being linked even back then. People also saying we needed a strong manager who would stand up to the board sounds familiar too.
  10. Yes I remember the United fans slagging De gea off in the beginning too. From what I've seen Stojanovic isn't that bad, his kicking is good, OK I think he could of done better on the free kick (which Friend should of headed) but other than that I don't think he has done that badly IMO.
  11. I'm sure Johnsons trying to get them a penalty
  12. I searched the forum for Warnock references. I found this.
  13. I don't agree, he's had to play in defence due to us not having anyone who could play that role better. He's done well considering it's not his preferred position. Yes we have Spence but he is so raw and not quite there yet defensively. He could become a good player with the right coaching. Dijksteel has been hit and miss, mostly miss again he could improve with the right coach.
  14. We actually looked like a decent team today. You could see from the start that there was a plan. A few big performances too from players like Britt and Saville.
  15. I'm actually happy he is starting. Looks a decent team. 442
  16. We did Agnew, Monk, Pulis and Woodgate 😂
  17. It's an extra salary that could be put into playing staff, but if it means Gibson leaves the footballing decisions to someone who is actually experienced in football club management I'd be for it.
  18. Is that just your opinion or something you may of heard? I'm sure Stevie G won't come cheap and will want a decent transfer kitty?
  19. Friend was responsible for all three goals Saturday. Playing him centrally could be disastrous.
  20. I presume that's a 352? Friend fry and mcnair as cbs?
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