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  1. I can't stand him, i think he is an arrogant person and we could do much better than him. He is ofcourse very clever because he probably would be aware of the possibility of a nice bonus if he kept us up.
  2. I'm sensing you've identified a weakness down United's left hand side... No it must be a clever tactic. De Roon right wing and Downing as the linesman :P Haha for some reason it wouldnt put fischer on the left but your right there left hand side looks weaker. ?
  3. Or controversially... Valdes Fabio barragan gibson husband Clayton Downing de Roon Leadbitter Fischer Negredo Or Valdes Barragan Fry Gibson Fabio Traore Clayton de Roon Downing Bamford Negredo Obviously depends on availability but it will be interesting to see the line up/ formation on sunday
  4. It does sound to me as though he is expecting relegation and doesnt come across as too bothered by it. Just my interpretation of that article really
  5. But united will only be training for our game after Thursday so i see no reason why we couldnt
  6. I feel quite deflated really, as ive always liked karanka. Obviously we are not seeing what goes on behind closed doors so i only made my judgement on what i seen. I will always wonder about what could of been. But its happened now and we move on excitedly about the next moments which could decide where we will be next season. For me going back to people like mcclaren would be a poor move imho. We've been there and got the Tshirt so to speak. We need a fresh man in with different ideas. Wagner of huddersfield looks a good choice so does jokanovic and quiqe sanches flores too. I definately
  7. Linked with rachid ghezzal from lyon on a free transfer. He was quite a primising player if remember rightly 24 years old right winger scored a few and got a few assists too for lyon. Obviously depends on whether or not we are still in the premier league or not.
  8. I think squad will be valdes, barragan, fry, gibson, fabio, Clayton, de roon, Ramirez, stuani, traore, negredo. The match could come too soon for George but would prefer him than barragan. Hope gestedes injury isn't as bad as it looked maybe back after international break.
  9. McClaren would be a huge step backwards imo. If and i mean if we are going to replace karanka then i would only be happy with quiqe flores or jokanovic. Flores may be the better option with our spanish coaching team. But both of these are technically as good as karanka and other a better attacking style.
  10. Someone has to be made accountable for the clubs poor recruitment this season. This is not karankas fault. As he has said a few times its left to other people to deal with it. So stece seriously needs to be asking questions of our recruitment team at the end of the season. Come the end we need some smart and aggressive recruitment whether we are in the premier league or not. We seem to roll over and accept it instead of fighting for our targets.
  11. That's not true. He handed in a transfer request during the January of the year and it was rejected, yet he was still the standout player in that team. That wasn't hard that team was poor but downing was in his prime then. He is nowhere near that player now.
  12. I liked the sentimental reasons for his return but I just don't rate him any more, he isn't the same player he was back in Schteve Mac's reign. He has quality which I can't deny but it is his desire that I question. I really feel this team is unbalanced when stuani is on the left. His marking today was atrocious. I would of preferred Fischer today and stuani on the right. Then bring traore on in the second half
  13. Downing has no fight in him he didn't the last time we were in a relegation fight. The problem is he will cause unrest within the camp.
  14. Do you think we could of done better with a different manager or different tactics against man city?
  15. I agree with this. We seem to playing like a group of individuals rather than a team. Its simply not good enough. I like karanka but i dont think he can change this.
  16. Anyone who beats man city presses high and puts stones and their dodgy keeper under pressure eventually 1 of them 2 screws up. We gave them too much respect.... We did press higher up at times today but we quite often sat back too as we seen just how quick city countered us.
  17. Fry was out of his depth, a few times aguero got goal side of him. He is young and has potential but has long way to go. Hopefully the other injured defenders arent too far away.
  18. Im not sure we could of done much more today. Injuries cost us i think. Gestede was massive for us in the few minutes he played and was way better than negredo. It could of been a different game for us. Unlucky and outclassed by a top class team.
  19. I'm going for 2-1 win after extra time and bamford to score the winner after coming on as the fourth sub! Tounge in cheek ofcourse.
  20. Friend is injured again according to the latest from AK. So its between Antonio, Fabio and husband for the full back position and bernado and gibson and fry for CB
  21. To be fair we did score on saturday, unfairly ruled out but it happens.
  22. I want us to win. I dont care if it is a grind aslong as we win. If we do lose i want it to be the hardest game city have played
  23. Not sure how bad ayalas injury is looked like a hamstring to me. How far away is chambers? To be honest its likely to be friend back in but due to his performance on the weekend i chose to try barragan
  24. I know, but unless he is hoping for a move to italy which is more than likely i cant see any premier league teams being interested. He has shot him self in the foot regarding that due to his supposed attitude and performances of late.
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