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  1. He needs to go back to a 4 at the back. 4231 would be OK with our squad.
  2. No payero in the squad https://twitter.com/Boro/status/1436675899324346369?s=20
  3. Nick Gyimah https://ghanasoccernet.com/wolfsburg-lead-race-to-snap-up-peterborough-united-promising-kid-nicky-gyimah-bio
  4. I agree, and I too think the games have been more entertaining this season so far. Only thing that annoyed me a little was his comments this season regarding payero. I'm looking forward to see how the team performs now with the new players hopefully involved.
  5. I remember them, said the person was an unsung hero for boro. Though at the time I thought that was for the DOF role, not manager but could of been wrong on that.
  6. It was a decent transfer window in all, ok we didn't quite get everyone we wanted/needed. There are still the free agents to work through.
  7. I think its more the squad depth. We have definitely upgraded on paper. I can understand letting morsey go as we signed JLS. Maybe they see we have Hernandez and Tav and possibly T who can play on the right side, that spences game time would be limited.
  8. Maybe but it said there was another player. So wonder if it that's right. But if he really is on international duty it probably wasn't him.
  9. I think this JLS will play in the same role as what morsy was meant to. So I think he was morsys replacement. Mcgrath might be an extra.
  10. As a matter if interest how do you get your link to show like this. When I do it I just get the txt url
  11. Totally forgot about him, probably not the only one too either.
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