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  1. Think I'd want Mcgrath just because he's very Similar to Tav, and would be good to have as competition for Tav
  2. Don't like Swansea so I'm glad to see them weakend really.
  3. I'm hoping Sporar is completed, also hope Deeney signs for anyone else but us. I'm not too worried if we don't sign another striker, I quite liked what I seen with Mr T, though he is quite raw. If spence and morsy does leave I'd hope they were replaced, Siliki looks like a top replacement if he does come. Maybe another winger on loan for Spence.
  4. We should now call all match day threads the "Pre-match press room discussion" for all our resident journos
  5. No I believe there has been suggestions that we would likely be in for him, being a free agent, with connections to both us and warnock.
  6. Joe Bennett as back up to Bola wouldn't be the worst option to have.
  7. Maybe he was the Lazaro we were after all along?? 🙃
  8. It's a rumours page not a news page, so when I read it I know that nothing in here is guaranteed untill i see it announcedby the club.. Also I don't think scouts from Stade reims or any other team scours our message boards for the itks info to scupper our transfer dealings.
  9. It does sound like some kind of relationship between the clubs has been formed, possibly an opportunity for them to send players to us for a shop window kinda deal.
  10. He was literally our best player, how did he not cut it with us? Since leaving us he's been playing in Serie A consistently, and also being a Uruguay international too. I think apart from his attitude has achieved enough to class him as a good footballer.
  11. Should just sack him off now imo. Otherwise it will be a complete waste of a season.
  12. Yes obviously I do. Sporar has been in Portugal for a few years too, so will of picked up some of the language.
  13. I'm hoping we do play Sporar (if he signs) as he speaks English and will likely speak Portuguese, so should be able to communicate with Payero too. Then hopefully we will see him play more. I'm just waiting for Neil's excuses saying that he didn't think it would be the right game to put payero on today.
  14. Let's hope the first half wasn't our good half..
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